asia concert

can sm let snsd do a 10th anniversary world tour?? so i don’t know?? fans not living in asia can say that they’ve been to a girls’ generation concert, not some special event where they performed??

Jay-Z and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, photographed performing during the “Music for Relief: Rebuilding South East Asia” tsunami benefit concert at the Anaheim Pond in California on February 18, 2005. The band were the organizers of the benefit, and together they performed their entire Multi-Platinum EP Collision Course. The set is available to view on YouTube.

  • me: i would sacrifice my first born to have EXO hip thrust in my general direction
  • also me: *looking at EXO'rdium US ticket prices* why are they asking so much from me

[!!!] Seventeen will have their first world tour <2017 SEVENTEEN FIRST WORLD TOUR ‘DIAMOND EDGE’> starting July 2017. 

The boys will tour 13 cities including Seoul, New York, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. More details will be released soon.

- Admin Leen