Astronaut Alexander Gerst’s photos of category 5 Supertyphoon Trami that was headed for Japan and Taiwan in late September, 2018. In Alexander’s own words, it was “As if somebody pulled the planet’s gigantic plug”.⠀


This is a big part of why everyone was so happy to see Black Panther do as well as it did.

But it really shouldn’t be like this.

Some movies bomb. Some movies do well. It’s the nature of the business.

But it never means “Yeah, well, one movie starring mostly Asian actors flopped, so let’s not do another movie starring mostly Asian actors.”

Never saw anyone refusing to do movies with white people after John Carter epically bombed.


Whilst in Tokyo I’ve been using a fractal lens to transport today’s streets to the year 2049, or perhaps even 2077. I would love to know what you all think and would massively appreciate any Reposts to help get this mini-project out there <3 Would honestly mean the world to me!