Fatima Jinnah (1893-1967) is known as “Mother of the Nation” in Pakistan, and is remembered and honoured as one of the leading founders of the country. Her engagement in politics, her extensive support of civil rights and her philanthropy all offer her an important place in Pakistani culture and society.

In 1947 she founded the Women’s Relief Committee, which later became the All Pakistan Women’s Association. In 1965 she contested the elections and ran against the dictatorial, self-proclaimed president of Pakistan at the time, receiving widespread support and praise from the people. Although she won the vote, Ayub Khan was once again proclaimed President through vote rigging. Still, the campaign proved that a woman could easily run for political office and gain the public’s sympathy even in a Muslim country such as Pakistan.


Hangzhou- by Marie Lalanne Manzor
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Portrait of Jeong Mong-Ju


Joseon dynasty

Chong Mong-Ju was known for his famous poem, “A Song of Loyalty”, written when he was asked to betray the old, Koryo government and join the new dynasty. 

Though I die, and die again; though I die one hundred deaths;
Long after my bones have turned to dust; whether I am reincarnated or not;
My one red heart, forever and always loyal to my lord, will never fade away.

From the Gyonggi Provincial Museum.