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In the Workplace

Characters: Dean Ambrose x Female Reader

Warnings: Slut shaming(consensual), public sex, slight daddy kink, rough, and dirty talking. (IM SORRY)

Summary: You watched your boyfriend Dean pick up the win for his singles match against Sheamus and he looked too good doing it. You practically beg and tease him into giving in to some backstage sex, him trying to be good. Soon, very soon, he can’t take it anymore and gives in to you. Whoops.

I watched Dean’s match with genuine interest, my eyes never leaving the screen as soon as he made his entrance, of course with his best friend Seth by his side.

“Anyone wanna bet on who’s winning?” Titus asked, looking around the room of few superstars who were looking at the monitor. Everyone chimed in their guesses as the impressive, high energy match continued on. I didn’t speak at all as I was so proud of my man, doing better and better in that ring. He did look extremely sexy tonight, and I found myself wanting the match to end already just so I could tell him so.

We had been on the road all day every day for the past few weeks and haven’t had very much intimate time, except for the quickies in the car or the usual hotel sex. I wasn’t complaining, but I really wanted to spice things up. The only time we’d done anything sexual in public lately were the occasional rest stops but that didn’t feel as exciting as having sex at work. It sounded daunting, and honestly so hot to me that Dean had to be on board. We were both equally wild in that sense and that’s why our sexual chemistry is so amazing. Actually, general chemistry for that matter.

The match ended with him picking up the win and I quickly stood up, waiting for him by the gorilla. I flashed Seth a quick smile as he walked by, him returning one to me before me being greeted by the man I loved. I engulfed Dean into a surprising embrace, in which he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a peck on the lips.

“Hey, baby.” He chuckled against my lips. Only I didn’t plan on talking. I pushed my lips back against his, in our usual, slow lustful kiss. That was our way of hinting that we wanted to fuck, the other usually catching on and it turning into something wild. But he kept giving me that romantic, passionate kiss back. I pouted and pulled away. “Dean..” I whined teasingly. “I want you.” I whispered up into his ear, my fingers playing with his sweat ridden hair.

He sighed in response and pulled away at an arms length, taking one of my hands into his. “Babe, come on you know we can’t right now. We’ll be heading back to the hotel in just an hour and a half.” He gave me a look, his eyebrows raised and his tone almost authority-like. I honestly loved when he’d do that, act like he’s scolding me or telling me that I’m doing something bad. It only turned me on more.

He simply gave me a smile and kissed my forehead, as if I’d be good and take that for an answer.

Not tonight.

I looked around and there were various amounts of people in our area, but really paying us no mind. I turned back to him, walking closer and wrapped my arms around his waist, my chin against his chest as I looked up at him with those eyes. Those same eyes I’d give him when I’d be down on my knees, sucking his dick.

“Please, daddy… I need you. I’ve been thinking about you inside me all night.” I dragged out my voice, trying to make it innocent yet raspy and desperate at the same time. I knew what he liked and I knew what’d get him.

“Jeez- fuck, babe, I will eat your pussy until sunrise when we get back to the hotel if you can just be patient for me. Do you know how risky it is? Fucking you here? You think I don’t wanna do that? Because I sure as hell do.” His voice was low, eyes peering out around him every now and then at his coworkers.

I slid my hand down to his bulge, brushing over it before just fully, gently grasping it in my hand. I saw him quickly look down at me, giving me that “don’t you dare” look.

“Then do it. There are so many unoccupied rooms. Everyone’s in catering.” I was biting my lip now, and backed away, facing him as he gave me another frustrated look. I only smirked before turning around and walking down the hall. There weren’t many areas made available to us backstage so I chose the nearest door, running into Nia and Alexa on my way there. It was obviously a crowded backstage night, being the night after Survivor Series and all. The chances of getting caught were even higher and that only made the heat between my thighs grow wetter. I opened the door to see a large desk with a bunch of business papers on it that didn’t look that important. There were a few chairs, and another monitor that showed Raw.

I closed the door behind me, anxiously waiting for him. I know he gave no sign of him coming to follow me but I knew he wouldn’t leave me in here alone either. I soon heard the click of the door and sucked in a breath, but it was him.

He shut the door slowly and quietly behind him before charging at me with a dark, lust filled look.

“You fuckin’ kidding me?” He grumbled before pulling me into a rough kiss. I grinned against his lips and kissed back with just as much force. He pulled up at my loose tank top, my red bra being revealed to him. He picked me up with ease before placing me to sit on the desk. He stood between my legs and the intensity of our kiss increased as his shirt, shoes, and gear pants were a puddle on the floor. He towered over me as I sat in my bra and panties, being devoured in a kiss by him.

He pulled away to snatch the bra from my chest, his sexual frustration radiating throughout the room.

“I can’t believe you’d go this far. What were you thinkin’, hm? Pulling that shit? We fucking work here, for goodness sake.” He hissed lowly at me. His voice was filled with lust, a hard on obvious in his briefs as he took one of my breasts into his hands, leaning down to drag his tongue against my nipple. His hand took my other breast, thumb and index finger playing with my nipple as his tongue then trailed against my neck, biting and sucking on a spot he knew all too well. I was letting out moans, being as quiet as I could in our predicament.

He shushed me softly, pulling my panties down in the mess of our clothes. His middle and index finger quickly met my folds, forcing my legs apart. I could hear the sound of my wetness as his fingers worked up and down against my pussy. I whimpered as my eyes didn’t leave his hand, the warm contact right where I wanted it. He continued his slow, up and down rubs against my slit with his slender fingers. I leaned my head back, eyes shutting closed.

“This what you wanted? Huh?” His voice was rough and thick, yet he was cooing to me at the same time. “You little slut. You’re so wet.”

I moaned out at his choice of words, hoping he’d get this dirty with me.

He pushed at my chest for me to lean back. I was vertically laying down, back to the desk as Dean towered over me, at the foot of the desk. I laid to where my feet were on top of it, knees toward the ceiling and Dean having perfect access between my legs. He pulled down his tight black briefs, kicking them to the side with haste. He continued cursing under his breath, something about me being so damn tempting, being a bad girl and not taking no for an answer.

He gripped my hip with one hand and pumped his thick, ready dick with the other. His lips were parted open as he jerked himself a few times before his tip pushed into my entrance. I relaxed my head on the hard desk and sighed at the feeling, getting ready for all of it. He surprised me with a quick, forceful thrust, not even letting me adjust. A loud whimper escaped my mouth and he looked at me quickly, his eyes wide. I put a hand over my mouth, his dick still pumping into me.

“You gotta be quiet, baby. You don’t wanna get us caught.” He hushed me, palm rubbing up and down my stomach soothingly. It was apparent that he felt bad about the quick, unsuspecting thrust but I didn’t wanna lose momentum.

“Fuck me, Dean. Fuck me on this desk.” I groaned.

That got him started as both his hands held onto my hips, his thrusts growing quicker. He pulled me down the desk more, ass hanging off but his hands still supporting me up. I moaned quietly to myself at almost every quick, rough thrust, my back arching up off the cold surface. He was going full speed now and papers were flying off the desk. One of his hands gripped onto the edge of it for support as he pounded into me. He tried keeping his grunts under control, every once in awhile one slipping out. He leaned down, chest against mine to swallow me into another kiss, the interaction making us stifle each other’s moans for a while.

His thrusts were so impactful. Hard and fast, just how we liked it. Only this time it felt even rougher.

“You love this. Yeah? You wanted my cock inside you so badly. You- fuck! You just couldn’t wait.” He whisper yelled. I couldn’t muster up a response as I dug my nails into his forearm, my teeth biting into my bottom lip as a low moan wanted to escape my throat.

“O-oh, daddy, fuck, please. Fuck me.” Was all I could say. My tone was desperate and begging, my fingers reaching down to rub my clit before he pushed my hand away and rubbed it himself. He did it so skillfully, knowing exactly how to please me. He knew my body so well, what I could take, what I couldn’t. He pushed the limits more and more every time and my hips were beginning to pain as his thrusts were so hard hitting. I wanted to let him know so badly how good it felt, but all I could do was look up into his eyes, my face giving it all away.

“I know, baby. You feel so amazing,” he paused, looking down at him quickly disappearing into me. “You are so wet. You hear it? My dick is fucking glistening.” He grunted out to me, his voice in disbelief but utterly turned on. We tried so hard to keep our voices down but the inevitable panting for breath grew louder as we lost ourselves in each other, him chasing both our climaxes as he pounded away. His ability to keep this up was amazing, the agility in him coming out as he didn’t stop not once. Though I was panting under my breath occasionally, “Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.”

The sweat from his forehead dripped onto mine and my stomach was churning as the familiar feeling approached. “I’m coming!” I whimpered out to him, my hips bucking up against him. His thrusts turned into slow yet hard ones, grinding it out into me as my clit reached his pubic hairs. He pulled me into another kiss as I came, my moans being swallowed up and hushed, his hand gripping onto my chin. Dean wasn’t far behind as the breath in his throat hitched, and his thrusts stilled. He came inside me, and I bit down onto my lip as his face contorted into such pleasure. I felt the hot shots of his cum settle into me, and his chest stuck to mine with sweat as we exchanged looks, me giving him a tired out, yet elated smile. We kissed once more, maybe for another half hour before pulling away. His dark, lustful expression completely changed as he looked down at me in admiration. He gave me a warm smile, his forehead against mine.

“Thank you.” I giggled.

missbrainsb4beauty  asked:

What I love bout this reunion is that ambrollins has a whole new side to them. I mean after Seth's betrayal and their hellacious feud this reunion has bought a complete different side of Seth's attitude towards dean. He's been more protective of dean, extremely caring and lord every time he looks at dean is just "heart eyes" like he missed him more than anything. And for Dean it looks like he never fell out of love with Seth. I mean it's overwhelming watching them like this. What you think?

What can I tell you other than I second every word you said? :)
We could say actually that both them were definitely waiting for it, given the way they look so happy to be fighting side by side. Outside of the Shield (where they weren’t this close given that Seth’s tag team partner was Roman), all their interactions had been a matter of rivalry, since the developmental days. Seth is acting like being Dean’s partner is the most precious accomplishment of his life, as if he was scared af to lose him again, that’s why he’s being so touchy and cuddly since they started to be a tag team, imho. It’s like… you know, he needs to feel, skin to skin, that Dean is there with him, that it’s not just a dream that they are finally on the same page, and this makes it even more special.
Dean, he is different from Seth. Seth is all about emotions and feelings, while Dean isn’t a guy who’s used to show affection that way. But since they got together again, you could read in his eyes that he was almost happier than Seth to leave all their resentments behind his back: he wanted to move on (a transformation that had actually started during their feud in 2016), but he needed some time to process it all. Day by day, he acknowledged it more, and that beautiful, unexpected hug he gave him during the first Shield reunion on Raw (the one that I have in my avatar ♡) is the final proof.
Yes, they are beautiful like none else together, and tbh I wasn’t able to imagine them like this even in my craziest and most delirious fangirl dreams if you had asked me about it one year ago… the Ambrollins crew has definitely been blessed :)

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Guess who’s back!!

So I’ve not been anywhere near as active the past few weeks (months!) as I’d like to have been. Loads of shit happened in my personal life (which I may blog about!) and I’ve been avoiding things but I’m starting to get back to normal now! So, now I’m back I need more blogs to follow! Let me know if you actively post about the following:

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I’ll add to the list eventually but these are the things I’m obsessed with at the moment!! And I need more posts on my dash

Can’t Stop

Author: Pan
Rating: Mature/NSFW
Word Count: 4334
Archive Warnings: Top!Dean/Bottom!Seth. Very fluffy smut. 

The second he hits send, Seth realizes his mistake. The texts come back rapid-fire from Dean.

[TXT] You can’t just tell me it’s crazy and then NOT tell me.
[TXT] That’d be a dick move right there.
[TXT] You know I love crazy things.
[TXT] So spill, asshole.

Seth wants to just shrug it away, make some joke and move on. Or make up some family drama that didn’t actually happen just to get Dean off his back. Instead, he types up the truth. Then he sits there with his thumb hovering over the send button, deliberating. He knows Dean is getting antsy over how long it’s taking Seth to reply, so eventually Seth takes a breath and just hits send.

[TXT] I just can’t stop thinking about you.

Author’s Notes: I have no excuse for this. Except that I was off from work today and used the time to write this instead of cook for Thanksgiving LMAO. I think it’s time well spent tbh. I just really wanted some Seth pining for Dean via text, and the smut just…happened? Oops. O:)

Read here on AO3.


@deanandseths To make your day even better I have another Ambrollins Moment. While his defending of his UpupDowndown Madden championship against AJ on the Xbox, there was a moment when Seth looked very surprised to the side. Why? Cause Dean was standing there. Even that the lunatic refuses to appear at UpupDowndown, he knows how important the Madden championship is for Seth. So he watched from the side to support him. And after noticing Dean presence, Seth won the match against AJ.