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Actually mad that I was walking around all day today -specifically today- with chapped lips and nobody said anything, got home and looked in the mirror and said dAMN SON YOU LOOK BAD and NOBODY said ANYTHING 


Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


i actually drew the first two parts of this before i saw the episode?????? i just felt it in my bones

okay THIS is what im talking about, why didnt they do the father/daughter relationship???? this would have been SO much stronger if they did. its all set up to be like that. i dont know why they didnt go with it, it would have been so much more meaningful

that said i still fucking loved this episode it was lit

Alternate Samurai Jack Season 5 ending (SPOILERS)

For those who weren’t feeling the Gurren Lagann ending.

Likened to the show, Aku rains death down on everyone, the 300 and 1, and Scottsman’s daughters even are looking like they will die, and some of them are wounded to the point of it.

Aku cackles in victory as the last piece of the puzzle is laid waste at his feet, Ashi is about to deliver the final blow to Jack.

It’s then that like in the show, his words “I love you” trigger something in her to find strength enough to resist him. She defends Jack and counters Aku with his own power.

She regains the sword for Jack and creates a portal in time upon the revelation of the ability to wield darkness like he can.

Aku tries to stop him but he slashes him hurting him, and…although Jack doesn’t notice it, Ashi winces as well, but ignores this.

Either way they both jump through the portal.

But Aku noticed, and as they vanish, in thought, he finally cackles again, knowing what’s to come. He knows he still will win, even in the past.

“Foolish Samurai!” he bellows as the rest of the legions of the resistance look up at him in confusion as to what he means, except for Scottsman; The Scottsman spoke to Jack of who has his heart, and knows what waits Jack in the past.

Scottsman:“Oh…laddie….” he says in remorse.

Jack and Ashi arrive in the past moments after Aku has banished the previous Jack, shocked at his soon return.

They do battle again, this time on the roof tops of the castle Aku has possessed, and Ashi fights with him.

Aku:“What?” -while fighting- “Who is this ingrate….who dares challenge me…along with you- ? I can tell by your scent you are a creature of mine!”

Ashi:“I am Ashi, and you will not wield me any longer, I am free of your sorcery and your hold on me…”

Jack:“You will never hurt her again…”

He strikes Aku down to the ground again like he did all those years ago, at his mercy, no energy in him again for another time portal to cowardly escape his fate.


Now, Aku realizes she is birthed of his black magic, and cackles victoriously, Ashi is confused but it chills Jack to the bone.

Aku:“No , but…YOU will, foolish Samurai…”

Jack’s hands shake holding the sword.

Ashi:“What? What is it?”

Aku:“He has realized, if you are indeed my daughter, from the future…however that came about…what will happen to you, if HE slays ME…”


Aku:“Defeat me at the cost of the life of your friend…destroy her, she means nothing to me….but to you? HA! She means everything, I sense it with every shiver down your spine samurai….”

Jack roars loud enough to be heard across the valley.

Aku:“Ahahahahahaha! One way or another Samurai, I win. You have a choice to make…throw in with me….or let me escape to my own devices, far from here…and i will let her live in happiness with you…or condemn your friend whom you love to death…”

That’s where the ghost’s of his ancestors or the samurai appear again.

They tell him, do it anyway.

They say it was his time to FINALLY kill Aku, and fulfill his purpose but he refuses again, and they warn him if he doesn’t, if he refused as he did before which lost him his magic sword in the first place, Aku will still reign and all will be undone.

Jack:“my sword will not kill an innocent!”

Ancestor:“She is no innocent Jack, she is a killer and part of Aku. Lord of Darkness! It is the only way:”

Jack:“No! It CANT be the only way, I won’t let it!”

Ancestor:“Has your time in the future filled you with such arrogance? Ungrateful one! You dishonor your fathers memory! Destroy Aku, restore balance to our world!”

Jack:“Arrogance? Arrogance! I was the one who gave up everything to learn to kill Aku, I was the one who went 50 years into the past and experienced the countless lives lost, trying to save "your world” as well as mine! Who lost my father, and my mother to this madness. I have been going mad for the sake of everyone and you call me ungrateful! You do not know my father if you believe questioning this would dishonor him!“

Female Ancestor:"Jack….your fathers sacrifice will still be in vain, all the same if you do not…”

Ashi puts a hand on his shaking shoulder.

Aku just chuckles to himself and begins to crawl away while he’s distracted.

Ashi:“Jack, it’s alright …I’m not worth it! Save the world…save your family…I’m part of Aku, they’re part of you, like your sword…”

Another portion of Aku forms a bow and aims it at Jack while he’s distracted.

Jack:“Your part of me too Ashi….I can’t - wait…that’s it!”
He suddenly springs into action. He slices the arrow in two, running full tilt after Aku. Aku tries to flee but Ashi, not missing a beat, uses her power to keep him steady.“

Aku:"No! Daughter! My child! What are you doing! Let me go! Release me or we will both die! We will cease to exiiiiiiiiiiiiiist-”

He’s struck down and banished from the world forever, and it resounds across Japan. Ashi wails and falls to the ground clutching her gut.

His tower falls , everyone cheers, Jack emerges from the ashes, everyone cheers louder.

“It’s Jack, he came back to the past!”

“The shoguns son has returned!”

“He saved us all!”

“There is his magic sword!”

“Hurrah for Jack!!”

But he runs past everyone carrying her weak body.

She gets weaker and weaker and wakes up on the back of a horse with him with the sky starry and dark above them.

Ashi:“You did it Jack…*cough* you killed saved the past…*cough*.go back to your people, let me go…”

A bit of her fades.

Jack:“I vowed to not to kill just Aku, but to save everyone from his evil…that is what I will do now.”

She blacks out seeing her body fading a little more.

Finally She looks up and sees them in the temple where the sword was forged. He hold up the sword above her after putting her on the smithing alter.

The three Gods Appear.

Gods:“You have come to return the sword…or claim it for another time of need…”



Jack:“I do not relinquish it back to you.”

Vishnu God:“Your journey is done your mission is completed you have no need for it now.”

Set God:“it is not an item for decoration, for your hall of samurai, it is a living embodiment, and must be honored until called for again.”

Jack:“True, yet untrue, I still need it for one more thing. It is forged with the spirit of humanity, with the strength of my father, the love of my mother, and all our ancestors… in the end it was enough to save the world, and to slay Aku…”

Ashi:“Jack- *cough*…please…”

Jack:“….so it must be enough also, to replace him.”

Odin God:“You would give up the most priceless weapon on earth of unimaginable power, and good…”

Vishnu God:“When it could be used to prevent further dangers that may arise?”

Set God:”To win countless battles?”

Jack:“I would. It’s last sword swing will save a life, not take it.”

Set God:“….He truly is chosen…”

Odin God:“It is done…the darkness in her is now displaced with light that she may live…without it…”

-the sword turns with light and descends into Ashi as darkness seeps out of her and fades away like ash-

Gods:“Your sword will truly be by your side for all time.”

Jack holds her hand as she cries out shaking until the transfer and merging is complete.  Finally she opens her eyes, the glow in them leaving and turning to normal. She looks up at Jack.


Jack:“It is fitting as you were the one who helped me to kill a Final blow to Aku. And were at my side and helped me find my way when it was not…”

We cut then to the wedding ceremony where she is walked down the Isle to the Daimyo Lord; Jack the Samurai who saved the world.

We pass by a tapestry depicting Jack as a child with his parents…and then One with him as the Lord, with Ashi, and their princes and princesses.

Finally we go outside to the hill under the same red leafed tree, where we find them old, and grey, holding out their hands for lady bugs.



Todays Haul , TORE THE MALL TF UP 😂 . Ignore my ashy ass hand . CANT BELIEVE I REALLY WENT TO ULTA AND GOT A ABH BROW PENCIL HFHSLDUFB , This was my first time in ulta & also my first time getting anything at PINK other than pantries & lip gloss