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RG Veda thoughts #1

So let’s talk about RG Veda!

As CLAMP’s earliest and oldest work (it started before I was born I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING) I’ve been increasingly surprised by just how much I’ve been enjoying it. Given it does start out very seriously, but before long you get to see a lot of CLAMP’s trademark personality slipping in and really letting you connect with the characters more than you could before. It’s nice to see that their silliness and self awareness started so early in their career. 

Of course, because this is CLAMP, their other trademark content pops up a lot too. And by that I mean horrible tragic sadness of every possible kind. 

Because CLAMP. 

Due to that, and also to avoid spoilers for anyone who might want to read this later, I’m putting everything behind the cut. 

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