ashtrayhe art


This was supposed to be something like a chara sheet for my female OCs or just a general reference when someone wants to draw my OCs for an art trade or aceo trade.
(From left to right: Janne, Megan, Kitty (Katherine) and Leni)
I’ve started this in summer 2012 and finally finished it in April 2013 OTL

Haha, don’t ask my why I drew the eyebrows above the hair, I usually don’t like this at all…
Ugh, and I hate drawing feet and shoes because I obviously suck at it.

Actually I wanted to draw a mug shot with my male OCs as well, but yeah I didn’t find any motivation to do so.

I am currently working on a picture for an artbook that will be organized by a small group of German artists and it will be sold during the book fair in Leipzig this March.
The main theme of the artbook are (strong) Emotions and all featured characters are original ones, no fanarts.

So here you can see my original character Janne. Usually she’s a bright person but I wanted to show her in a moment of sadness.