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excuse you? lil twinky subs flirting with the sexy bartender is all great but consider this: rich hot businessman ashton with his twinky eyecandies/sugar babies at some gala or party or casino a la tony stark.

how amazing is it that my mind immediately pictured luke & calum in super cute matching outfits on either side of ashton’s arm :)))))

ashton crept through the front door quietly, careful to not make a sound because he knew that you’d probably had just gotten the baby asleep and were trying to get the cute little 4 year old mini-ashton asleep. it’d been a solid month since he’d be home, and he’d been aching to see him little family. he flicked on the kitchen light, throwing his keys in the bowl to be met with a banner reading “welcome home daddy!” in sloppy pre-K writing, with his kids foot and hand prints all over it. he couldn’t help but smile and feel his heart flutter. the next thing he knew, his legs were being cacooned by tiny arms and hands, them belonging to his son. “hi daddy!” the little tike cheered as ashton hoisted him up into his arms. “I missed you so much daddy,” his baby boy smiled wrapping his tiny arms around ashton’s neck, burying his head in his daddy’s neck. “I missed you so much, too,” ashton coos, his heart warm and happy because he is finally home. 

Ashton Daddy Smut


You didn’t look back as you walked through the door. He was pissed. Beyond pissed. Before you could get away he grabbed your wrist and turned you around. “Princess, you and I both know you are not getting away with what you’ve done. I told you that excuse for a dress would not be worn in public. Daddy needs you naked on the bed upstairs, ready for your punishment.” You look up at him. “Yes daddy.” You quickly walk upstairs, stripping down as fast as possible before laying down on the bed. A few minutes pass before Ashton walks in shirtless, holding some rope. He doesn’t say anything as he goes to the closet and get the vibrator. That’s when you knew you were in for some of the best sex of your life. Wordlessly, Ashton ties your arms to the bed post, making you completely vulnerable and ready for what he had planned. “Baby girl, you have to learn to obey daddy. Know that I’m the only one who has the pleasure of seeing you like this. That you’re mine.” He runs his hands up and down your thighs, causing you to squirm. You whimper quietly. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say, okay princess?” You nod quickly. “Say it.” He demands. “Yes daddy.” You obey. He continues to run his hands across your soft skin, avoiding where you want him most. “Daddy I need you.” You cry helplessly. “Need me how, princess.” He teases. “I need your fingers, anything.” You practically beg. “Where do you need them?” The smirk on Ashton face is slowly growing as you continue to become extremely turned on. “In me.” You want to scream. “Here baby?” He moves his hand incredibly close to your heat. You spread your legs instinctively. “Princess, you’re so wet for me. You’re dripping.” He looks at you almost in awe, and he slowly swipes one finger through your folds and puts it in his mouth. “Will never get tired of that. Are you ready, princess. Remember, this is punishment.” He looks up at you from in between your thighs. “Yes daddy, please.” You try to grab his hair but you feel the rope around your wrist making marks, instead. Suddenly Ashton places the vibrator right on your clit, causing you to gasp. He doesn’t move it, just presses down, causing your body to twitch from the instant pleasure. “Fuck.” You say, pulling against your restraints and moving your hips against the toy. Ashton quickly moves his other hand to hold you down, causing you to just feel the pleasure. It was overwhelmingly fantastic. You could feel your orgasm quickly building up. Ashton could tell, but he kept relentlessly holding the toy there. You were biting you lip and holding in your moans, about to cum, when Ashton pulled the toy away. You cried out and opened your eyes to Ashton looking down at you, a huge smirk on his face. “Not yet, baby. Like I said, this is punishment.” He massages your thighs and slowly pushes them back open, starting at your heat. “You’re so ready to cum. I think we have to wait a little until we can get back at it.” He says, never looking up at you. “No daddy, I’m ready. Please.” You’re mess under his touch, willing to do anything for him to let you cum. “I’m not ready to let you cum yet.” He leans down and kisses you, instantly pushing his tongue into your mouth. Before you can get into it, however, he quickly moves his attention to your boobs. He instantly takes your nipple into his making, playing with the other one with his fingers. You moan and lift your chest up to his touch. “I think you’re ready now.” He mumbles against you, slowly kissing down your stomach and lying right in front of your heat. “Please daddy.” You barely breath out. He licks one stripe up your folds and you gasp. He is quick to get to you, sucking at your clit. Your orgasm is quick on the rise and you are breathing heavy. He continues his relentless attack on you, holding your hips down so he has complete control of what you feel. “Ashton.” You moan and he instantly stops. “What was that, baby girl?” You open your eyes as you realize your mistake. “Daddy. I meant daddy.” You rush out. “Princess, you’re so fucking lucky you’re tied up in your back, otherwise I would have spanked you until your ass was bruised.” He growls. At this point your so ready to orgasm that you are beyond angry at yourself for slipping up. Ashton quickly unbuckles his belt and you almost sigh in relief that you know he’ll let you cum. Daddy loves when his princess cums around his giant cock. “Baby, I’m going to fuck you so hard, you won’t be able to walk for days, got it?” He slips his pants and boxers off in one swift movement. “Yes daddy.” You put extra emphasis on the daddy, making him smirk. He grabs your hips and slowly sinks into you, causing you both to moan loudly. He instantly starts slamming into you, reach deep inside you at every thrust. “Fuck daddy!” You yell. “That’s right, baby girl. Let everyone know who fucks you so well.” You are already close, and are clenching around him as you try not to cum without him telling you to. His grip is right on your hips and you can feel the bruises forming, but you don’t care. He hits you’re g-spot on one incredible thrust and it takes everything in you not to cum as you scream out in pleasure. “Daddy please.” You manage you whimper out. “Go ahead princess.” You cum instantly, clenching tight around Ashton. He rides out your high as he cums inside you. He pulls out and untied you, pulling you into his chest. “Never wear that dress in public again, okay?” He asks you. “Yes daddy.” You say. “I’m Ashton, now baby. Your stupidly jealous boyfriend.” He laughs a little and you smile, snuggling further into his chest. “Yes Ashton.”