Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 2)

sorry it took so long! special thank u to Ashley (@thesaltyspice) for helping me come up with ideas for this a million years ago xx

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“Look at that one.”

“That one over there?”

“Yeah,” you confirm with a pout. “I want it.”

Ashton chuckles and looks to you at his side. “That’s the fourth dog you’ve said you wanted since we got here.”

It’s true, but you can’t help it. You always get dog-envy at the farmers’ market, exposed to too many cute pups at once for your little heart to handle.

“We should get one,” you say passively, adoring a large german shepherd trotting by with its owner. “Y'know, if we ever live together.”

Ashton smirks, turning his head. “I love how you’re not even worried about scaring me with plans for the future.”

Your cheeks redden, having not noticed the implications when you said it. It’s only been three months since the fight that started it all, since you and Ashton agreed to give your relationship a title, and you suppose you should be more careful about vocalizing your whimsical thoughts. Your guard just naturally falls around him, the pressure to play safe wiped away by his equal and obvious feelings toward you. Talk of commitment doesn’t affect him the way it does most people. If Ashton was going to run, he would’ve done so by now.

You glance down at his fingers between yours, smiling because you don’t think he’s let go of your hand all day. With his hectic training schedule for another upcoming fight and your demanding attendance at university four days a week, the two of you have recently been missing each other more than actually seeing each other, and it appears Ashton wants to make up for lost time in the form of suffocating your palm–not that you mind. For someone whose fists can be classified as lethal weapons, he has quite a gentle grip when it comes to you.

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happy new year! sorry for not posting anything new in so long, i’ve been super busy with school and the holidays, but i managed to find some time over the past few days to write this one. enjoy!


ashton irwin & y/n
word count - 3883
warnings - sexual content, language


You were already regretting the words you had let slip out of your lips.

“You’re joking right?” Ashton asked. “You have to be joking.”

You couldn’t read his tone; and if he was about to start mocking you, you really weren’t in the mood.

“Just forget I said anything,” you said. You attempted to clamber to your feet; but before you even really had the chance to move, Ashton grabbed your wrist.


“Ash,” you said, trying to sound as stern as possible. “I said forget it.”

He held your gaze for a moment, before his face broke into a grin. “Seriously Y/N, where the hell have you been finding the guys you’ve been fucking?”

You thumped him on the arm. “Ashton!”

“What?” he laughed. “I just want to know where my best friend has been picking up these losers that haven’t been able to make her cum.”

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.7

                                               Part S E V E N

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: 100 notes please, my loves! im so so happy that you love this series and i hope this part gives you a lil somethin to smile about. i promise, calum seems a little better in this part !

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E

Outside the Bar, 1:05 A.M. 

Wind blew through your hair, making music in your ears as you were stood outside of the Finnish bar. It was dimly lit, with few people waiting outside to enter the bar. Calum was still holding your wrist with a tight grip, feeling it go numb just by his touch. 

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Baby's First Father's Day [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: So I’m posting this pretty late and I’m disappointed I couldn‘t get it out earlier but I had to work today. Sadly. But anyway, here is the next part to my Jay Family Fic ‘series’ and a Father’s Day Special. Hope you guys love it! <3

Now and Always - Easter Bunny 


You and Jason were fast asleep this morning. Sleeping on your back as he had a hand on your protruding belly in a protective manner. After Easter last year, you and Jason had finally acted on that promise. You were ready to pop any day now, and honestly, that day couldn’t come soon enough. The pregnancy with Addilyn was pretty easy for a first one, but this one. Damn. So much morning sickness, and so many strange cravings.

Though this pregnancy was different in another way too. You and Jason decided to wait for the gender to make it a surprise. Though, you had a suspicion that Jason really wanted a boy. However, sleep and thoughts about the baby would have to wait because you both were woken up when a certain three year-old jumped on the both of you. Or more Jason.

“HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADDY!” Addilyn squealed as she hugged him. Her raven black locks array from sleep, but her blue eyes were bright and alert. You both chuckled as she giggled. “Thank you sweetie. Be careful though okay.” Jason smiled, referring to your belly. She smiled and crawled over to you. Giving you a kiss then giving your stomach a kiss. It was a tradition she started in the mornings. “Good morning baby” she whispered softly to your belly.

Jason smiled at you before leaning over and placing a kiss on your lips. “Morning doll.” He grinned while pulling away. You hummed contently, “Happy Father’s Day Jay.” Addilyn giggled at your choice of words, “Mommy rhymed.

Still grinning Jason scooped her in his arms. “Want to help me make breakfast?” She nodded vigorously as they left the room. Jason shooting you a wink before moving out of sight. Slowly sitting up while holding your baby bump. “You really don’t make things easy.” You talked to your own stomach while swinging your legs over the side of the bed.

Rubbing your stomach a slight kick could be felt. “Of course you’re a fighter, just like your father.” Mumbling while pushing yourself up. Standing up a sharp pain ran through your abdomen. “Shit!” groaning to yourself. Gripping your stomach as you felt something wet. “Dammit” cursing at the pain and sitting back down on the bed. You knew it was coming soon because you had felt the mild contractions, but now? Looking to see the puddle of water on the floor. “JASON!” yelling for him though another shot of pain ran through you again.

“Fuck” you whispered. “JASON!” Yelling for him again. His footfalls could be heard rushing into the room. Swinging around the door frame he was met with the sight of you gripping your stomach and the pool of water on the floor. “M-my water, agh!” Feeling another contraction cut off that sentence

Addilyn ran into the room to see Jason grabbing the bag you had ready from the closet. Along with you hunched over in pain. “Mommy?” She asked worried. “Mommy what’s wrong?”

You smiled at her concern and Jason ran over, helping you stand. “Mommy’s gonna be okay peanut. Can you get my phone honey?” Addilyn nodded before running to the bedside table and grabbing his phone, she ran back to him and handed it to him. Dialing the phone he tucked it between his ear and shoulder before helping you up.

“Hello Master Jason, Happy Father’s Day” The voice on the other end greeted. “Alfred” Jason breathed out, “I need you or someone to meet me at the hospital. [F/n] just went into labor and we need someone to watch Addie.” Jason explained as he helped you out of the apartment, Addilyn clutching to your other hand.

“Oh dear. I will meet you there.” Alfred said surprised. “Thank you Alfred.”

Hanging up the phone he grabbed his car keys. Quickly he helped you into the elevator and to the car. “Jay I’ve done this before” You chuckled, “Take care of Addie, I can get myself in the car.” He sighed before nodding, throwing the bag in the backseat he picked up Addilyn. Getting her in her car seat he got in the driver seat.

You controlled your breathing as he drove, trying to get there as quickly as possible. As soon as he pulled up to the emergency room a bunch of nurses and a doctor ran over. Alfred had beaten you there.

They whisked you away the moment you got out. “Mommy! Daddy!” Addilyn yelled and tried to go after you but she was stopped. Turning she saw her grandpa standing there, “Papa Bruce, is Mommy gonna be ok?” Asking as he lifted her into his arms. Bruce nodded, “Yeah, she’s going to be fine. Your aunts and uncles are on their way.” Bruce smiled and Addilyn’s features brightened.

You were being prepped to have the baby. The labor process is a long one, remembering Addilyn’s. The nurses were checking your blood pressure and giving you an IV. Jason was by your side the entire time. Everything was going as the doctors planned, it had been a few hours since you had gotten there.

“Jay” catching his attention from talking to one of the nurses about when the baby would actually be born. He came to your side, “Will you go check on Addie please?” Jason smiled and nodded before kissing your forehead.

Going out to the waiting room Addie was coloring while sitting on Dick’s lap. Looking up she spotted her father. “Daddy!” She cheered while jumping off Dick’s lap and running to Jason. “Hey sweet-pea”

“Is Mommy ok?” She asked worried. Jason nodded, “She’s just fine the doctors are taking very good care of her.” Addilyn beamed, “Can I see Mommy?”

“Oh not yet sweetheart, just a little bit longer. Do you want to show me what you were just coloring?” Jason looked at the paper she had dropped. She smiled and showed it to him, it was a big heart with little hearts surrounding it, all in different colors. “It’s for Mommy” She grinned while hugging the picture, “And the new baby” she added. Jason smiled and kissed her forehead, “She will love it.”

“But Daddy, I drew one for you too.” She giggled before running over to Steph who was holding it. Showing it to Jason she grinned, “It’s you and mommy and me and the new baby” pointing to each figure in the picture. “It’s beautiful sweetheart.” Jason smiled while taking it from her

Though as he began to make conversation with his family one of the nurses rushed over to him. “Mr. Todd!” Jason turned around, “It’s happening, the baby’s coming.” Jason’s eyes widened as he ran back to the room. The nurse handed him scrubs to put on over his clothes and he ran to your side. Taking your hand. “It’s alright baby, I’m here.” He whispered while kissing your forehead.

“Are you ready?” The doctor asked and you nodded.

Addilyn was clinging to Dick, worried at the way Jason had ran back into the room. “Uncle Dick, I’m scared.” She whispered. “What’s wrong Addie?”

“Why did Daddy have to run back in there?” She looked up at him and Dick could see she was actually really scared by the look of her eyes, and the sniffle she let out. “She’s okay sweetie, they’re just getting your new baby brother or sister.” He smiled down at her. Her expression brightened, “Really?!” she exclaimed. He nodded, “How about you finish your picture while we wait?” Gesturing to the unfinished drawing on the table. She smiled and hopped down to finish it.

After about two hours, it was finally finished. You had brought a beautiful baby boy into the world. Jason was smiling and had his arm wrapped around you as you held the baby. Still exhausted from the strenuous event. Looking at him with tears in your eyes you noticed some pooling in his. “He’s your carbon copy.”

Jason shook his head, “No he has your nose.”

The nurses came to your side to take the baby and weigh him. Though you felt exhausted as you leaned against Jason. Before you knew it they had him weighed along with his hand and foot prints taken. “Have you chosen a name?” the nurse asked as she brought him back over to you. Smiling you happily took the swaddled newborn.

Jason nodded, “Ashton Bruce Todd.”

The nurse smiled before writing it down. “I will go get your visitors.” Thanking her you and Jason turned back to Aston. Though this time his eyes were open showing sky blue eyes. “Jay look, he has your eyes, just like Addie.”

Jason wiped his eyes before placing a kiss on your lips. “Want to hold him Jay?” He grinned before taking the newborn from your arms. “Hey buddy” Jason said as his eyes locked on his father, a smile forming on his features. Though within minutes there was a knock on the door.

Jason handed the baby back to you before going to open the door, and in came Addie with Dick, Alfred, and Bruce. She stood hesitant, staring at you in the bed. “Want to meet your brother?” Jason asked.

She nodded slowly before he picked her up and carrying her over to the bed. Sitting on the edge, “Addilyn, this is Ashton” She smiled before crawling next to you. “Hi Ashton, I’m your big sister. My names Addilyn but you can call me Addie.” Her voice was soft and sweet as she stared at the newborn. The gesture made you and Jason smile ear to ear again, not that your smiles ever faded.

“Do you want to hold him?” You asked while looking at her. She nodded nervously, settling between you and Jason. Carefully she held him, Jason helping her. Giggling at the way he looked up at her. Dick had gone out to get the rest of his family, though Bruce looked at some of the papers sitting in the room. “Ashton Bruce Todd?” He asked looking up at both you and Jason.

Smiling you nodded, “Addie how about we let Papa Bruce hold him?” Addie nodded before Jason took Ashton and carried him over to Bruce. Alfred smiled at the sight, pulling out a camera. Jason placed Ashton in Bruce’s arms, “Happy Father’s Day Bruce.” Bruce met Jason’s eyes before wrapping an arm around him. Jason was caught off guard for a moment but reciprocated it.

Addilyn jumped down from the bed and ran to where Bruce was holding him. Jason smiled and left the two to rejoin your side. The rest of the family soon entered the room. Dick and Steph were gleeful, Tim and Babs were trying to contain the two, Cass was helping Alfred take pictures, and Damian was standing next to Bruce observing the baby.

Jason wrapped an arm around you and kissed your head. You loved this, having everyone here, not to mention your family was on their way to Gotham as well. Though you felt extremely tired and just wanted to rest and eat something. After everyone got their turns with the baby they understood you were exhausted and said their goodbyes. Though Addilyn refused to leave.

Letting her stay, she laid with you in the bed as Jason held your son in the chair next to the bed. He watched as she explained her picture to you, a yawn escaping her throat as she snuggled next to you. Setting the drawing on the tray-table as she began to fall asleep.

You looked up at Jason to see him smiling down at his son who was fast asleep. When he looked up at you, his grin widened to see you watching him. Your arms wrapped around your daughter. Nodding your head for him to join you on the bed, he got up slowly and sat beside you. Your son cradled in his arms. Smiling you looked from Addie to Ashton, “We sure do make some beautiful kids.” Chuckling Jason agreed, “They get it from their mother.” Replying as he leaned to kiss you.

“I don’t know their dad’s pretty hot too.” Jason smiled before kissing you again. Opening your eyes, you stared deep in his blue hues. “I love you Jason, Happy Father’s Day.”

He beamed before brushing his nose against yours, “I love you too [F/n]. I couldn’t ask for a better Father’s Day gift.”

We Won’t Tell If You Don’t

Anonymous said:
Sadly I would let all four of them raw me and I am not ashamed
me either bitch tf


Somehow I was convinced to play “two truths and a lie” with the boys, which sounded fun, but I know them all too well for something like this. “Alright Y/N, you’re turn.” Michael took a swig of his beer as I exhaled deeply. “Hmm, I have never done anything more than a threesome, I sleep naked, and winged eyeliner and eyebrows are a form of art to me.”

All four of the boys simply staring at me in silence. Ashton’s lips parted as he laughed slightly. “I think the threesome one is a lie.” “Yeah, I agree with Ashton.” Luke scratched the stubble underneath his chin. I reverted my attention to Calum and Michael.

“I disagree. I think the lie is sleeping naked..” Calum hummed. “Well everyone knows that your weird eyeliner and eyebrow obsession, so I have to agree with Luke and Ashton.” I scoffed and stood up, stretching in amazement. I have been friends with these dorks for over seven years, but they managed to answer incorrectly.

“Calum is the only one who is right. I don’t sleep nude, I sleep in a bra and panties but nothing else.” When I reached for another cookie, Michael swiftly grabbed the pack. All eyes fixated on me.

“What?” I said. “Don’t play innocent Y/N. We’ve known you for years and you never mentioned anything about a threesome?” Ashton bluntly stated. I blushed and put my hair back into a bun.

I shrugged. “You guys don’t tell me everything about your personal lives, I just never cared to mention it..” Luke laughed before the others joined in. I rolled my eyes and got fixated on the couch. “That’s because we have no lives, Y/N. But that’s besides the point.” Luke reminded.

“Fine guys. You’re not going to let this go are you.. So what do you want to know-” “Who’d you have more than threesome with, Y/N?” Ashton crossed his arms. The guys sitting back on the floor, in front of me. I looked at my fingers in slight embarrassment. Figuring, I had nothing to loose by telling them the truth.

“Umm ya know Liam and Harry… It was one night and I was really tipsy, and alcohol and I don’t mix well. I-” “Oh that’s grand.” Michael laughed. “That’s not fair. You fuck them but you won’t even let us see you naked. We use to take baths together!?” Calum teased. I could feel my cheeks turning bright red by the second.

“Can you all calm down. It’s really not a big deal. I’ve just known you four, longer..that’s all. It’d be too- weird.” I trailed off, trying to find the right words. They all nodded in unison as if they finally understood. Ashton cleared his throat, speaking for everyone.

“So what you’re saying is- If we can make things ‘unweird’..then you’d have a fivesome with us?” He elaborated. Stuttering out a response, I tried to make things clear. Only sounding nervous and anxious in return.

“I guess. I don’t know, sure. Why not? But that’s not going to happen.” I half heartedly laughed. I unlocked my phone, responding to the unopened snapchats that I received. The conversation was running dry. But when I felt Calum’s hands on mine, lowering my phone and tossing it aside..I quietly looked up in question.

He simply placed a finger over my lips and lifted my chin. My eyes flickering on the other boys, removing their shirts. “We won’t tell If you won’t.” He whispered. My mouth was already parted to agree, by the time he leaned down. His lips meeting mine in a needy kiss.

Calum and I used to date in year 7, but of course it was an innocent love-affair back then, but he always had a special place in my heart. So when his tongue danced around mine, I was settled on doing anything but pushing him away.

“No need to rush. We’ll all get a taste.” Luke cut in. Carefully grabbing my hand and standing you up. Smirking with a sudden spark of interest, they led me upstairs. As soon as I settled in Ashton’s room-Michael lifted me up. I lifted my shirt up and over my head. Slowly sliding my jeans down as Calum tossed them aside.

Ashton walked over to his closet, retrieving a pair of handcuffs and a handful of condoms. Tossing them to the guys. I raised an eyebrow. “Seems like you’ve done this before, Ash…” I hummed. Mesmerized by his biceps as he absentmindedly, cuffed me to the bed post. I felt a sense of vulnerability.

The boys attacking me with pleasure; Luke was kissing a trail down to my heated core. Gradually leaving sloppy pecks. Michael brushed his hair out the way, leaning in to suck my hardened nipples. Calum was teasing me, finding your weak spot as he left love bites on my neck. Ashton kicking off his Calvin Kleins, before getting on the bed.

Cupping my cheek as he hovered above me. His length springing free, wanting attention. Feeling Luke’s tongue lick a thin stripe up my core, I moaned. Using one hand to slowly pump Ashton’s member. Gripping his waist with the other. He started whispering dirty profanities. This side of Ashton, surprising me from his usual polite and sweet mannerisms.

“Go ahead babe. Open up your pretty-little mouth for me.” He swallowed the lump in his throat. Peering down at me with darkened pupils. I could feel my heart thumping out of my chest. Closing my eyes and taking him in my mouth, as I used a hand to pump carefully. The two of us moaning in unison. Causing Luke to suck harder, lapping up my juices as I arched my back.

Michael’s rough hands moving up and down my stomach. I’d never imagine in a million years-being surrounded by four of my best mates. Exposed and needy. Completely helpless under their control as they watched me give Ashton head.  Ashton hissed when you pumped faster, keeping up with the speed of Luke’s tongue. His lip ring tickling your insides with euphoria.

“Ahh-” I gasped, my hips beginning to stir. The instant Luke pulled away from me, I tried to sit up, disregarding Ashton’s nearing high. If I didn’t get to cum, neither would he. “Luke…” I whined. Calum mischievously leaving a mark on your collarbone.

“Sorry, Y/N. I wouldn’t have lasted any longer.” He groaned. Gesturing towards his increasing bulge. I slightly twitched when Michael slapped my thighs, prying my legs apart. Yanking at the cuffs, longing to get free.

“Can you guys let me go, at least..” I batted my eyelashes innocently. Ashton moving aside to lay beside me, watching as he stroked himself. I swallowed the lump in my throat. A warm sensation in the pit of my stomach. Butterflies fluttering every-time one of them would touch me.

“If you want us to uncuff you Y/N. Last one round with me. If you make any noise, we’ll ensure you’ll be walking on all fours tomorrow.” Michael warned. Hastily gripping my hips as he brushed himself against my opening. I bit my lip and nodded. Feeling Luke and Calum’s touch all over me, edging me closer.

Calum sucked under my ear. Whispering sweet nothings as he moved the hair out of my face. “You have to be a little more vocal than that baby.” Luke chuckled. I stuttered, looking down to see Michael leaving kind figure eights around my clit.

My lips parted before trapping any sounds of pleasure from escaping. They may have me wrapped around their fingers, but I was defiantly competitive and would never cave in. Not now at least.

“Go ahead, Y/N. Tell us how bad you want it.” Michael cooed. I gasped, feeling his tip enter me before pulling out. Repeating the action as he went deeper.
“I-I want you to fuck me Michael. H-hard..please.” My lip was trapped in between my teeth. He accepted my wish and thrusted in hard. Firmly gripping the back of my waist as he went at a steady rhythm.

“Shit.” Ashton sighed. Moving his hand faster. The sound of Michael’s skin against mine, began to echo with sinful slurs. “Open your eyes.” Luke reminded. Making me gaze into Michael’s glossed stare, fighting for breath as I strained to suppress my moans. It made me smile to myself when I realized just how caring all of them were being.

Aside from their secret kinks and rough actions, they were making sure I was comfortable first. “F-fuck!” I blurted out, when Michael thrusted deep enough to hit my g-spot perfectly. His erection throbbing within my walls.

He sucked his teeth, slowly stopping and pulling out. I dropped my head against the pillow. Trying to catch my breath with sexual frustration. I still hadn’t released yet. But by the leftover remains all over my stomach, I knew Michael did. That cheeky bastard.

“Shit. P-please let me go.” I hissed. Yanking at my restraints again. The cuffs grazing against my wrist in defiance. “Hmm, I don’t know guys. We should let her loose now. Make those hips stir a little more..” Luke approved. When Calum was about to respond in protest, I grew an idea. Knowing the one thing that would make one of them free me.

“Please..daddy.” I whispered-more or so directing the praise towards Ashton. It worked. Because he licked his lips and bit at the pink flesh. His eyes locking on mine. Like I’d sent him a clear message that was gratefully received. He raised a challenging eyebrow of authority. He was always the alpha when it came to sex.

“Uncuff her.” He growled. His accent laced with a crack of need, in his tone. Calum unsnapped them as I sighed peacefully. Sitting up with a smirk and running my hands over the lightly teared skin on my wrist. My mind immediately focused on Luke. Out of all the guys, he was the only one who’d be timid enough to not ask for anything in return. His bashful nature was extremely cute.

“Come here Luke..” I cooed, gesturing him closer with my finger. He chewed on his bottom lip and removed his boxers. Holding his member in his hand as he masked it from your sight. “Tell me what you want Hemmings.” I pecked the base of his neck. Slyly trailing a hand down his chest.

He caught on with increased confidence, once I bluntly swatted his hand away. Cupping his pulsating hard on. His breath tickling my lips as I kissed him. “It’s your turn.” I confirmed. My words were flirtatious and persistent. Looking him in eye. Jealous stares of wonder were evident from the others. But they didn’t interrupt.

“Take a seat beautiful.” Luke proposed, patting his thigh as he opened his legs slightly. The idea of riding his thigh was exciting. I’ve never done such a submissive yet dirty act before. There’s always a first time for everything.

At first, it was uncomfortable. But I wrapped my arms around his neck. He hoisted me up to sit on his thigh. The purity ring amongst his pinky finger creating such irony. “Perfect.” Luke choked out. My fingers settling on the sides of his face in admiration. I rocked my hips back and fourth.

His reaction to my wetness-fixated and hungry. He dug his nails deeper into my backside. Trailing his hands up my curves. Hearing heavy breathing amongst the other boys. “Right there..” Luke praised. “I can feel you falling apart Y/N. Go ahead and cum all over me. Don’t hold it back.” He growled.

“L-luke.” I stammered. The amount of pleasure this produced, surprising me. I didn’t think it’d have such an effect on me. I rocked my hips faster and threw me head back. Luke’s lips showering my neck with more kisses. My skin probably tainted with a hundred love bites, by now.

“I’m so, fuck!” I moaned loudly. I was falling apart, sweat beginning to bead down the valley of my breast. Calum’s disarrayed reaction coming into my side vision. I locked eyes with him on purpose. Sensually repeating Luke’s name as I bit into his shoulder. He hugged me close, a messy heap of my juices left upon his thigh.

“Fucking tease!” Calum sighed. Trying to keep his head from shifting backwards. I felt a familiar flutter in the pit of my stomach. Riding him faster. Squeezing my eyes closed as I released on him. I remained still for a second. Recovering from my orgasm, I felt a pair of hands lift me up. Ashton roughly pressing me to his front.

“All fours.” “But Ash-” “Now.” Leaving a sloppy kiss upon my neck. I weakly nodded. My legs buckling for strength. I’d never pushed myself this much before. My energy decreasing into sharp breaths. Ashton used a hand to rest against the back of my neck. Running it down my spine, to watch me stretch forward. My bum on full display.

“Boys I think we should all get in on this one. Calum? You like a little Doggy-missionary action don’t ya?” Ashton talked in a playful tone. Auctioning me off to get back at me, for all the teasing I’d committed. The moment I called him Daddy, something sparked inside of him. His faint smirk and hooded eyes gazing at me.

“I do, Ashton. I think she’ll be in for a treat.” Calum smirked. “Go easy on me daddy.” I halfheartedly told Ashton. Sending him a naughty wink before going down on Calum. His length a lot longer than I thought. I licked up and down his shaft, pumping him as he hardened even more. Pre-cum exiting his throbbing tip.

Ashton smacked and kneaded my bum. He didn’t give me time to adjust, taking off in a sinful rhythm that caused the headboard to hit the wall. Calum moaning when I admitted a throaty groan against him. I bobbed my head up and down. Barely noticing Michael getting involved, as he pulled my head up by my hair.

Capturing my mouth in a sloppy make-out session. I pulled away from Michael, going back down to suck Calum faster. He was a moaning mess of utter disbelief. Michael standing close by as I out reached a hand, to accompany his needs.

“Y/N! Shit, keep going. Don’t stop. Make daddy moan baby.” Ashton pushed my head down. I gagged slightly. Moaning as I innocently batted my eyelashes. Calum’s mouth widened in praise. His eyes fluttering shut as he gripped the sheets. Twitching against the back of my throat as I moved faster.

My hand producing a pornographic, wet sound as I gave Michael a hand job. His climax expanding all over the palm of my hand. “Dammit Ashton.” I stopped to catch my breath. The impact of his hips meeting my skin, making me jerk forward as he sped up the pace. Each thrust harder than the last.

“Shit Y/N, you’re such a naughty girl.” Calum growled. Placing a hand over my head and releasing into my mouth. I closed my eyes and sighed, retrieving my hand from Michael, to pump the rest of Calum’s shaft. Kindly easing his orgasm as his chest rose and fell. Luke’s gaze landing on me as you did the same for Michael.

Weakly falling apart as I sat up a little. Using my hand to reach out and grab Ashton by his back. He hugged me closer and went deeper. The new position allowing all of the boys the perfect view; Ashton gripping my breast. “You wanna call me daddy? Go ahead princess. Scream.” Ashton challenged. Pounding in slower but with heavy force. Knocking the wind out of you as you tossed your head back. Feeling his lips drop to your neck.

“A-ash…daddy!” My voice cracked. My hair fanning over my face as my vision became clouded with lust. But after everything I’d just done- now wasn’t the time to become all shy. I was way past that point. Ashton swore out loud, capturing my head from falling backwards. Forcing me to look up at the ceiling, his arm wrapping around to expertly place me in a choke hold.

All of my teasing not going un-noticed. Ashton making me pay for it as the both of us neared our highs. Every time I’d strain to unravel against him, he’d pull out and push right back in. The radiating sensation making my knees buckle. Luke lowered his head mischievously, eye level with the sensitive nub of nerves.

He tapped my clit with his thumb, watching me moan and squirm. His nails gripping my skin as I slurred out a curse word. Luke hastily moving his hand in circles- sending me over the edge. The rise of my next orgasm was enough to make me scream out-all of the boys groaning in unison. Watching me pant as I whimpered in sync with Ashton’s prize running down your leg. He eventually pulled out, holding on to my waist as I sighed deeply.

“Holy fuck. That was sexy.” Calum laughed. His throaty chuckle making me giggle. I could feel my face heating up, the room still clouded by lust. I carefully fell back against the mattress. Ashton’s Egyptian-cotton sheets now marked by your territory. I looked over at Luke, he was licking his lips and thumb. Lazily resting beside me.

“Well, this is something I’ll always remember.” I said. “I think we all will baby.” Ashton said.

Preference: “Can You Hold Me?”

Ashton: Hearing the front door open and close with a loud bang, you look up from the book you’re reading. Ashton sighs heavily as he shrugs off his coat and shoes, his eyes glancing up to meet yours. “Today was awful.” He mumbles, walking towards you. He kisses your cheek lightly and sits beside you. His hair is rumpled all about and his eyes are dull. They were full of life and excitement this morning. You put your book down and turn towards him. “Wanna talk about it?” You ask quietly. He stares at the wall across the room, silent. “Babe?” You murmur, putting your hand on his arm. Ashton looks over at you. “Can you… Can you hold me?” He asks, his voice cracking. “C’mere,” You say, pulling him towards you. He lies his head on your lap and you stroke his head lightly. “This would be better if you weren’t such a giant.” You joke, and Ashton cracks a small smile. “You’re doing great. I love you.” You smile softly. “I love you too.” He looks up at you. “Tell me about the book you’re reading.”

Calum: “You’re so drunk, oh my God.” You say, giggling at your best friend as he trips out of the club with Michael. “Sorry to drag you out here this late, but he kept asking for you. Make sure he gets home, yeah?” Michael asks. You nod, taking Calum’s arm. You start to walk down the street with him, almost falling twice because he trips. “You’re pretty.” Calum says, grinning up at you when he falls onto the sidewalk. You laugh, pulling him back up. “Come on, you need sleep.” You pull him into your house and place him on the couch. “Why didn’t ya come to the show?” Calum asks. “I had a date, Cal.” You say, heading to the kitchen. He stands up to follow but you put your hand up. “No, stay.” You laugh, grabbing aspirin and some water. You join him on the couch, handing him the water and aspirin. “Take this, you’ll need it.” Calum does as he’s told. “A date?” He repeats, his brows furrowing. You giggle, nodding. “I’ll take you on a date soon.” He mumbles. “Oh, really?” He nods. “But for now, can you hold me?” He asks innocently, yawning. You open your arms and he curls up into your side. You bite your lip as his soft snores fill the silence. A date with Calum wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Luke: The airport is silent, the only noise being a hum from planes taking off outside. The white walls stare back at you as you cross your arms over your chest. “Princess, you can’t be mad at me.” He says, trying to take your hand in his. You stand up. “I can’t be mad? You’re leaving for nine months and you weren’t even going to tell me until after you left! I have a right to be mad at you.” You say, tears forming in your eyes. Luke stands up and wipes a stray tear away with his thumb. “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to see you cry.” He murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. You meet his eyes, which are watching Ashton. “Don’t be mad at Ash, I made him tell me.” You say, taking Luke’s face in your hands and forcing him to focus on you. “Can you hold me?” You ask, biting your lip. He sits down in an airport chair and pulls you down onto his lap. You bury your face in his neck and breathe in his scent, trying to memorize it until his flight is called.

Michael: “Kitten? Where are you?” Michael asks, his voice ringing out through your apartment. “In hell.” You croak, burying your head in the pillow on the living room couch. Michael chuckles, sitting down next to your waist. You lift your head and groan. “I told you not to come over. I don’t want you getting sick.” You mumble. Michael moves some hair away from your face. “You let Luke bring you soup.” He states. “Because I don’t care if he gets sick! Get out.” You say, trying to push him off of the couch. “Hey, stop. I’m fine. I want to be here.” Michael takes your hands in his to stop you from pushing him. “You’re a stubborn asshole.” You snap, sitting up. He smiles, kissing your cheek “Love you too.” You frown at him, which makes him laugh. “Smile, you’re beautiful.” He murmurs. You roll your eyes and lie back down. “Can you just hold me?” You ask, rubbing your eyes. He lies down beside you and wraps his arms around you, kissing the top of your head. “Get some sleep, I’m not going anywhere.”

Happy Birthday, Indeed

Hey, everyone, happy weekend! As promised, I’m back with another Ashton request; enjoy! This one won’t be posted to my masterlist until later, but it’ll make it eventually.

Request: can you do one of ashton where it’s his birthday and he’s on tour so y/n surprises him? // Cute, cute, cute idea! Hope you like it, anon.

Title: Happy Birthday, Indeed

Summary: It’s Ashton’s birthday and things are going well, but there’s just one thing (or person) that’s missing.

Words: 700+

Warnings: None

“—happy birthday to you!”

The voices of everyone in the stadium die out as the song comes to an end, and Ashton can’t stop smiling. Calum had decided that, in lieu of his friend’s birthday, everyone at the concert should sing to him.

“Wow,” Ashton joked from behind his drums, brushing hair out of his face as he grinned. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard something more beautiful.” The stadium erupted into cheers and he laughed, smiling at his friends.

“Well, unfortunately,” Michael began, and Ashton took that as his cue to hop down onto the stage, “all good things must come to an end. You guys killed it tonight!” More cheering.

“Thank you all for the birthday love. Have a good night, everyone!” Ashton called. Once again, the crowd went insane. The four of them waved as they exited the stage, but as soon as they were safely backstage, the grin dropped from Ashton’s face. He smiled poitely and thanked the crew as they congratulated them and wished him happy birthday, but he couldn’t bring himself to be genuine.

He knew it was his job to travel the world and play a different stage every night, but he couldn’t help feeling a bit dejected that he was so far away from you tonight. The two of you had videochatted earlier this morning, but it really just wasn’t the same. He had offered a few weeks ago to fly you out so that you could visit for the day, but you had shot down the idea after insisting that you had too much on your plate between university and work. He understood, of course. He just wished he could see you in person.

When they got to the lounge backstage, Ashton flopped onto the couch and took out his phone, intending to text you and tell you how the show went. Before he could, however, the lights went out. “What the fu—” he began, but before he could finish his sentence, Luke walked through the door with Calum, Michael, and the stage crew behind him. He held a small cake in his hands, lit up with candles, and the group began to sing. A few people had their phones out, recording the exchange.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy BIRTH-day dear Ashton…”

Rolling his eyes but smiling nonetheless, Ashton stood. “You guys suck,” he said over the singing. Luke held the cake out toward him and someone from the back shouted, “Make a wish!”

Pretending to be in thought, Ashton leaned forward and blew out the candles, causing the group to applaud.

“We all know what you wished for, mate,” Michael said with a grin.

“It’s not that tough to guess, I’m sure,” Ashton quipped back. Someone flicked the lights on.

“Well, since you’re just so predictable, we got you a pretty cool gift,” said Calum.

“Guys…” Ashton began, catching on to what was happening. “Guys, if you’re trying to get my hopes up I swear I will—”

Suddenly someone from the stage crew surged forward, taking off their baseball cap and lunging forward to throw their arms around him. “Happy birthday, baby,” said a familiar voice in his ear, and Ashton grinned because he knew that voice.

“You’re here!” he shouted excitedly. You backed up slightly to grin up at your boyfriend.

“Well, of course,” you replied. “I couldn’t be away from you on a day like this! What kind of relationship do you think this is?”

Ashton’s smile grew and he wrapped his arms around you tightly, lifting you up and spinning around. “I can’t believe it,” he said when he placed you back on the ground. “How did you…?”

“I had some help,” you told him, glancing over to his bandmates.

Ashton followed your line of vision to where his friends were all grinning proudly. “How the hell did you guys keep a secret for so long?” he asked. “Especially you?” he directed at Luke.

“We knew how important this was to you,” said Calum with a shrug. “Figured you’d like some surprise like this.”

“Well, you weren’t wrong,” Ashton said, draping an arm around your shoulders and smilng at you before leaning down for a kiss. Everyone in the room whooped and a few catcalls sounded. Somebody jokingly shouted at you two to watch the PDA, but Ashton didn’t care.

You broke the kiss and smiled up at him. “Happy birthday,” you told him again, and he kissed your forehead.

“Happy birthday, indeed.”



the one where he’s a cookie thief // c.h. college series

I initially started writing this series to be posted alongside of an Ashton blurb series written by @thesaltyspice​. We designed them so that they could be read/stand on their own. 

Anyway, here’s the start of my ‘Calum dates a college girl’ series. Enjoy!

It’s not everyday that Y/N walks into her kitchen after a long, grueling, and just plain shitty day with tense shoulders, a sore back and a snappy temperament. Okay…that’s a lie, it definitely happens more than she cares to admit. But generally, she’s the kind of person to retain a good, upbeat mood even after everything’s gone to shit–but today has not been one of those days.

But, seriously, it’s really not everyday that she comes home with aforementioned tense shoulders and sore back to find a famous, six-foot-something tall Australian leaning against her kitchen counter and stuffing his face with the homemade cookies she was looking forward to. “Who the fuck are you?”

He glances up from his phone, one thick eyebrow raised at her while the front door slams shut. “Seriously?”

The question is simple enough, but for some reason, it only serves to incite Y/N foul mood even more. It’s said like he’s shocked she couldn’t possibly not know who he is.

Of course Y/N already knows who he is. How could she not? Not only is her roommate (Ainsley, for future reference) dating the drummer of their wildly popular band, but it’s not like she lives under a fucking rock. She may be busy–always at work or in class or studying, but of course she knows who Calum Hood is.

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Let Me Fix Us || c.h.

ofc my love x

I M A G I N E 

“Guys, give me my phone back!” You urged, chasing Luke around the dressing room as Michael and Ashton stood around watching us. “I need my phone back, Luke!”

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Falling for you

Summary: When you fall, quite literally, into your long-time crush Ashton Irwin’s arms, things may change. 

A/N: this is just a small piece I wrote a long time ago, and I’ll have to admit that it’s not very good… enjoy, I guess?

“He’s definitely starring at you, Y/N,” your best friend whispers. Of course, you know who she’s talking about – he is the only guy you’ve had on your mind for the last two years, after all.

“No he’s not. And keep your voice down,” you answer, shushing your friend, who just shrugs with a smile on her lips that indicates she’s about to something you’re not gonna like. However, when you realize what she’s up to, it’s too late. She waits until Ashton’s not more than a meter away and then she pushes you, literally, right into his arms. To say that the look on his face is surprised is an understatement, and you are so embarrassed you can’t even get yourself to look him in the eyes.

“I’m really sorry,” you mumble, trying to get away from his firm grip around you that stopped you from hitting the ground. You feel the heat on your cheeks and you absolutely hate yourself for being this obvious about your attraction towards the curly haired boy.

He lets out a sweet chuckle and it isn’t until then you realize that you’re not the only one with red cheeks. “Are you alright, beautiful?” he asks with a low voice that makes the butterflies in your stomach go crazy. Did he just call me beautiful or was I dreaming? You ask yourself, but the sparkle in his eyes and his muscular arms around your body tells you that no, you’re not dreaming. And for the first time in your life, reality is actually better than your dreams.

“Ye-Yeah, I’m alright, thanks,” you stutter, completely lost in the eyes that has been on your mind for so long. And they’re even more amazing from this perspective than from across the hall. That’s the thing about him; unlike everything else he just becomes more and more beautiful the closer you get.

“I can be really clumsy sometimes, sorry.” He laughs at your statement and a warm feeling spreads around your body, because it’s finally you who is the reason of behind the handsome smile on his lips.

He releases you from his grip and offers you his hand. “I’m Ashton.”

“I kno- I mean, I’m Y/N,” you say, your cheeks getting hotter and hotter. He chuckles and lets go of your hand again.

“I guess I’ll se you around?” he asks, biting his lip. If you didn’t know better you would assume he was nervous, but he can’t be, right? You nod your head in agreement and a big smile appears on his lips before he turns around, probably heading towards his next class. But he changes his mind and suddenly his lips are resting at your cheeks a couple of seconds. “I’ll call you,” he says and then he’s gone. And you have no idea how he’s gonna get your number but for some reason you choose to believe that he’s telling the truth - a popular guy like him usually gets it like he wants it, even if it’s the school’s invisible girl’s number. And you are right: a couple of hours later his number appears on your screen and little do you know that it’s gonna keep doing that for a really long time.

The Nanny (Ashton Irwin - Part 3)

When you were dropped off the next morning, Mrs. Irwin’s car wasn’t there, but her husband’s was. You took a moment to get out of the car and your friend nudged you.

“If you don’t get going you’re going to be late,” she chuckled, raising her eyebrow.

“Right, right,” you nodded, looking back at her and reaching into the backseat to grab your bag.

“Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Yeah,” you smiled, nodding your head.

“Is something going on?”

You pushed the car door open and rolled your eyes. “No! Nothing is going on I just didn’t sleep well last night,” you chuckled and got out. “I’ll see you afterwards okay?”

“Okay,” she nodded.

You walked up to the front door and rang the bell. It took a couple seconds before the door opened and Ashton opened the door, the baby in his arms.

“Oh right, I forgot to call you,” he said softly, glancing behind you as your friend drove away.

“What? Was I not supposed to come?” you asked slightly confused, pursing your lips together.

“I took the day off, but I did forget to call you,” he chuckled slightly, rubbing the back of his neck. “But uhm… you can come in love… it’ll just be us today? Unless you want me to drive you home?” he offered, but there was something about the tone of his voice that made you want to stay.

“Well uhm… maybe I could stay? Just for a bit of you don’t mind, my friend is just going to pick some stuff up and I’ll text her to pick me up afterwards?” you asked, biting your lip.

“Whatever works,” he stood to the side so you could walk in. “I don’t mind. I was just going to put her down for a nap. She had breakfast and everything so I’ll be right back,” he nodded and you nodded in reply, setting your bag down.

Ashton headed upstairs and you stood in the front landing by yourself for a moment, taking a deep breath. You just waited there until he came back by himself. You clasped your hands in front of you and smiled politely, rocking on your feet.

“Is there anything I can do while I’m here sir?” you asked softly.

He looked at you for a moment before shaking his head. “No, love, but please, call me Ashton…” he smiled innocently, but there was something else to it.

“Sorry, right,” you nodded, clearing your throat.

There was tension in the air. You didn’t know if you were the only one who could feel it, but for yourself it was definitely there. You found yourself looking at Ashton in a way that one would look at their significant other. This was not a way that the nanny should be looking at her married client.

Ashton smirked softly at you and took a step forwards. You were frozen in spot and felt your breath hitch in your throat the closer he got.

“Do I make you nervous (Y/N)?” he asked, his voice changing into a lower and more… lustful tone.

You shook your head but you couldn’t find your voice. He was right in front of you now, his arms hanging loosely at his sides. You wanted him to grab you, to touch you. You couldn’t erase those thoughts out of your head, you wanted him to take you wherever he wanted to, you wanted him to really take control of you.

“Answer me…” he whispered.

“Yes,” you nodded slightly, swallowing back the lump in the throat. Ashton seemed almost happy with that answer and his hands came up to rest on the sides of your arms. They ran down your bare skin slowly, goosebumps rising up over your arms. “Ashton…” you whispered and he retracted his hands quickly.

“I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have…” he took a deep breath and you shook your head.

“No, no… I want… I want it,” you swallowed thickly. “But you’re married…”

“I know,” he said bluntly, looking at you.

“And you have a daughter…”

“I… I know…” he hesitated for a moment. “My wife won’t sleep with me… we barely talk… it’s all an act for the cameras…”

His hands came back up and they wrapped around your wrists gently, looking down at you. You took a deep breath, looking up at him with big eyes. He moved his hands up to your cheeks and cupped your face. You closed your eyes for a moment and leaned into his left hand. It was buzzing when he touched you and in a way it was so… relaxing.

His face was so close to yours and it took everything you had in you to not jump forwards and just kiss him. Luckily, you didn’t have to wait too long to get what you had wanted. Ashton pressed his lips against yours and the force behind it was gentle, but firm enough to make your head lean back slightly. Your arms went around his neck and you held him to you, kissing him back, trying not to show how eager you were to finally have this. When his hands lowered to the back of your thighs, you got the signal and jumped up, wrapping your legs around his hips.

Single Mom x Ashton Irwin Imagine

Requested: Yes.

Anonymous: So how about a 5sos imagine where you are a single mom and he’s interested in getting to know you and wanting to date but the fans think you are just using him. Weird I know, just a thought I had.

Boy: Ashton

Words count: 1,197

Warnings: Mention of self-arm/ killing, and hate

A/N: I take requests send them in! I made a little tweak to it!  Sorry it took so long everyone!

You weren’t going to lie to yourself, it wasn’t easy being a single mother of twin five year old girls. But it was worth it when you laid them down for the night in there power range bed for Stella and the princess one for Stefanie. There shorthair lying in there faces, patting Stella leg standing up from the bed slowly, snapping your fingers at the cat that was lying on the dresser to leave. The only response you got was a soft meow, him jumping down and lying in front of Stefanie bed. Closing the door softly behind you, heaving a sigh at my sore feet after spending a ten hour shift walking and running around with trays of food and drinks. Slowly walking down the hallway towards the kitchen to make myself something to eat, till there was a knock at the door.

Shit.. Did I forget to pay a bill?

“Y/N? It’s Ashton,” Ashton whispered through the door, feeling my stomach fill with butterflies as I made my way over to the door. Opening it after locking it, peaking my head out the crack in the door, “Hey,” I mumbled after realizing that it was indeed Ashton and not someone asking for money. Letting him in opening the door a little wider, “I brought food,” He spoke with enthusiasm as he held up some Chinese take out, “Are the girls asleep?”

“Yes they are, they just went to sleep.”

“Good, we don’t have to share at all than,”  Ashton whispered walking towards the balcony that was connected to the apartment building. “I’m going to go change real quick,” You told him already walking towards the room, kicking off the shoes and practically ripping off the work pants that had stains on them, along with the white shirt that had sweat stains underneath the arms with a bright red color on the front and side. I had spilt a shake all over myself, sure I smelled good the rest of the shift but it was sticky for the rest of the shift. After washing my face, I slipped on my slippers and made my way toward the balcony. “Hey here you go,” Ashton held out the plate of rice and chicken, the smell of it making my mouth water.

Taking it without any second thought, spooning rice and chicken into my open mouth. “You sure are hungry aren’t you babe?” Ashton chuckled mixing around his rice on his plate, nodding your head in agreement, “I just got done with a twelve hour shift, of course I am hungry,” You fired back, you didn’t mean for it to come off rude but not everyone can work their dream job. “Sorry,” He grumbled, spooning in some rice, sitting up a little straighter, placing you the plate on the little table.
“Look I’m sorry for snapping at you, I’m just tired and all the hate from the fans is getting to me along with the girls,” You ranted on not noticing that Ashton had pulled out his phone, still ranting on about everything that came to mind. Ashton was scrolling through the tag that had the ship name that the fans had came up with for the two of you, sure there were some good comments about the two of you but there were some nasty and horrible comments.

‘@Ashtonirwin why are you with Y/N? Don’t you know she just wants that dough for her kids?’

‘Y/S/N, is so pathetic. It’s obvious those kids aren’t her’s! Probably kidnapped them or found them’

‘Y/N, Stella? Stefanie? What kind of names are those?’

‘@AshtonIrwin leave that girl she is bad news, she is just trying to get pregnant again by you to tie you down!’

‘Y/N and her daughters showed seriously leave Ashton alone, if not than I’ll take it into my own hands’

Ashton shook his head, disgusted by some of the tweets that he saw on twitter, he didn’t want to go on instagram or tumblr to see the other comments. You had finally stopped talking watching intently at Ashton who was gripping his phone a little too tight, “I’ll deal with. It’ll take time but, some of the things that they are saying about you is just repulsive, and the girls? It is just not right, who is that.. I don’t have words, they are children you do not talk about children like that since half of them are kids themselves! There is something wrong with those that tell others to slit their wrists just because they are dating some celebrity! There are those that do that to escape you do not joke or kid about that, let alone tell someone to do it. You don’t know them or their lives, and threatening littl-” You jumped up wrapping Ashton up in your arms, tightening the hold on him, his arms wrapping around the middle.

“It is fine, I don’t agree with what they are saying. But someone that they love has just started dating someone that they don’t know. Ashton this is what you signed up for, you knew right when you started touring and becoming big that this is what is going to happen when dating someone. I get where they are coming from, though I wouldn’t send any of the things that they send, but it’s fine half of them are kids.”

By now his face was resting in the palm of your hands, his hazel eyes were filling with tears as they connected with you. “Are you sure?” He whimpered out, all he wanted to do was watch out for you and the girls, he felt the need to do so right when he first met you. Slowly nodding in reassurance, “It is fin-”

“ASHTON!” The little girls screamed running outside greeting Ashton by hugging his legs, with a chuckle he bent down engulfing them in his large arms. “Hey little hellhounds! Why aren’t you two in bed?”

“The cat woke us up!” Stella pouted pointing at the cat that was in front of the sliding door, licking the paw, “Why don’t we go to sleep, I am feeling tired myself to be honest,” Ashton yawned earning yawns from the girls and yourself. “I agree, let’s go girls,” Holding out a hand for them to take, well Stella did while Stefanie held onto Ashton.
And with that all four of you went to sleep, well the girls took a little while to get back into bed but once you set your foot down they climbed into their separate beds. Tucking them in Ashton with Stefanie and you with Stella. “Good night babe,” Ashton whispered into the pillow that you both were sharing, “Night, be good in your dreams.”

“I might,” Ashton giggled into the back of your neck tickling you, “I am not bailing you out in your dreams,” You laughed out, his arms tightening around you, “I’ll just call Calum.”

“And Cashton still lives!”

“Shut up and go to bed goofball.”

“I ship you two so hardcore,” You giggled, slowly feeling your body shutting down and finally resting. “Night my babe,” Was the last thing you heard.

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.18

                                          Part E I G H T E E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: hi hi!! this chapter is fairly laid back but nonetheless important! im so happy that you guys love this series, but its about to come to an end :( its gonna be so sad, but i wanna let you guys know that ive had so much fun writing this for you guys. like really, thank you so much for the opportunity, you guys. lets get this to 100, yeah? :) xx

oh, also prepare for smut lmfaooo @ pt 19

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E 

Hilton Rooftop, 9:55 P.M. 

“How fucking dare you touch my girlfriend like that?” Calum growled at the male on the ground before him. 

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keep your hands to yourself || ashton irwin

You lean across the bar and smile at the bartender. He grins over at you.

“I wondered when you were finally gonna make it down here to see me.” He says, coming down the bar, his thick Australian accent keeping your full attention.

“Ohh Ashton, I just had to get a girls night together.” You wink.

The blond with curly hair grinned back, “so what are you drinking, beautiful?”

“My usual please and a round of tequila shots for me the girls.”

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See You Again (Ashton Irwin)

hopefully this is complete bc lord knows ur girl didnt proofread


​“Our final guest is an adorable little girl who took Facebook by storm when her mom posted a photo of her drawing of her favorite superheroes,” Ellen smiled at the camera, “Please welcome 5-year-old Sydney and her mom Y/N.”

The chorus of Don’t Stop by 5 Seconds of Summer started playing as you and your daughter walked out onto the stage. You were smiling as Ellen got up to meet you at the side of the couch you’d be sitting on, smiling even bigger when Sydney let go of your hand to run to her. She’d always been a huge fan of Ellen’s – insisting on watching the show every day after school after you’d told her that she was the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo.

When she let go of Sydney, Ellen leaned back up to hug you before you all sat down. She waited to speak again until the audience stopped clapping.

“Well, you are just the cutest little kindergartner I’ve ever met!” Ellen gushed, poking your daughter’s knee.

“Thank you!” Sydney giggled, making you smile.

“You’re very welcome! Do you wanna tell everyone why you’re here today?” Sydney was quiet for a moment, making Ellen grin as she urged her on, “Who’s your favorite band? Is it 5 Seconds of Summer?”

“Yeah!” she grinned widely, bouncing in her seat.

“And you drew a picture of them once in your class at school, didn’t you?” she asked. The audience awed as the picture she’d drawn came up on the screen behind you. It was a picture of the four boys she’d labeled ‘Luke’, ‘Mikey’, ‘Cal’, and ‘Ash’ – Michael’s hair had been pink at the time, so she’d scribbled a head of pink hair on the guitarist – along with a woman in a red dress labeled ‘Mommy’. “You drew that, huh?”

“I drew that picture!” she squealed happily.

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Prize (Luke Hemmings smut)

We sat around the dressing room on the couches. I was sitting on my best friend’s, Luke, lap. It was after one of the boy’s shows and we were waiting for the stadium to clear out. I was visiting the boys on tour, seeing as they were my best friends since I was a child. 

“He inserted his thick length into my entrance. A moan of pleasure escaped me.” Calum read from his phone. We thought it would be a grand idea to read smut about the boys and laugh at it.  Calum finishes up the fan fiction about him and a fan. 

“Oh! This one’s about Luke and Y/N!” Calum laughs. He passes me his phone to read it. As I had attended a red carpet or two with the boys, it wasn’t uncommon to find fan fiction about me and the boys. Or fanfic about me. “Alright challenge, who can last the longest without jacking off in the bathroom wins.” 

“His hands ran up my waist. ‘You look ravishing in that dress, Y/N.’ He whispered in my ear. I turned around to face him, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down to face me.”

“First issue I have with this story is that I don’t get to bang Y/N and Luke does.” Ashton pouts, crossing his arms. Ashton had always hit on me, but it was just playful. I shushed him and continued reading. 

“’Let’s take this somewhere more private…’ I whisper in Luke’s ear. He smirks as I take his hand and drag him up the stairs to Michael’s room.” I shift in Luke’s lap, he grips my hits, holding me still. 

“Why’s it gotta be my room?” Michael laughs.  Luke wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me closer to him. He throws his head against the back of the couch.

“Oh shit, this escalates really quickly.” I giggle, reading ahead slightly. “I take Luke upstairs to Michael’s bedroom. I push Luke down on Michael’s bed, undoing his tight jeans. Luke throws his head back as his erection pops free of the tight material.”

“Damn right those jeans are tight!” Ashton says, taking a sip of his beer. I laugh and move on Luke’s lap a bit. Luke’s fingertips squeeze my hips, he pulls my back to his chest and whispers in my ear, “stop moving, Y/N.”

I don’t understand what he means so I just sit there, and begin to read again. 

“I rub Luke’s erection through the material of his boxers. He throws his head back and lets out a throaty moan. I kiss the tip before yanking his boxers to his ankles. I’m faced with Luke’s bare erect member. I smile up at him, he stares at me desperately.”

“Shit! It’s getting hot now!” Luke laughs. 

 “Dude, I’m gettin’ into this fic. Please continue, Y/N.” Ashton begs, he looks as if he’s about to cum in his pants just from hearing me read this story. A majority of the boys actually look legitimately turned on by it, actually. I giggle and take a sip of beer. 

“I pump Luke’s hard member before kitten licking the tip. He groans. ‘Stop teasing, princess.’ He mutters before I take him in my mouth. He throws his head back in pleasure. I deep throat him til my nose meets his abdomen.” I giggle before taking another sip of beer. Luke’s arms wrap around my waist, I shift to make myself more comfortable. “I bob my head on his thick member, I feel him twitch in my mouth. I cruelly pull away just before he can cum.”

“You bitch!” Michael shouts. His eyes are closed and he lays against the couch, his hand covering his crotch. I laugh and continue the story, now invested in it. 

“Luke lets out a groan at the loss of my mouth. He pulls me up by my hips. I push him down on the bed, straddling his waist. ‘Fuck, princess. You look so fucking sexy.’ I smile at him, pulling my red dress over my head and throwing it across the room. Luke reaches up to unhook my red lace bra, it falls off my arms and I throw it across the room with the dress.”

Luke lets out an audible moan. Everyone stops and stares at the blushing blonde. He coughs and lays back down on the couch, holding me on his lap. 

“Luke reaches up to touch my breasts, I groan as his thumbs trail over my nipple. His eyebrows raise at my reaction and he continues, sitting up to put his mouth on my breast.” I take a shaky breath, effected by the content of the story. “Shit man.” 

“Did we just discover one of Y/N’s turn ons?” Calum chimes. 

“N-no… I just… Wasn’t expecting it..” I defend, shakily. The boys laugh at my response. “Oh shut up, Michael was moaning at the part about me giving Luke a blow job!” 

“Don’t act like you all weren’t turned on by that one!” Michael defends. Ashton rubs his neck and sits back on the couch. I sip my beer and scratch the top of his hair. He groans at the contact, something we usually do. 

“’Luke.’ I moan out as he continues his assault on my breast. He eventually flips us over, pinning me to the bed. I bring my knees up to my chest out of habit. He kisses my neck, to the valley of my breasts, to my naval. He takes the waist band of my panties in his mouth, pulling them down my legs.”

“Shit, Luke got mad skills.” Michael laughs. 

“Hell yeah I do.” Luke cheers. I bounce on his lap, he groans as I wiggle around. 

“Luke, do you want me to move?” I ask him, scared I’m too heavy. I start to get up but Luke pulls me back onto his lap. I feel something I didn’t feel before, something hard. Holy shit, I gave my best friend a boner.

“N-no. Please, don’t leave.” He mutters in my ear. I nod at him, uncomfortable. 

“He kisses down to my clit. I let out a long moan. ‘Baby girl, you’re dripping for me. Tell me what you want, Princess.’ Luke mutters to me as he collects my arousal on his finger. He sucks on his finger. ‘Mmmm. So sweet.’” I glance around the dressing room, everyone is laying about with their eyes closed. Luke’s hand cups my heat through my shorts. I don’t say a word and continue the story. “’I want you, Luke.. I want all of you…’ I groan to him. He smirks and pins my hips down before burying his face in my heat. I scream in pleasure.”

Ashton quickly gets up from his spot underneath my hand, that was massaging his scalp. 

“Where you going, Ash?” Luke asks Ashton who was quickly exiting the dressing room. 

“Nowhere.” He mutters, his erection is quite prominent in the sweatpants he’d changed into after the show.

“The story’s just gettin’ good, Mate!” Mikey calls after Ashton who has left the dressing room. I laugh and continue. 

“His tongue flicks over my tongue before burying in my entrance. I grip at Michael’s bed sheets, squealing in pleasure. ‘Luke! Shit, fuck! Luke!’ I moan in pleasure. ‘Yes princess?’ He says, face still buried in my pussy. I moan at the vibration. ‘D-does Mikey have condoms?’” I read. Calum’s eyes had fluttered shut and had his hand resting over his bulge. I felt so dirty, reading the smut and turning on my best friends. 

“Michael, do you happen to have any condoms?” Luke asks, his hand had since left my dripping heat. 

“Always.” Michael responds.

“Luke leaves me and looks through Michael’s drawers for Michael’s condom supply he often boasted about. ‘Found em!’ Luke cheered as he pulled out one of Mikey’s condoms. He ripped open the foil package and rolled it onto his length. I spread my legs for him. ‘You ready, baby girl?’” I read from the phone. I rubbed my thighs together to get some sort of friction. 

“Fuck this.” Calum said, pushing himself off the floor and exiting the room. Leaving me, Michael, and Luke.

“Luke pushed into me slowly, I groaned. I’d never had someone as big as Luke inside my tight little pussy.” I bite my lip after reading that sentence. 

“I-I’ll be right back.” Michael swallowed, walking out of the room calmly. His footsteps being heard as he sprinted to find a private area. I turn over to face Luke, straddling him.

“Well I guess I win.” Luke says. 

“Win what?” I ask.

“I went the longest without touching ourselves to your sexy voice reading a story about me fucking you in Michael’s bedroom.” Luke states. I blush and stare at him. “Can I collect my prize?” 

“What prize?” I ask him, tilting my head. He grunts, sitting up and pressing his lips to mine. My eyes widen in surprise, but I sink into the kiss. I let my hand travel to his sweatpants, finding their way inside and gripping his member.

“Fuck princess, I’m too close for that.” He whimpers. I smirk and let go, allowing him to grip my hips and pin me to the couch. His hands trail over my body, squeezing me. His hands wander up my shirt and squeeze my breasts as mine work quickly to remove his shirt and start to pull down his sweat pants. 

His boxers had an obvious tent in them. I smirked and quickly gripped his pitched tent. He threw his head back in pure ecstasy, I giggled. Never had I ever thought of this with my friend, but I’m sure he’d thought of this moment before. 

“You’re so hot, Luke.” I whispered breathlessly. He smirked and gripped my waist. “I want you to fuck me so fucking bad.”

“Oh, princess. We’ll do plenty more than just fuck.” Luke promised as he pulled me onto his lap. I removed my shirt and threw it across the room towards the door. Luke stared up at me, his hands just ghosting over my breasts. 

“Touch me, Luke.” I whisper, hips wiggling on his waist. He groans, he just stares at me shaking his head. 

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He whispers. “I’ve waited for this for a long time.” 

I grin, placing my hands over my breasts and squeezing. Luke throws his head back and laughing. Before sitting up and unclipping my bra, I slowly pull it off my arms and throw it with my shirt. He smiles at me, I lean down to press my lips to his. Luke puts his hand on my cheek and smiles into the kiss. I feel his erection on my shorts. 

He squeezes my breasts, making me giggle. His thumbs brush over my nipples, making them erect. I moan, Luke smiles. Luke unbuttons my shorts, I grind on him, making him grip my hips to hold me still before continuing. He yanks off my shorts and throws them off and onto the floor. 

“I love these on you.” He says, flicking the waistband of the black lace panties. He then yanks them off of me and flings them across the room. I sit naked on his lap. His finger tips brush over my heat. I whimper to him. 

“Fuck, Luke. I need you… I need you so badly.” I whine to him, grinding on him. 

“You’re so wet, princess. Is that from me or the story, baby girl?” He asks, giving me a dominate stare. 

“You, Luke. You made me so wet.” I whine, Laying on my back and spreading my legs, thank god I shaved before flying out here. Luke let out a deep groan at the sight of me. He crawled over and I squealed as his nose touched the tip of mine, he pressed his lips to mine, hungrily. 

“Princess, you have no idea what you’ve just done.” Luke growls. “Are you on the pill?”

I nod frantically. He smirks at me, yanking off his boxers. His tip is an angry red, I moan at the sight. He positions himself at my entrance.

“You ready, Y/N?” Luke nods. 

“Y-” Before I can finish Luke pounds into me. I squeal at the contact. Luke waits a second for me to adjust, his thick length stretching me. He was burrowed deep inside me. I groan in absolute pleasure. 

“Can I please move, Dear?” Luke struggles to say in my ear. 

“Yes, Luke. Please fuck me hard.” I whisper back. Luke grins, before pulling out and slamming back into me. He hits my G-spot dead on. I throw my head back and slam my hips against him. His thrusts are fast and hard.

“SHIT FUCK, LUKE!” I yell, my nails trailing down his back. 

“Fuck, princess. You feel so good.” He whimpers. I pull him close to me. His hips hit mine so hard I thought I might break something. I felt a knot forming in my stomach.

“Luke, I’m gonna cum.” I whimper. Luke’s hand moves from my waist to my breast, squeezing hard. I slam my hips against mine. 

“Me too, baby girl.” Luke replies, I feel my walls clench around Luke just as I’m about to cum. “Fuck, princess! I’m going cum!”

Pleasure washes over me like wave. I feel myself on cloud nine. Luke releases inside me, thrusting away to ride out our climax’s. I pant in Luke’s ear and he groans in mine. He collapses on top of me, still inside. I’m pretty sure he’s fallen asleep as I play with his hair, my other hand resting on his perfect Australian ass. His hand was on my breast.

“Is everybody decent in here?” A voice calls from outside the dressing room. I turn to see Michael, Ashton, and Calum covering their eyes as they walk in. I crouch under Luke’s sleeping body.

“You guys were so fuckin’ loud! I’m surprised any left over fans didn’t hear you.” Calum teases, I blush and bury my face in Luke’s hair. 

“Hey, at least we get to see Luke groping Y/N.” Michael laughs, noticing the sleeping boy’s hand gripping my left breast. 

“Lucky bastard.” Ashton grumbles, crossing his arms. 

“You should have just held out til the end of the story, Ashton. This could have been you.” I laugh, pointing to the sleeping boy. 

“Baby, if that was me we’d still be at it right now.” Ashton says smugly. 

“Sorry, Ash but I’ve got this ass on lock.” Luke mumbles sleepily, smacking my ass.


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A/N: Honestly this is sad. Like don’t ever make a bet to date someone and then end it that’s fucked up

     Ashton had to be drenched in sweat and it wasn’t because he was playing the drums. No, it was because he was about to crush your heart into a million pieces. He was regretting accepting the bet and knew he was about to ruin the best relationship and friendship he’s ever had. He had been dreading this day all night. Trying to soak in every happy moment with you before it all came crashing down. The night before the concert, Ashton couldn’t help but to think back on when this bet was put in place. 

“You just have to date her for a year and when it’s up…” Luke stopped mid-sentence, trying to think of what else should happen. He scratched at the back of his head and looked at Calum for help only to have him shrug in return.

“When it’s up you have to announce at a concert in front of everyone that your whole relationship was a bet,” Michael finished off. Ashton eyebrows rose in surprise and chewed at his bottom lip, contemplating the bet.

“What do I get out of it?” Ashton asked, crossing his arms over his chest. The guys had to have something good planned if they thought Ashton was going to go along with this. You were good friends with each one of the boys, but Ashton was your best friend out of them all. It was one thing to pretend date someone for a bet, but another when it’s your best friend. Ashton leaned back in his chair, waiting for what they had to say. There was a smug look on each one of their faces. “This better be good,” he sighed, shaking his head at the looks.

“Well you get laid for a year,” Calum chuckled making the rest of them laugh. “But you also get total reign over any and everything we do for a year…whatever you want,” Calum explained. Ashton looked unconvinced, was he really going to choose between being in command of the guys over your friendship? “And forty bucks from each of us.” 

Well no one could pass up money, but now that a year has passed Ashton wanted to go back on his bet. It was too late now and he was broken from his thoughts as Michael cleared his throat into the speaker. The words sounded morphed in his ears as Michael announced that Ashton had something he had to tell everyone. He really didn’t think this through. Once Ashton announced that your whole relationship was based on a bet people would never see him the same. You would never see him the same. He’d come off as some heartless guy that toyed with women’s feelings. Worst of all Ashton was afraid of what you were going to say. He reluctantly stood up from the drum set, dragging his feet until he was standing center stage. He took a deep breath, looking to the side at Luke, but catching your eye from behind stage. Ashton wanted to disappear and there was no backing out now.

     You rolled your eyes as Ashton’s name popped up on your phone. This had to be the fiftieth time he’s tried calling you and once again you sent him to voicemail. You’ve never been so humiliated, felt so used in your entire life. What hurt the most was that your best friend was the one to break your heart. Every single ‘I love you’ was all just a lie. The way he touched you no longer left a shiver down your spine and had your knees weak. It now made your skin crawl and left a bad taste in your mouth. So much betrayal and it was all for money. You didn’t care how much Ashton had apologized, how much he begged for you to hear his side of the story. You wanted nothing to do with him and you sure as hell didn’t want anything to do with the rest of the guys. They were the whole reason Ashton went out with you. The whole reason you were currently heartbroken.

Not long after you ignored the phone call you could hear frantic knocking at your door. “Y/N, please just let me explain!” Ashton yelled, still knocking. 

“GO AWAY!” you shouted, already feeling the tears spring to the corner of your eyes. He was becoming annoying, shouting out anything to get you to open the door. A sigh left your lips and you reached out for your headphones to block him out. Before you could place them in your ear Ashton had said three words that sent rage through your body. 

“I love you!” he shouted, rearing back seconds later as you swung the door open. A smile made its way onto his face when he saw you.

“You love me?” you questioned, “That’s bullshit and you know it.” The smile on Ashton’s face faded and you could feel your breath becoming shallow. “Because if you loved me you wouldn’t have humiliated me in front of a hundred fans…if you loved me you would have never taken a bet to date me.” You were extremely angry and the fact that Ashton was saying he loved you pissed you off. “You don’t know what love is, Ashton, because if you did I wouldn’t be heartbroken and you wouldn’t be begging for my forgiveness,” you told him. You wiped tears from your eyes, letting out a shaky breath at the end of your small speech. 

“It’s not bullshit, Y/N. I messed up I know but I do love you,” he whimpered, “Just please give me another chance.” You rolled your eyes at him, shaking your head. 

“I don’t know if I could do that,” you whispered. You loved Ashton so much, you really did but you couldn’t get over the fact that he was only with you because of a bet. You needed a lot of time to figure out if you wanted to be with him or not and until then you had to be away from him. “I think you should go,” you mumbled.

“Y/N, please don’t do th-”

“Go Ashton,” you said as strongly as you could. He sighed, looking down at the ground in sadness. He gave you one longing glace, biting on the bottom of his lip before nodding. Your breath hitched in your throat as Ashton took a step forward, cupping your cheek with his hand and sending a peck towards it. 

“I really do love you,” he whispered, pulling away and leaving like you had asked. You stood in the doorway stunned. The touch of his hand still warm against your skin. You didn’t know what to do and you weren’t sure if you truly wanted to lose Ashton as a boyfriend and best friend. 

Imagine: SingleDad!Ashton inviting you to the BBQ Luke & his girlfriend throw every summer and you meet everyone.

“I’m not so sure about this Ash,” you muttered from the passenger seat of his SUV, trying desperately not to wake up the sleeping three year old in the back seat.

“Babe,” he chuckled, grabbing your hand from your lap and lifting it up to his lips.  “Stop stressing.”

You shook your head some, trying to fight the nerves in your stomach.  “That’s easy for you to say, these are all of your friends.”

“And you’re my girlfriend,” he grinned, lacing his fingers with yours, placing them comfortably on his thigh.  “They’ve been dying to meet you for months now.  To be honest, I’ve never seen Calum more offended than when he found out you’d already met Fletch,” he said, flicking his eyes to the rear view mirror where he watched his son continue to sleep peacefully.  “I think he was more mad that Fletcher had a new favorite person.”  Your cheeks flushed at his statement as a warmth grew in your heart.  Fletcher was by far the cutest kid you had ever laid your eyes on and although he seemed to practically adore you, the feeling was very much mutual.

“Okay so there’s Luke and Eliza, right?” you sighed, trying to distract yourself from the nerves by trying to memorize names in advance.

“Yeah, and their little girl Emily,” Ashton nodded.

“Then Calum and… Nadia?”

“Mhmm, and they’re-”

“About to have a boy,” you finished his sentence, already knowing the answer from how many times Ashton had excitedly returned home from nights with Calum who was anxiously getting dad advice from him.

“And Michael and Steph have the twins?” you wracked your brain to try and remember their names.

“Alex and Rebecca,” Ashton smiled, giving you an encouraging look.  “They’re going to love you.”

“I hope so,” you sighed, as Ashton slowed in front of a large home, turning into the already crowded driveway.  “How many people come to this thing?” You questioned as you counted the amount of cars.

“We’re here?” you heard Fletcher ask in a groggy voice from the back seat.

Ashton stifled his laugh at your clear terror and turned to face his son.  “Yeah bud, you ready?”  Fletcher nodded, fighting against his booster seat as you and Ashton stepped out of the car and assisted him with the buckles before he went barreling towards the house.

“You ready?” Ashton questioned as he shut the car door and reached for your hand, which you instinctively laced with his.

“Let’s do this,” you sighed, as he pulled you closer and placed a gentle kiss to your temple.

The two of your made it through the large home as you soaked in the feeling of family.  There were pictures of the band scattered among pictures of a sweet looking little girl and her two parents which you immediately noted were the famous Luke and Eliza you’d heard so much about.  As you made towards the back of the house, the sound of people talking became louder.  The second your two stepped into view, the crowd of people turned towards the door, followed by a warm welcome.

“There he is!” Luke smiled wide as he walked away from his post at the grill, and made his way over to the two of you.

“Hey man,” Ashton returned his smile and gave him a quick hug before Luke turned to you.

“You must be Y/N,” he smiled, holding out his hand for your to shake.  “I’ve heard so much about you.  I’m Luke.”

You shook his hand lightly and laughed, hoping Ashton hadn’t said anything too crazy.  “It’s nice to finally meet you.”  The tension you had felt before started to fade as Ashton introduced you to what you now realized was practically an extension to Ashton’s family.

“So you’re Y/N,” you heard a voice state from behind you.

Turning around you made eye contact with a tall tan man who had his arm wrapped around a very pregnant woman.  Calum and Nadia, you noted, finally putting faces to the names.

“And you must be Calum and Nadia,” you smiled, as Calum practically engulfed you in a hug.

“Good to finally meet the woman Fletcher never stops talking about,” Calum grinned as Fletcher came sprinting into view for an instant, being chased by two other little kids.

“Ashton likes talking about you too,” Nadia giggled as Ashton wrapped his arm around you from behind.

“She’s pretty likable,” Ashton grinned, as he handed you a drink.

Michael was the last to walk over, mostly because he was trying desperately to capture the two balls of energy that had been chasing Fletcher around the yard since you’d arrived.  “Hi,” he sighed, clearly out of breathe.

“This is Michael,” Ashton laughed, patting Michael on the back as Michael tried to catch his breath.

“Mike, this is Y/N,” Ashton gestured to you as you gave a small wave.  “And this is Steph,” he stated as a woman, handed Michael a beer and kissed his cheek.

“Nice to meet you,” you smiled some, as they embraced you in yet another hug.

“You’re just as gorgeous as Ashton said you would be,” Steph stated, causing the heat to rise in your cheeks again.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around the yard as the children ran back and forth, playing some make believe game that had captured their attention for hours.  You’d sufficiently been accepted into this little piece of family Ashton had formed over the years.

As the night grew to a close, Fletcher had found his way onto your lap and had dozed off as the parents continued to have “grown up talk,” as the sun set and the stars came out.  You hadn’t realized how long it had been until you had felt a yawn fall from your own lips.

Ashton stood from his chair and helped you out of yours with Fletcher’s arms wrapped around your neck.  You’d never felt so at home than with these two boys in your life, and after today your little family had expanded as well.  As everyone gave you a farewell hug and you shared contact numbers in order to plan further play dates and shopping excursions with the girls later in the week, you knew you’d found a place for yourself in this growing group of people Ashton liked to call “home.”

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.15

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                                              Part F I F T E E N

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4k+ (long af)

A/N: sha-woops, made this part super long. aha, hope that’s okay for you guys! i really hope you enjoy this series, because i think i’ll be making a ‘book two’ for it ! let me know what ya’ll think about that and i hope you enjoy this part x

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                I M A G I N E

Century Hall, 7:02 P.M. (Pop-up concert)

“I was just… curious…” You whispered, hugging your arms as your eyes stayed on the ground. Tears streamed down your cheeks rapidly, uncertain if they were going to stop anytime soon. Ashton was still in front of you in your defense, feeling a little sad from your sadness. “I didn’t mean to… cause anythin’…” 

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It was a joke - A.I.

Summary : your boyfriend Ashton is drunk and he and his friends think it’s funny to joke around until Ashton takes it to far and he tries to apologize.

Word count : 2091

Warnings : fighting, minimal cursing, fluff at the end.

A/N : I feel like this is really shitty writing, but then again all my writing is so yeah. But enjoy anyways. :))


Your boyfriend and your friends, Michael, Luke, and Calum finally had a day off from recording and talking to the press, so you all decided to go out clubbing. They had all ordered beers and shots, while you ordered a Margarita with extra tequila.

The guys joked around, making fun of each other and occasionally pointing out how hot some of the girls were. Ashton kept his arm wrapped around your waist the entire time, making sure that every man in the room knew you were his. You took a sip of your drink, listening in on their conversations.

“Dude, there is no way in hell that that girl over there would ever bang you.” Calum laughs as Michael had thought that a skinny, blonde in a tight pink dress  
would get with him. He frowned, putting his drink down and marching over to her. They talked for a few minutes before he came back with a napkin and smug look on his face.

“Ha, just got her number. Suck it Calum.” You chuckled at their childish behavior, but then again they were a bit tipsy and drunk.

“Wouldn’t you rather have Barbie over there suck it for you?” You laugh and Cal and Luke join you. He rolls his eyes and takes a long swig of his beer.  

“Oh come on babe, you’re just jealous because you can’t wear a dress like that.” You nearly choke on your drink as you can’t even believe what your boyfriend had just said to you. You turn to him, stepping out of his grasp. Cal, Mikey, and Luke looked at the two of you, also stunned at Ashton’s words.

“Excuse you, but I am not jealous of a wanna be Barbie doll that has had plastic surgery to make herself look better than anyone else in any room.” Ashton raises an eyebrow. You shake your head, gathering your things in your purse and then fastening it on your shoulder. “You can go fuck her if you honestly think that she looks better in that dress. Don’t think about coming home, I don’t you want you back there.” You say. He reaches out for your hand but you look at him with a warning look and then walk away, going to hail a cab. Tears were gathering in your eyes and your tried to walk past all these people so they wouldn’t judge you. Once you got outside you looked back and forth, trying to find a cab.

“Y/N! I was joking baby, I didn’t mean that!” Ashton calls after you. You hear his shoes hitting the ground behind you and you try your best to ignore him. He takes hold of your arm, spinning you around so that you’re face to face. "Babe, I swear it was just a joke. I know you wouldn’t be jealous of her and I know you can loo so much better than her in a dress like that.“

"Then why the hell did you say that, Ash? Hmm? Got an excuse to make me think that you didn’t mean that?” He stares at you blankly, gulping and obviously trying to think of something to say. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “You have no fucking idea about how I felt while being in there. I felt so self conscious because I didn’t look nearly half as good as the girls in there. No I was not jealous, I was self conscious and depressed because I didn’t look like them…and you saying that I was jealous because I couldn’t pull off a dress like that? God that just made it worse.” You groaned.

 He frowned, looking down, ashamed of himself and what he had said. He looked up, tears now filling his own eyes. That made your heart break, you’d never liked seeing him cry, even during a fight. “Baby I’m sorry, I really am, and I’m sorry that you don’t feel like you’re not pretty or sexy enough to be in a room with all those girls, but you are. God, you are so much better than all of those girls combined. You don’t need a tight dress to fir your body, you don’t need plastic surgery to make your boobs or butt look bigger, you don’t need a shit ton of make-up to make yourself look pretty because you are already gorgeous with out that stuff.” He wipes away your tears that you didn’t even know were falling down your cheeks. "Can I still come home with you? I don’t ever want to leave you alone, knowing that I made you this upset. I’ll do anything to make up for what I said, I swear.“

"Fine, but this doesn't mean I’m still not mad at you.” He nods. You two hail a cab, Ashton pays once you get back to your home. He tells you to wait in the car and rushes over to  your door, opening it for you and helping you out. “Acting like a gentleman isn’t going to do jack squat, Irwin.” He freezes, but nods. You unlock the front door, kicking off your heals as quickly as possible. You sigh in relief, and walk up to your bedroom to shower and get rid of the stench of alcohol.  

You undress, Ashton sitting quietly on the bed. You reach for the zipper on the back of the dress, but your arms don’t reach it quite enough. Ashton gets up, helping you pull down the zipper and get the dress off. You kick it onto the pile of dirty clothes and then walk into the bathroom. You wipe off your makeup and then turn on the water, waiting for it to get to the right temperature. You have no idea where Ash went, and quite frankly you didn’t give a damn about where he was. You washed you hair, face, and body then just sat on the tub floor to let the hot water rush over your body. Once the water ran cold you stepped out of the shower, your teeth chattering and your body shivering from how cold the bathroom was.

Ashton sat on the counter, holding a towel for you. “I just put in the dryer, so you’d have a warm towel when you were finished.” He hands it to you and you quickly wrap it around your shivering body. When you’re out of the shower Ashton takes his, but unfortunately for him it’s a cold shower since you had used up all the hot water.  You dried your hair and body, humming softly to yourself.

You grabbed your laptop after putting on one of your- well Ashton’s t-shirts and then snuggled up under the covers. Ash walked out, a towel wrapped around his waist, his v-line showing perfectly. You removed your eyes from his torso, locking them back on your screen. Now was not the time to get aroused, you scolded yourself. He put on a pair of sweats and then dried his hair.

“Watcha lookin’ at, bug?” He asks, using one of your favorite nicknames. 

“My schedule for the next week.” You say. He sighs,  resting on his right arm, his eyes watching your every move. After a few minutes of him just starring at you, you finally ask, “What, Ashton? Why are you starring at me like that?”

He shrugs. “Just thinking about how stupid I was to say that you were jealous of that girl at the bar.” He sighs, rubbing your arm softly, causing goosebumps to litter your skin. You shut your laptop, pushing to the end of the bed.

“Yeah, that was pretty stupid.” You say, yawning slightly. He grabs the laptop, putting it under the bed and then shutting off the lamp and lights. He gets back under the covers, you turn  on your side, your back facing him. He kisses the back of your head, mumbling an ‘I love you’ and 'I’m sorry’. You pull the covers further to your face and fall asleep peacefully.

You woke up the next morning to the smell of sausage, coffee, and pancakes. You walked downstairs, a blanket wrapped around your body. Ashton stood at the stove, flipping pancakes and getting breakfast together. You smile a little, knowing that he was trying his hardest to get you to forgive him for his foolish words.

He turns around, smiling softly at you. “Morning beautiful, I was just about to wake you up for breakfast.” He sets your plate of pancakes and sausage down first and then grabs all your favorite toppings and your coffee. You sit down, grabbing the syrup and pouring it over your food. Ashton sits next to you, doing the same to his own food. “You don’t have work today, do you?” You shake your head.

“Nope, my work week starts tomorrow.” He nods. “Why do you ask?” He shrugs.

“Just wondering, I’m gonna try to leave early so that we could have a movie night? We could watch any movie you wanted, that is if you wanted to.” He scratches the back of his neck nervously.

“Sure, I’ll probably just clean and get the laundry done today. I could go through the movies and see what we could watch.” He nods, a not being able to help the smile that moved it’s way across his face. The rest of the morning was nice, just the two of you getting ready without yelling at each other.

He slipped on his shoes and got up. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” You nod as you pull your hair into a bun. He kisses your head, his lips lingering for a minute.

“Love you.” He mumbles softly before walking out to the car.

You spent the day cleaning and going through movies. You had picked out a few MARVEL movies, The Princess Bride, and then a Disney movie. The front door to your home opened and Ashton walked in, holding a bag in his hand. He kicked off his shoes, setting them neatly by the front door, and then walking over to you.

“Hi Princess.” He kisses your cheek, setting the bag down on the table. He was clearly exhausted from his day of working with the idiots you both call friends.

“Are you sure you want have a movie night? We can just go to bed if you want, you look worn out.” He shakes his head, wrapping his arms around your waist softly.

“No, it’s okay. I said we were going to have a movie night, and that’s what we’re going to do.” You nodded smiling softly and kissing his cheek. You look at the bag and then back to him.

“What’s in the bag?” You ask, stepping away from him and going to get it from the table. He shrugs, slouching against the couch.

“Just some snacks, got your favorite too.” You smile as you pull out your favorite candy. Sitting down on the couch, you start the first movie that you had put in and stretch your legs out across Ash’s lap. He rubs your feet, kneading out the knots as you two started to watch the movie. You and him shared the candy, your eyes never leaving the screen and his eyes never leaving you.

Four movies later all the candy was gone, you were slowly falling asleep and Ashton was trying not to doze off. He waited until you were out cold on the couch, he shut off the tv and then carried you upstairs to your shared bed. He pulled the covers over your frame, and started to pull away from you, but you grabbed his hand and tugged him down next to you. A lazy smile stretched across his face as he pulled you into his chest, rubbing your back softly and  humming a soft song.

“I forgive you, Ash.” You mumble, your eyes still closed. “I love you.” He kissed your forehead and you could feel the smile that wouldn’t leave his face.

“I love you too baby girl, and I promise I’ll never say anything like that ever again. I promise.” You smile lazily and the two of you fall asleep, living happily ever after.

Lol shitty writing, srry dudes.