Michael Blurb #1


okay so imagine you’re walking down the halls to meet up with your best friend Ashton to go to math because you had that together and you frown as you pass the popular group of boys who are all clad in leather and have smokes between their fingers even if it isn’t permitted to smoke in school hallways and Michael, who loves to push your buttons and throw rude remarks as you, crosses the line by laughing, “you’re so fucking ugly, oh my god, no wonder no one likes you,” and you look down and shake your head as you walk faster to Ashton but Michael notices, even with your head down, that tears started to well up in your eyes and you expect him to laugh when you drop your books and wrap your arms around ashton and cry into his shirt but instead he comes over and in a worried tone consoles, “no, wait, I didn’t mean what I said, I swear. you’re beautiful and wonderful and everyone loves you, please, please, don’t cry. you’re beautiful.” but you cry harder because the words he said before repeat in your mind and Ashton yells, “Michael, leave! can’t you see you’ve done enough?” and you hug Ashton tighter as Michael slowly makes his way back down the hall to his clique but before he joins them, he looks back and sorrow fills his eyes at the sight of you crying and he wishes he could take back the words he said