Kylie and Ashton Are Tweeting Live Tonight!

From a fellow Dacey fan on Wikipedia:

Guess what: Kylie Bunbury and Ashton Moio to Live Tweet During East Coast Broadcast of August 6th Episode during the East Coast broadcasts of their series tonight.
Kylie Bunbury and Ashton Moio of “Twisted" will be tweeting live via their handles @kyliebunbury and @AshtonMoio during the East Coast broadcast of her series from 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. PT. To ask Kylie and Ashton a question, fans should tweet at their handles and include the hashtag #TwistedChat in their tweets.

If you get a chance, please tweet some love and good karma to these two awesome actors about how much you like them/their characters/the show!

Show our other babies how much we love them and the awesome job they are doing on Twisted!

Ashton Moio joins Teen Wolf season 5 

Thanks to Linden Ashby we’ve learned that Ashton Moio has joined Teen Wolf for season 5. He dropped the info on Twitter yesterday  

@lindenashby I’ve been working with @AshtonMoio 4 a few weeks. This young man is a really, Really, REALLY, fine actor! @MTVteenwolf is lucky to have him!

He is also followed by MTV casting director Danny Zaccagnino and Ryan Kelley. Recently Moio has also followed Linden, Tyler Posey, and Dylan O’Brien.

You may recognize Ashton from the ABCFamily show Twisted, where he played Rico. The actor is 22 years old, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and does his own stunt work. Maybe this has something to do with the fight scenes Linden will be choreographing this year…? 

Of course we don’t know what part he will be playing or how large his role will be, but as soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know. 

Five Teen Tips On How To Become Your Own BFF

From FLAWD, a guide on how to stop hating the things that make you who you are:

Focus on Positive Things

“I know that it’s easier said than done not to focus on negative aspects about yourself or on negative things that are occurring in the world, but I have learned that the more that I focus on positive things or things that I actually like about myself, it seems like everything else around me is just easier.”

– @ShaneBitney, Star of Documentary “Bridgegroom”

Use What You Love to Do to Serve Others

“Find the one thing that you think you’re put here to do and then do it with all your heart. And if you do that, then you’ll be leading a really fulfilled life. And then I think whatever that purpose is needs to be in service to others, too. Because there’s a lot of energy that comes out of that. If you don’t use your gifts the most you can, you’re really going to be hurting some people; you’re letting them down.”

– @AshtonMoio, age 22

Master the Pimp Walk

“If you’re trying to impress people that would usually make fun of you, what are you doing? You don’t like them, they’re mean, so why do you want them to like you? Show them the pimp walk.”

– FloppyStarfish, age 16

Use A Mirror

“Every morning I wake up and I look at myself in the mirror, and I try to use a hand mirror, so I can get up really close. I stare directly into my own eyes and what happens is, if you stare for a while, like 30, 60 seconds, you start to see beyond your own face and your own body, and you can connect with yourself, and see who you really are. This really beautiful magical thing happens, and then out loud, I say the things to myself that I really want other people to say to me. It feels awkward at first, but it sets the tone for me for my whole day, because it’s building a relationship with myself, which is the most important relationship that there is.”

– @ThatGirlGreener, Co-Founder of I AM THAT GIRL

Give yourself reminders

“Give yourself reminders. If you use your history book a lot in school or something, put a little reminder in your history book that says, “I am beautiful. I am worth it. I am perfectly imperfect, and that’s all I need to be and have to be.”

– BowBeauty24, age 18

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