Room 101 (English Project)

Have you ever thought that maybe the apocalypse isn’t such a bad thing?  Just look at this hell we are living in.  We’re already in the Pandemonium, but if you don’t believe, you may need to listen up. 

Take another look

And open your eyes

This country that you love

Is feeding you lies

They break you down

Leave you to your demise

Then give you false hope

To what lies in the skies

What’s it going to take

To make you realize

Just listen to the children

You can hear it in their cries

You know it’s not real

It’s hard to defeat propaganda

When the brainwashed on the street

Can’t understand ya

See, this is some real ish.  We’re living in Hell, but if you still can’t tell, you might want to open up your mind and listen some more.

You can only feel safe

When your gun is loaded

You’re colorblind

When the world is color-coded

You’re only taught

What they want you to know

You follow command

Show what they want you to show

If you break the law

Room 101’s in your future

They’ll gut you out

Have you by the seams like suture

You’re never alone

Always watched by the thought police

Just pop a soma

It’s your only shot at feliz

A grams better than a damn

Don’t know why but you’re quotin’ it

Your mind’s not yours

They’re the ones who be moldin’ it

Break their rules

They’ll give you the bible bit

Speak out against them

They’ll hit you with that libel shit

They make people not believe

The wisdom of God

Cause they quote hypocritically

And make it sound fraud

The nation’s corrupted

At the hands of Big Brother

There’s no love left

We all belong to each other

Well war is peace

And freedom is slavery

Ignorance is strength

And stupidity is bravery

If you think that sounds right

Then you’re out of your mind

If you took back what’s yours

You’d be surprised what you find

That the government

Isn’t what it’s said to be

Now they’re coming after me

I’ll handle them readily

So when I die later

I shall die a martyr

So these words that I speak

Will act as a fire starter