Reposting and why you shouldn't do it

As a gifmaker, I’ve come across quite a lot of reposts of my work. It had been a while, but today I saw a reposted gifset of mine again.

A lot of you don’t seem to understand that this is not okay. There are a few different scenarios in which reposting happens, and I know that not everyone has bad intentions, but what you’re doing is still wrong regardless.

  • People intentionally save gifs/edits/art/etc and post it on their own blog, claiming it as their own and taking credit for your work.
  • People repost something without asking your permission, but think that crediting you in some kind of way makes it okay (spoiler alert: it doesn’t). I’d like to add to this that you could at least credit the original maker in the text underneath your post, and not in a tag. Tagging is not crediting; people cannot see that tag anymore on a reblog.
  • People post from weheartit. No idea why people do this? If you like weheartit, I don’t care, use it, but do not post content from there on here, and do not contribute to stealing work by posting things from Tumblr on weheartit. If you like Tumblr? Use Tumblr the way it was intended: follow people and reblog from them.
  • People take a particular image from a larger set, post it, and comment something along the lines of “omg look at his muscles!!” “he’s so HOT” “I DIED!!”. Still reposting, don’t do it. As much as I hate comments on my posts, I’d rather have you comment on the original post than have you repost it.
  • People use it for gifhunts. Still reposting. Ask for permission first. Personally I am not okay with this, as people will save gifs from that gifhunt, and then they will repost them, and that just keeps the cicle going.

Why it’s not okay:

  • People put time and effort into making these edits, gifs, pieces of art, drawings, etc. You know when you write a paper, you have to credit your sources because otherwise it is stealing? That you can’t just take content and put it in your text without a source? It’s the same for us; you’re stealing our work.
  • You’re gaining notes and followers from something you put no effort in.
  • You’re making the original owner feel like shit because they worked on something, and then you took it from them and went “Hey, look what I made!!”

What you should do before reposting an edit, gif, piece of art, photo, etc:

  • Find the original source. If you’re on Tumblr, you can literally just click the source at the top right corner and there you go.
  • When finding the source, be sure to compare the watermark to the source. Not the same? Check if it’s their old url. If it isn’t? It’s already a repost. Don’t reblog it, don’t repost it again. Instead, contact the person you see on the watermark, link the reposts to them, so they can contact Tumblr support if they wish to do so. Find the original post and reblog that one, if you want.
  • Found it on weheartit? Don’t post from there. If there’s a watermark? Go to the original source, reblog from there. No watermark? Too bad.
  • When you have found the original source, and you think you have a legitimate reason for reposting their work, explain it to them and ask for permission.
  • They say no? Too bad. Don’t repost it. Reblog the original work if you want to.

What you can do against reposting:

  • Always compare sources to watermarks. If they’re not the same, contact the person on the watermark and link them to the repost.
  • And don’t ever reblog something if you can see it’s a repost!
  • Source: weheartit. Don’t reblog!
  • Don’t delete the original poster’s caption! It might make it harder to distinguish whether or not the post is a repost or not, and if people comment on it in the future, it will make it look like it was their gifset/edit/art.

Well hello everyone! :) This is the follow forever that i promised you. I picked so many people and probably forgot somebodies too, i’m sorry you know i love you. So i recommend you these lovelies below to follow and talk to because they really are friendly and amazing and all that positive stuff. Enjoy.

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okay like i said i probably forgot some people so you can check out my blogroll to see more amazing people. 

Have a nice daaaaaaaaay :) xxx

















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So since I reached my birthday goal I decided to do a follow forever :) 

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AU: You’re a famous singer and 5 Seconds of Summer are some of your biggest fans.

(credit: ashtonbangmemukenope & ashstonsirwins)

i wanna thank everyone who followed me bc y’all are hella cute and thanks for reblogging shit from me :D

so this is my first follow forever!!! (i’m gonna do one for every thousand that i hit)


(I follow from wretchedbehaviour since this is a sideblog lol)

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some of these people aren’t 5sos blogs btw lol anyways thats it!

hope you’re having/had a good day and drink water and take care of yourself and i love you all v much <333

pic creds to calumhoodes

I’ve been having this blog for a while, so I decided to make a follow forever to appreciate all the people who make my dashboard absolutely amazing and to make sure that people who are my utterly favourites to know that. 

Friends who make my Tumblr experience fantastically enjoyable and/or favourite blogs are bold

Since 99,9% of blogs were followed while I still was irwin-a, I put it on the picture

organized alpabetically


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sorry for the awful edit its 2am but i tried

oh my god oh my god oh my god i remember when i just made my blog and i had no idea what i was doing and i didnt know anyone and now fast forward 2 years later and im still on this stupid site with all you cute friends and cute followers i just love all of you okay thank you for putting up with me and being incredibly rad for 2 amazing years

im super sorry if i forgot u, i didnt get everyone because everybody changed urls and im a poop at keeping up with urls but i still love u lots ok

italic means i have a lil crush on u
bold means i cry over ur blog at 2am
none means ur still rlly special to me and i heart eye emoji u

*:・゚✧ let us begin ✧ *:・゚

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Okay so this is my first follow forever i just felt the need to make one to thank all of your beautiful blogs for making my dash amazing, you’re all funny, gorgeous and sometimes annoying but still cool, i secretly wish i was friends with all of you but im so lame. Also i want to thank all my followers i never though i would have more than 10 ever but oh well anyways here’s my follow forever and know that i love you and your blog a lot. [i dont need to bold faves bc if im following you youre already my fave] this is long af bc i follow 200 blogs

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well, its my birthday, and last year, i got a new computer (the one before almost caught on fire so i could not use it for a few months), and i remember that i had improved my blog so much. ive gone through a journey of many urls, friendships, and followers. id like to thank everyone who has helped me along the way. last year, i had around 250 followers, now, i have 3.4k. thank you so much.

special messages to special people (hover over): Maya, Chloe, Lili, Todja, Danielle, Taylor Ann, Mat, Taylor, Payton, Sarah

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So I just realized I finally hit 9,000+ followers which is so amazing and I can’t thank you guys enough. Never forget that no matter what happens we’re always a family.

Also remember I’m always here to talk if you need a friend xx.

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Hello! In case you don’t know me, I’m Maria and if you’re on this list you make my dash very happy. If you’re not, I probably hate you or i’m too stupid to remember everyone I follow. Anyways, yay thanks! xx


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AUMichael opening up to you (part 2).

(credit: ashtonbangme)

so i was just reading through a post and i came across this section 

- it’s a post about a fall out boy concert but it very well relates to the 5sos family right now. -

‘Meeting the Band

If you’re lucky enough to follow a band like Fall Out Boy, you’re likely enough to get a chance to meet them after the show. This is a privilege, not a right.

DO stop by and say hi. Compliment them on the show, tell them what parts you liked, let them know this was your first show/seventh show/best show ever. This is the feedback portion of their night. The applause is great, but this is a person’s voice saying, “I really like what you just did. Thank you.”

DO ask before touching. Patrick Stump, the nicest person on the planet so far, will pull you into a hug before you even know he’s there. It’s pretty great, and as a fan you feel a great connection. However, not everyone is so fond of being touched. Ask for a hug before going in.

DO try to have a conversation. Instead of grabbing a signature or photo and running, try to say something to them. They aren’t factories. Some human contact is good.

DON’T squeal, yell, shout etc in their faces. They play loud shows every day. Don’t damage their ears anymore than they have. Say hi in a regularly pitched voice. If they can’t hear you, they’ll let you know.

DON’T BE CREEPY. Don’t ask about their wives or kids, don’t ask about their houses or personal lives. If they have made something about their private life public, mention it with discretion. Do not shout, “Oh my god I love you!” at them. Do not ask them to marry you, or lave on sexual innuendo. You wouldn’t do that to a stranger on the street, and no matter how many times the drummer has tweeted you back, you are still strangers. ’ - main source on help at a concert if any of you lovely people are interested! 

and i just want to share it with you all because i think it’s very relevant to what’s happening with the 5sos boys right now and the whole personal space and personal boundaries being pushed, like the post states, ’meeting the band is a privilege, not a right’ and although 5sos are a small band, it’s still a privilege to meet them, there’s no guarantee and it’s not /their/ fault if you don’t meet them and im kinda just sick and tired of people complaining that they didn’t get photos with them and i just think some people need to realise that it’s not a given that you’re going to meet them, most of the time it’s pure luck. again with the screaming, don’t scream at them, that’s weird and really cringe worthy and a big one, don’t ask about their personal lives like it’s nice to say like, how’s harry IRWIN going, when talking to ashton.. because he talks about him alot, it’s not okay to ask about Luke’s siblings because they aren’t spoken about much and most of the time people will ask if they’re single so they can get in with them and that’s really creepy also! one last thing, ask for a hug. it’s common courtesy, instead of just grabbing onto them like some crazed fan, and especially ask if you can kiss them on the cheek, don’t just go for it, because that’s the most weirdest thing /to me/ that a person can do. ok thank you for you time + brief rant from yesterday here  xx

omg okay the signing was so good i went up to the table and michael was first and he was all ‘hi how are you’ and like he went in for a hug so i like told him i loved him and he was all blushing and aw omg he kept thanking everyone for going and supporting them okay and i asked calum how he was and he was like ‘i’m great thanks how are you? where are you from?’ and i legit forgot where i was from so i was like ‘i’m from near here ish’ and then ashton had like a yellow hat on that someone gave him and he said ‘sorry if you find my hat intimidating it won’t eat you’ bc it was like a duck and the beak thing was split in two like a mouth and then i told him about my video of him breaking his drums and he was just like ‘you filmed that?! you’re basically steven spielberg’ and then luke was just like ‘hiiiiiii’ omg he’s so cute and i’m so happy i hugged them all and talked to them and i’m gonna cRy

clum and his stupid beanies: a masterpost

calum has been recently wearing a lot of his beanies and it hurts my heart so i decided to hurt everyone else too we’re all in this together ayy

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