omg okay the signing was so good i went up to the table and michael was first and he was all ‘hi how are you’ and like he went in for a hug so i like told him i loved him and he was all blushing and aw omg he kept thanking everyone for going and supporting them okay and i asked calum how he was and he was like ‘i’m great thanks how are you? where are you from?’ and i legit forgot where i was from so i was like ‘i’m from near here ish’ and then ashton had like a yellow hat on that someone gave him and he said ‘sorry if you find my hat intimidating it won’t eat you’ bc it was like a duck and the beak thing was split in two like a mouth and then i told him about my video of him breaking his drums and he was just like ‘you filmed that?! you’re basically steven spielberg’ and then luke was just like ‘hiiiiiii’ omg he’s so cute and i’m so happy i hugged them all and talked to them and i’m gonna cRy

clum and his stupid beanies: a masterpost

calum has been recently wearing a lot of his beanies and it hurts my heart so i decided to hurt everyone else too we’re all in this together ayy

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So I finally got a follow forever done! it’s about time haha! but it was so hard to choose even this massive amount of people because i follow so many amazing blogs!  – sorry for the pathetic edit haha i made little gifs when i was bored and i was like ehh lets throw them on the ff post! 


5s0sdelrey ‣ 5sosmichael ‣ 17yrlucas ‣ 420calum ‣ alltimelcw ‣ ashton2k14 ‣ ashtonbangme ‣ ashtonkisses ‣ ashtonsgenitals ‣ atomicliffords ‣ awcashton ‣ awclifford


badashluke ‣ beaniemike ‣ blondieirwin ‣ blowmikey ‣ bubblycalum ‣ calpawz ‣ calsbutt ‣ calumfood ‣ caluminatii ‣ calumsbeanie ‣ cerealucas ‣ cheeriyo ‣ cliffordsptv ‣ cococalum ‣ comfortcal ‣ cumlumhood ‣ cutelucas ‣ damnlucas ‣ dontclifford ‣ dtfmikey ‣ effingcalcum ‣ effinghemmo ‣ explicitluke


fallenfor5sos ‣ fancyhemmo ‣ fratboymxchael ‣ fucksmuke ‣ fuzzyirwin ‣ goddmnirwin ‣ grohluke ‣ grungehood ‣ harrysytles ‣ he-mmings ‣ hemmingsabs ‣ hemmingslip ‣ hemmogiggles ‣ hemmoheartache ‣ heyhemminqs ‣ honestluke ‣ huggablehemmo 


imintodrummers ‣ irwanker ‣ irweird ‣ irwinings ‣ irwxns ‣ itsmuke ‣ kickassclifford ‣ kittycliffo ‣ lukehenmings ‣ lukesnroses ‣ mashingcake ‣ michaelgclifflord ‣ mikesclifford ‣ mofomichael ‣ mukes


ohemmoh ‣ opaluke ‣ orgascal ‣ overstimulationkink ‣ pengirwin ‣ piercedlukes ‣ popunkmikey ‣ probablyclifford ‣ radmikey ‣ sassingwithcal ‣ sexualashton ‣ simmerdownclifford ‣ slutlucas ‣ stopitcalum ‣ sweet5sauce


tapcalum ‣ teddylucas ‣ towerofluke ‣ twerkforhemmo ‣ vhsmichael ‣ vodkaclifford ‣ watermalum ‣ wtfuckashton

Hi ok I seriously have no idea how to start this off and please ignore this shitty edit. Me and Martina have made this blog almost an year and now and we would just like to say thank you to all you amazing people because you’re always making our dash a better place with your beautiful posts and pretty blogs. You all have amazing personalities and even though, I don’t talk to most of you because you’re so cool and I’m a loser. I’m so happy to be following you and that we’re in a mutual (or not). I have also made some great friends on here, you know who you are :) I was going to bold my fave blogs but honestly, you’re all my faves. Thank you and we love you all so much ♥


19hemmings // 2014calum // 420calum // 5secum // 5sos-official // 5sos-unofficial // 5sosbangme


adoremikey // amnesiaclifford // ashfuckwin // ashotons // ashrwns // ashtonbangme // ashtonkisses // ashtralian // assholuke // assston // bangirwin // besidemuke // blamecalum // blondieirwin // blowmikey // calslucas // calumfood // calumslisp // calumspaynes // cashtns // cashtoon // clemminqs // cliffdork // cliffhard // cliffordvoodoo // clumclum // dimpleluke // emoirwin // fallenfor5sos // fiverejects // fuckingmichael


greenlght // grungehood // heartbreakirwin // hemmingslip // hemmofficial // hemmolysis // hemmosource // hoodds // hotdamn5sos // irwingasm // irwinsecure // irwinsfletcher // irwinty // irwxns // itsmuke // lilhemmo // loveslucas // lucashemminqs // luekhemmings // lukehcmmings // lukeishemmings // lukeismysun // lukeshm // lukey // lukeyslegs // lukeyswife // micaelgordon // michcelclifford // mikashton


pizzacal // pocketcalum  // quirkycal // ridicalum // scalumhood // shitscal // softcal // stonerlukes // stopitcalum // sweetlukey // teenagedfricks // teenvvlf // trippycalum // yharr

+ blogroll because every blog I follow is amazing! 

Well, this is my first follow forever and I tried to include every single blog I love and every wonderful person I admire from afar too but if I follow you and you’re not here don’t worry, you can be damn sure I love your blog anyway! Once again, thank you to everybody. And a special thank you to all our followers too, we love each and every one of you for following us ♥

alright so basically I have no idea how to do this but I just got 1k tysm for that btw ily so I thought I’d do a follow forever ayee not really sure what I’m doing so we’re just gonna jump right in

bolded are faves! 


16yroldcalum, 1975hood, 420calum, 420hood, 5secsofsumner, 5sos-unoffical,


acousticirwin,alrighthemmings, angstyluke, artichemmings, ashtonbangmeashtonharderashtralian, assholuke, assston, aussiehemmings, awcashton, awclifford, awirwin, badasscal, badassmukebigbootyhood, bitchcal, blamecalumblazecal, blazeitmichael, blushinghood, bottomcalbradslongtoes, calumhemmo, calumsbeaniecalumsbonercandycashtonn, cashtonselfie, cliffdork, cliffical, coolhoodcrewneckclifford, cuddlycal, cutelucas


dammitcal, damnlucas, devineirwin, duhlucas, ehrwins, emoirwin, f-ivesos, fablucas, fairluke, fallenfor5sos, feistyluke, fetchashton, fletcherirwin, fruitcalum, fucake, funluke


gotmukegrumpyirwingrungehood, grungemike, haribohemmings, heartbrakegirl, heartbreakirwinhemmoan, hemmoanings, hemmoctopus, hemmofever, hemmohfuck, hemmolysis, hemmophobic, hiheyhemmo, holyfivesos, hoodieluke, hoodsquiff, hugslucas


iconicirwins, idblowluke, iirwiins, infinitehemmoiriwin, iriwins, irwah, irwashton, irweins, irwingasm, irwinings, irwinsecure, irwinsloyal, irwinspenis, irwintyjetlagluke, kinkashton, kiwicalum, kiwimuke


leisuringlashton, lipbitelukelosercallucasbae, lucashemminqs, luekhemmings, luhuke, lukelisten, lukemoans, lukesheartbreak, lukesphere, lukey, mashtonpron, masturbassist, michaelcilfford, michaelgclifford, michaelspimp, mukeable


nohemmo, officalumhood, ofmikeyandmen, outofmyash, paradiselukeparoxyscalperfhood, perfirwin, piercedlukespikacalum, pikacliffordchu, pizzaboyluke, pizzacal, psychohood, puffdaddyirwin,


queen-hemmings, quirkycalradioirwin, ridingmuke, sassirwin, seducedbyirwin, sextirwins, sexualashton, shirtlessashslutbrad, smashirwin, starbucalumstarryashton, stfucal, stonerlucas, stopirwinstopitcalumstriphood, sunriseirwin, supcal, sydneyhemmings


tattedhood, teasingluke, teenageash, thecaluminati, thugash, thughemmo, touchmyash, toxicmalum, tupashtypicalhood, ughood, vanillahemmingsvodkaclifford


westsidecalum, whiskeyhemmings, wificalumyolucas

if i missed anyone i’m really sorry i follow almost 900 people and they’re all gr9 ily all

wow this was painful to make damMIT ASHTON 

Wicked Games - The Weeknd // Bad - SoMo // Sex Therapy - Robin Thicke // Take You Down - Chris Brown // Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) - Usher // Promise - Ciara // Last Time - Trey Songz // Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey // Grind On Me - Pretty Ricky // All Of Me - Ray Bourdeaux // The Only One - The Black Keys // Arabella - Arctic Monkeys [LISTEN]

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1d: [niall]

okay so i hit one thousand followers a couple of days ago (after only having this blog since october!) plus it’s christmas… so i decided to make this a double occasion type thing.

this is gonna be a list of people who’s blogs are fucking stellar and i recommend you follow them. bolded are the homies i talk to most.


4boysinsummer5sandwichesofsummer​ / 5sosmichael / actingbandingthing / ashtonbangme / babyclifford / blamecalum / blink18muke / blowmikey / bullshithood / calumas / calumcumsicle / calumirwin / calumfood / calumshoodtho / calumthms / christmasweaterluke / christmasweaterashton / cliffordchrismas / clifforton / clemmigns / clemminqs / cliffsifer / clinicalum / clumhood / cutelucas / cupofmuke / dropout-calum / deadlymuke / educashton / fightmeluke / flechter / f-ivesos / fallenfor5sos / gingerbreadirwins / greenlght / guitarst / hemmojaw / hoodelves / hotdamn5sos


irwah / irwiexhemmo / irwinty / jinglehemm / jinglehoodrock / kiwi-hood / lashtonsfedora / leisuringlukemas / lewi5sos / little-miss-electra-heart / littleshitclifford / lukerobet / lucasassy / luke-is-so-fuckable / majestic-5sos / merrycliffmass / michaelcliffdawg / michaelisapunk / michaelsgrinch / mtvashton / mtvcalum / muketickle


ohemmoh / poisonirwins / polkadotcalum / psychoticlukee / rejectingclifford / ridicalum / sassmichael / sexycliffconda / shotaqueenn / simpson / slut4cal / stonedcashton / stopitcalum / teenagedfricks / ukuluke / unpredictalucas / voodoodollus / vogue-luke


wificalum / wreathood / plaidmikey / xmashlight

basically fuck y'all and your christmas urls, this was hard as shit

p.s. i’ve probably forgotten about eight million people so if you’re not on here and think you should be, don’t take it personally, i have trouble remembering my own mother’s birth date

hello all, please forgive me if this makes completely no sense in the beginning, it slowly will become clear to you all.. soon.

how do i even begin this holy shit, okay. i’ll probably end up in tears by the end of this, i don’t know how long this will be, i don’t even know where im going with this. okay.. okay.
hello. It’s nearly been 3 years of me having this blog, and it’s been about 3 and a half years since i’ve known Luke & then 5sos formed yada yada whatever we get the idea.. Words cannot express how proud i am of these 4 boys. from knowing them just starting out being young west sydney rebel’s who never did what their mother’s told them, to now these beautiful guys who have been amazingly lovely to me over these past few years. i honestly don’t know what i would do without them.. but.. people change. people grow up and people get over things. this is a post i never thought in my wildest dreams that i ever thought that i would have to write, but. im just over it. 
i literally love every single one of you, old fan, new fan, no matter who you are, i love you.. it’s really simple, like.. i just love you all so much. and it’s that love that’s gotten me in trouble and where im sitting here like, what the fuck do i do. 
it’s become clear to me over the past month or so that i’m not inlove with these boys anymore. they just don’t appeal to me anymore like i don’t even know how to explain it. they’re becoming everything they’re not. they’re not a boy band, they’re not only known as 1D’s support act. but hell, that’s all they will ever be known as now and i’ve stuck around for so damn long that maybe.. just maybe.. it’s been too long. maybe i’ve over stayed my welcome, well that’s how i feel anyway. Out of the 300 ‘small’ fanbase that they had in 2011, about 20 of them have actually stuck around. and about 4 of them still have blogs for them, sad huh. im so happy and privledged to be apart of that 20, but most of them left after the hot chelle rae tour in 2012. they were just starting to get too famous and they weren’t that 'small local band’ anymore. it became clear to me that fans were leaving ever so quickly and i didn’t know what to do. should i go with them? should i stay and continue with my blog? should i just stick it out and support these boys? what would have happened if i left with all those girls? would the fandom be okay without us? would there even be a fandom without the old fans? how were we supposed to share our stories with the new fans if there was no new fans left? i don’t think you understand how happy we were to be getting new fans.. new people to share our love with 5sos.. we weren’t bragging that we spoke to the boys or what we were friends with them.. we wanted you to know them exactly how we did, we gave you that opportunity but we basically got shut down all the time and hated on for 'bragging’ so we just never said anything anymore. us old fans have been so damn welcoming to new fans. ever since 2011 we have always been welcoming and loving to every single person that has taken an interest in 5sos. and it get frustrating when people come into your little family and try and take over and some-what 'rule’ the family like no. we are all so equal, just some of us have been here longer than others. i guess what im trying to say is there is no little family anymore. it’s over. they’re probably going to become the new one direction and that’s everything they were against and if they keep being one direction’s support act, that’s all they are ever going to be known as. and it’s probably one of their worst decission’s they have ever made. and i know alot of 1D fans follow me and believe me, i have nothing against one direction or their fans.. it’s just.. they’re not 1D. they don’t even sing music like them and they were the support act to show people that they’re not the australian one direction, to have them side by side and say, this is us, this is them. we’re nothing alike. well now.. they are. and that’s pretty much everything they were against and now it’s a reality. 
it’s probably one of my biggest pet hate when people say they were here from the beginning.. when they weren’t. i know you can’t help that you didn’t find them earlier but please don’t try and act like you know where im coming from because you really fucking don’t. She looks so perfect was not the beginning. they were a band 2 years before that. they had a fandom before that. i miss the old family. i miss my old 5sos friends. i miss the old 5sos. yes. the old 5sos. this isn’t them, i don’t even know who the fuck they are anymore because they’re not the people i used to know, that’s one thing for certain.

im not going to tell you why i don’t love them so much anymore because its really not something to talk about at all, & i don’t want any of this to influence your decisions or choices, like please keep supporting 5sos, please do it. they’re going to need it. it’s my personal choice and decision and i just.. i just don’t know what to do. im stuck between the choice of, do i keep lying to myself by keeping this blog and saying that i still love them and always talking them up and defending them holy shit, i can’t do it anymore. i can’t defend them anymore. im not a one direction fangirl and i literally refuse to be apart of this anymore i honestly can’t do it anymore i can’t be apart of this family that’s literally 90% of it is 1D fangirls, 8% 'band’ fandom & 2% old fandom. im sick of being the 2%. i really am. im torn between, what do i do.
I’ve made so many beautiful friends with this blog, with knowing this band, for supporting them. you guys have literally been the only thing keeping this blog alive for the past month, honestly. 
i don’t know what to do. do i keep this blog. do i change it to another theme but still blog 5sos sometimes. do i completely change the blog to something totally different, do i keep lying to myself and pretending that im happy and keep this a full 5sos blog. or do i just delete it and pretend i never even knew the name, 5 seconds of summer. im literally torn i honestly have no idea what im going to do, your opinions would mean the world to me, so send me a message on what you think i should do because i literally just.. i don’t know. okay thanks for reading this, can’t wait for the hate :))))))) lol idk man im just done, and im sorry to everyone i’ve probably disappointed.. with this post, it came to a shock to most people i’ve spoken to, but i can’t hide it anymore, i can’t lie to you guys. you’re my second family. i share everything with you guys and this is one of those things that i just needed to get out and want advice on. okay thanks i literally love you all please dont hate me, thank you for this amazing opportunity to run this blog, but all good things must come to an end.. maybe this is the end.. i’m literally probably leaving the future of this blog in your hands,  xxxxx

I just wanted to do a little Follow Forever celebrating I recently reached 100k followers yey. Thank you so much to these amazing blogs . They make me so happy! ❤❤❤

Everyone who sees this post should follow the blogs below you will have an amazing dash!!!  [5sos-official will be jealous of you]

# - D

5sos-official5sostrum, ashickeyalltimevevo, ashtonsgenitalsashtonbangmeassholukebadasscalbangahemmobarakashtonblamecalum, blowmikeycalumslapsmybasscalumnudes, cupclifford

E - J

embarrassedlukefuckingmichaelfivesosfallenfor5sos, fratboycalumhood,hoodratcalhotdamn5sosheartbrakegirlheartbreakirwininfinitehemmoirwah, g-o-t-t-a-g-e-t-o-u-t  

K - R

kiwihemmoluke-is-not-on-firelukestopit, marvelashtonmtv1996nakedcal, notenoughnipplesohemmohpizzacalradioirwin

S - Z

stonedcashtonshewantsthecliffoconda, salamipunkteenagedfricksvegemiteashwhoalukewowcalum, yolucas

hi friends!!! ok so i just hit 3k, which is pretty damn cool bc i remember being so happy when i hit my first hundred last year. so here are the blogs that i love to see on my dash/reblog the most from/i am friends with, and i’m pretty sure i’m missing some sorry u know i love u all. i didn’t bold any bc i think all of u guys are equally amazing :-) & even if u aren’t in this list i still love u ok // also credit to lukehemxngs for the picture above!!

5sosporn5sostralian5sorgasm5sos-at-heart  | 5sos-unofficial5sosexytime5sostrum18yearoldcalum20ash420calum2014calum

acoustic-cal | adoremikey | anusirwin | ashternoon | ashtonbangme | ashtonshugedick | ashtonsjigglypuff | ashtralian | assholuke | ayehood | baessists | barakalifford | bigbootyhood | bottomcal | calsbutt | calum-hooters | calumhd | calumornia | calumoxide | calumsbeanie | calumsexual calumslapsmybass | calumslisp | cliffical | cliffophobic | clifforgasmic | comfortcal | cutelucas

darlinglucas | deadbeatowns | dreambig-hemmo | dropsouts | educashton | f-ivesos | fallenfor5sos | fkncalum | fknmichael | flechterfuzzyirwin | heartbreakirwin | hemmolysis | hemmosphere | hoodclumhoodstattoos | hufcal | hummpings

irwanker | irweed | irwinsfletcher | kiwihemmo | leisuringluke | lilhemmo | lsotboy | luke5sob |lukerobrt | lukeylukeyharrymasturbassist | michaelgclifford | mxlum | nosocialcasualty

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vegemiteash | vevorejects | watermalum | westsidecalum | whoreash | yolucas

& last but not least, 5sos-official :)

sooo since christmas is coming soon and i’m christmas af i thought i could do a little follow forever.

so here are my favourite blogs: 

# / a / b:

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c / d / e: 

cakecuddles // calumhoodmmxii // calumhoodster // calumichaeluke // calumnudes // calumnutella // calumnwifi // christmash // cliffordmas // cliffordobriens // daisylukes // dammitashton // dammitcalum // derpballing-with-5sos // derpinwith5sos // dimplehemmings // embarrassedluke // erhemmings // excuseyouluke

f / g / h: 

fallenfor5sos // fckingxclifford // fiction-saved-my-life // fireproofhemmos // fiivesecsofsummer // fivesecondsofdrummer // fratboycalum // g-o-t-t-a-g-e-t-o-u-t // gamingwithmikey // getmehood // goddamncalum // gooner-chicanetrap // grungehood // heartbrakegirl // heartbreakirwin // heavenlyhemmings // hemminguin // hemmo-cuddles // hemmopoop // hemmosmile // howswellofyou // hufcal

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t / u / v / w:

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thanks for being rad and merry christmas ♥