things each 5sos album reminds me of

somewhere new: awkward first kisses, nervous stuttering, cool nights, felt tip pens, knit blankets, dim lit rooms, warm coffee, cutoff jeans, worn out tshirts, chipped nail polish, cold kitchen tiles, chapped lips

5 seconds of summer: hot summer days, fast cars, flirting, makeout sessions, bonfires, first heartbreak, sneaking out, bottle caps, acoustic guitars, streetlights on an empty street, colorful beads, fireworks, fresh cut grass

livesos: sweat, guitar riffs, broken drum sticks, lightening, mosh pits, sore throats, cherry lollipops, smudged mascara, energy drinks, 24 hour drive thru’s, ripped holes in shirts, rubber bracelets, heavy breathing, warm beers

sounds good feels good: lilac, the sound of the ocean, silver coins, paint canvases, cloudy days, willow trees, soft pillows, speeding down the highway, skyscrapers, paying in change, laughing til you cry, deep colored sunsets, sprinklers

youngblood: hickeys, full moons, crowded clubs, vodka shots, cartilage piercings, black eyeliner, loud bass booming through speakers, heartburn, the lump in your throat before you cry, high heels, the smell of cigarettes, broken mirrors

Dear teachers,

If you have a student that has claimed to read a lot, they probably mean fan-fiction, not an actual book.


Every student in a fandom.

Me 24/7


And that kids, is how you can get pregnant without having sex

pretty sure Calum believes Ashton is the funniest person ever and I think that’s beautiful

5sos then and now

Then: Converse & Vans

Now: Boots

Then: T-shirts

Now: Button-up shirts & leather jackets

Then: Black skinny jeans

Now: Striped pants

Then: Piercings & bandanas

Now: Glitter & nailpolish

Then: Our boys

Now: Our men.