ashton playing drums

So, @5sos, I was wondering if you ever realize how talented and awesome Ashton is? Like 

He can play drums

(And the cajun)

The piano

The guitar

And the sax (yes I went there)

He can also sing:

He’s always trying to put us up when we’re down:

Sometimes, he is us:

He’s actually his siblings father figure:

He’s amazing sweet to the fans:

He wears glasses (and looks awesome, may I add)


Selfie king:

Nature Lover:

Aesthetic provider:


Yeah, he’s just an overall awesome person!! BYE


A week of Irwin: Day 4 - Drumming 

Ashton is so talented on the drums and really needs more solos, hopefully, on the next album there are more solos. I love the faces he makes when he plays the drums, he looks so passionate and that he’s putting all of his energy and love into it. And the fact that he get’s really sweaty just makes him more beautiful and hot. My friend made me guess which song Ashton was playing the drums in on Andy Blacks album The Shadow Side. I was listening to all the songs and none of them sounded like Ashton drumming until I listened to Homecoming King and I told my friend and she told me I was right. I think you can tell the difference of Ashton on drums and all the boys on their guitars/bass because it’s just different and unique. Ashton is a very talented, passionate, and beautiful drummer. 

the signs 5SOS aesthetics
  • Aries: Michael's eyebrow piercing
  • Taurus: Luke doing the leg thing
  • Gemini: Ashton's giggle
  • Cancer: Michael's hair
  • Leo: Calum's tattoos
  • Virgo: Ashton playing the drums
  • Libra: Luke with kids
  • Scorpio: Calum's muscles
  • Sagittarius: Ashton reminding us how much he loves us
  • Capricorn: Luke's voice cracks when he sings
  • Aquarius: Michael's cute lil tummy
  • Pisces: sweater paws
(Request) Dating/living with Ashton:
  • “Ashton you can’t play your drums now it’s 10 at night”
  • “I like your man bun”
  • Many selfies and videos 
  • Being friends with Lauren 
  • “Calum go home”
  • Working out together 
  • Getting him to try yoga 
  • Finding new bands together 
  • Listening to older music when he’s in the mood
  • Getting to hear new songs of theirs before you’re supposed to 
  • Him singing a lot 
  • Encouraging him to sing more 
  • Chick-flick movies 
  • Popcorn wars 
  • “We can’t have broccoli again”
  • Road trips 
  • Dealing with him being grumpy every now and again 
  • Listening to his stories about being on tour 
  • “And then me and Calum…”
  • “I’m not the new guy anymore!! :(”
  • Watching the videos on his old YouTube channel that he can’t remember the password to
  • “Babe did I tell you about this time in KFC”
  • “At the video shop…”
  • “No more videos Ash”
  • Super cute pet names 
  • Memes 
  • Him sending you texts that don’t make sense because he’s written them using only emojis 
  • “Tumblr” photos of you doing things 
  • Tracing his tally tattoo 
  • “That’s so unhealthy Y/N”
  • “Look at the sugar content!”
  • Dimples 
  • Hickies all over 
  • Taking turns to top 
  • “I don’t care how good it would look on Instagram” 

calum, michael, luke


Brother’s Best Friend (Ashton smut) DAY 19!

Summary: Things get interested when your brother leaves you alone with his best friend…

Warnings: This is smut!

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: Check out Smutty September!

Originally posted by cashtonkinks

When your brother, Pete, had come home from school to announce he’d made a new friend, you’d thought nothing of it. He was nine and you were eight, too young to care about the new kid called Ashton.

As you grew older you began to notice Ashton a little more. He and Pete were best friends, moments when they were separate occurring only once in a blue moon. 

You soon became intrigued. Ashton grew out his hair so it bounced in loose, blond curls across his shoulders and you noticed. Ashton bought a new checkered shirt and you noticed. Ashton began to play the drums and you noticed.

It was as if you craved to learn everything about the mysterious hazel-eyed boy and he certainly wasn’t complaining.

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Smile- 5SOS 4/4

So this is for the lovely anon who asked for a 5SOS 4/4 where he finds out you’re extremely ticklish. The whole time I was writing this I was thinking of the song “Smile” by R5…so I guess that’ll be the song for this imagine lol. Enjoy!!


Michael: “DAAMMMIITTT!!!” Mikey yelled, dying yet again in COD. “I just can’t fucking get pass this, never fails I always die right here!” You couldn’t help but laugh, and practically collapse on the couch from laughing so hard. You loved to watch Michael play video games, he got so into them, and his reactions were the best, whether he was freaking out over dying, or jumping up and down and screaming because he finally beat the game. He looked up at you from the floor he was sitting on, trying to glare but couldn’t quite take the smile off his face. “What Y/N??!! Why are you laughing??!! It’s not funny!!” He yelled. You sat up, wiping tears off your face. “Ok babe, I’m done, I’m sorry but…that was so funny” You said, still having the giggles. “Let’s see you try to do this then!!” He said, while pulling you off the couch and into his lap instead. He handed over the controller, and rested his head on top of yours. “Come one babe, you can do this, destroy them!!” As soon as the game started he wrapped his arms around your stomach. Bad move. Oh no you thought before the uncontrollable laughter started. You dropped the controller, and instantly grabbed your stomach. “Y/N what happened?! You died in the first second practically, why are you laughing??!!” Mikey said letting go of his hold on you. That’s when he noticed you grabbing your stomach, and it clicked. “NO! You’re ticklish??!! You’re kidding me!?!? That’s it, you’re gonna get it from earlier!” He laughed while instantly putting his arms across you so you couldn’t escape while he tickled your sides. You screamed, throwing your head back against his chest, laughing uncontrollably as he continued his relentless torture. “Ok! Ok! Stop!!! STAHP!!!” You managed to laugh. “Please…I’m sorry!!!” It was only then that he finally stopped. He turned you to the side so the side of your head was resting against his chest. “Well as long as you’re sorry…” He said while leaning down to peck your lips….

Ashton: You loved to watch Ashton play the drums. There was nothing hotter than watching your boyfriend play…his arms flexing as his hands came down on the drums, the hair flip he’d do, hell even the sweat dripping down from him was hot. You hadn’t been dating long, but you could appreciate all of this even in your fan girl days. “How was that babe? Watcha think?” Ashton asked you, getting up to get some water. “Amazing Ash, as always” You smiled, while walking over to him. “Are you just saying that, or do you honestly mean it?” He asked, smiling back at you. “Trust me Ash, you’re the best drummer I know!” You replied while playfully hitting his shoulder. “Y/N, I’m the only drummer you know” He laughed while playfully poking your side with his drumstick. You instantly went into a fit of giggles and put a hand on your side. As soon as you did this, you put your hands in front of your face, probably turning bright red as you did so. You were really shy about being so ticklish, and now that he knew you couldn’t help but be incredibly embarrassed. “Y/N, you’re ticklish? That’s so cute!” Ashton laughed, a big grin on his face. “No it’s not!” You said, removing your hands from your face, but you couldn’t help but smile as you saw the pure joy on his face. “Yes Y/N, it is” He said while lightly tickling your neck, then moving his hands to your sides. You started the fit of giggles as soon as he laid his hands on you. “That is the most adorable thing I have ever seen” He laughed, while pulling you into a hug.

Calum: “Y/N! Come here!” Calum yelled from the living room. “What Cal?” You asked, getting up from the bed and setting down your book. “This better be good Cal, because I was on a really good part-“ Whatever else you were about to say left your mind as you saw the sight before you on the couch. “IT’S A PUPPY!!” You screamed at the sight of your boyfriend cuddling with a puppy on the couch. What could be cuter? You ran straight for the pup, instantly picking it up. “Where did you get this adorable creature?” You asked. “The people next door asked if you could watch it for a while, something came up and they can’t find anyone to watch him. I said we’d do it. Hope that’s okay” Calum said. “Are you kidding me?! I’d watch him forever if they’d let me! He’s so cute!!” You cooed while holding the dog up to your face. “Thought you’d say that” Calum laughed. “Thanks Cal, you know me so-“ Yet again whatever you were going to say was left unsaid as the puppy begin to lick your neck and you started in a fit of giggles. “Cal, Cal! AHHHH! Oh my god CAALL, get him off me!” You laughed, squirming out of the puppy’s reach. Cal started laughing as well as he took the puppy from you. “Y/N are you ticklish?” He laughed. Holding the pup in one hand, he reached over with the other one to tickle your neck. You instantly started giggling and squirmed away from him. “You are!!!” He laughed. “Thanks little guy for bringing that to my attention” He said while giving the puppy a scratch behind his ear. “Oh shut up Cal” You laughed while putting your head on his shoulder, rubbing the puppy’s back. He just laughed, and you two continued to play with the puppy until its owner unfortunately came to pick the pup up.

Luke: “Run!” Luke looked at you, a grin on his face, excitement filling those blue eyes. “Are you crazy? It’s pouring!” You exclaimed. “Luckily for us the restaurant is right there across the street” Luke said, grabbing your hand. You shook your head while looking at the street in front of you, rain coming down around you, hard. Of course, it just has to pour the one day I don’t have my jacket… You thought, gazing at the restaurant in front of you…so close but so far away. “Ok…but let’s move fast…I don’t want to be soaking wet.” You said, squeezing his hand. “Ok ready?! 1……2…3!!!” He yelled, running across the street, pulling you by the hand. You half screamed-half laughed when you ran out in the rain, water completely drenching you in seconds. You both kept running until you reached the awning hovering over the front doors of the restaurant. You turned to look at your dripping wet boyfriend, knowing you were in a similar state. You both laughed as you saw each other. “So much for not getting soaked” You laughed. “And your hair’s a mess Y/N” He laughed while tucking some loose hair behind your ear. As he did so, his fingers slightly trailed down your neck, and you started laughing even harder. He looked confused for a second, but then he smiled widely when he understood what had happened. “Y/N, you’re ticklish!” “No I am not!” You pouted. He then started tickling your sides, and of course it started a fit of giggles, and you trying to push him away. “Yes Y/N, I think you are” Luke laughed. “Shut up, ok yes I am, now stop!” You smiled. “But it’s so cute” He said, leaning his forehead on yours. You just laughed before bringing your lips up to his…


Well shit….I actually did it….hope you like it! It’s funny, cuz I’m not even ticklish but I’m still all emotionally wrecked after writing this. Go figure. Choosing the pics was fun too, sorry some are like fetus pics, they were perfect tho lol. Anyway thanks for reading! I really appreciate it! You guys are awesome! Had this blog for like 3 days and already….just wow…Thanks!! And to the anon, please tell me if you like it!  -Lydia

PS: I’m hoping to have part 3 to my Into Your Arms series in a day or two…If you’re wondering….

GUYS…nearly 50 notes in one night…wow thank you so much!!! That’s a lot to me, like this is crazy…thank you guys…..feel free to request what you want or message me with anything….wow…..thanks…

Imagine Ashton Trying to Teach You to Play the Drums...

You and Ashton have been friends for years, but you secretly have had giant feelings for him for quite some time now. You’re never sure if he feels the same way, especially with him being away on tour so much now. Whenever Ashton is back in town, he always calls you up to hang out, even if it’s just for a few hours. 

“Hey, Y/N!” Ashton says with a huge grin. He pulls you into a huge embrace and you laugh when he squeezes you hard. “It’s been awhile.” He whispers into your hair. 

“Yeah, too long.” You say back, and Ashton breaks the hug, putting you at arms length. 

“How about drum lessons today?” He suggests, and you happily agree. You have been pestering Ashton to show you how to play ever since he demonstrated his skills when you first met. Ever since he joined the band, he’s never had enough time between work and practices to teach you. 

Ashton directs you to sit down behind his drum kit and he crouches down next to you so he’s at your eye level. 

“Okay, so when you play the drums, it’s all about the beat. You hold the sticks like this,” Ashton hands you the sticks and wraps his large hands over yours.“and you play like this,” He says, and slowly guides your hands from behind you to hit the different drums. You can feel his muscular arms along side yours, his hot breath against your cheek, and his fingers almost intertwined with yours. 

“I don’t know why I never tried to teach you before,” Ashton says into your ear. “It’s a wonderful excuse to be this close to you." 

Your eyes grow wide, and you somehow manage to turn around to face him. 

"Wait, what are you saying?” You question.

Ashton places his hands on either of your knees and looks directly into your eyes.

“I’m saying I like you. Like, like like you. More than a friend type of deal. I have for so long, but I never knew if you–”

You surprise Ashton and yourself by putting your hand behind his neck and pressing your lips to his. He stiffens up for a moment, but gives in right away, taking control. Ashton’s hands move from your knees to your waist as he stands you up. Without breaking the kiss, he turns the both of you around and sits down on the chair, guiding you so you’re sitting on his lap facing towards him. Ashton’s tongue runs along your bottom lip and you give him entrance so your tongues can mingle. When the kiss finally breaks, you both are gasping for air. 

“So is that a ‘Yes, I like you too, Ashton?’” He laughs and kisses you again and again.

Teddy Bear- Luke

Teddy Bear- Luke

“Stitched you up, put you together, with cotton and feather, gave you love, put my heart inside you, Oh what could I do”

You had met Luke biking home from your daily shift at the local coffee shop. You were on the bridge, biking near the side of the edge in the bike lane. You were about halfway across the bridge when you saw him standing on the ledge of the bridge looking at the ocean. You stopped abruptly and pulled to the side, hopping off your bike.

“What are you doing?” You called out.

Luke turned to you, and you could see tears in his eyes.

“Just leave me alone.”

“Well I can’t exactly leave someone who’s standing on the edge of a bridge crying can I?” You replied, walking closer to where he was.

He stared at your as you got closer, his deep blue eyes holding direct eye contact with yours. You walked up until you were leaning against the barrier that stood between the ledge Luke was standing on and the side of the bike lane you were in. Luke bit his lip nervously and looked away, turning towards the ocean that lay below him.

“I’m just a stupid 18 year old boy, what’s it matter if I jumped anyways?”

The way Luke said the question it seemed like he was saying to himself rather than to you.

“Well I guess it wouldn’t matter if a stupid 18 year old girl joined him then.” You concluded, reaching to swing your leg over to join him on the ledge.

Luke turned around panic, his blue eyes meeting yours in a frenzy of fear.

“Yes it would matter, don’t you dare come onto this ledge,” Luke’s force was stern, and a lot deeper when he was being loud.

You froze, retracting from the ledge.

“Well same goes for you Mr. get your ass off that ledge and let’s talk.”

Luke sighed and climbed back over, so he was standing next to you. He was surprisingly very tall, his lanky frame towering over you. You stood for a minute, just staring at the tall, attractive, human in front of you. Why would someone with his stunning looks be moments away from ending his own life? You reached out and took Luke’s hand. His hand was stiff at first, but it relaxed as you guided him off the bridge and onto the sidewalk. You walked hand in hand with him, like you were old friends.

“Where are we walking to?” Luke asked slowly, confused.

“The park that’s near here, so we can talk.” You answered calmly before continuing to guide him.

You walked until you reached the park, children and dogs running around anywhere. You took look to a bench and you both sat down, facing the sun.

“My name is Y/n btw,” You said watching the kids running around.

“I’m Luke,” He responded as he stared down at his hands.

“Luke…why were you standing at the edge of the bridge?” You asked.

Luke’s eyes looked pained as he looked up at you. He only held eye contact for a second before her turned and watched as a group of teenagers skated by on skateboards. His gaze hardened on them as they skated by, his jaw clenching.

“Let’s just say a certain three people broke me to the point beyond fixing.” Luke said through his teeth, still staring at the boys.

You look towards where he was staring, and saw three boys. One had blue hair that was pushed to the side in a fringe. The other had longer dirty blond hair, and the last boy was tan to the point where he was practically brown and had eyes that squinted slightly at the ends. You were about to ask further questions when the boys noticed you and Luke standing there, and decided to walk over.

Luke looked at you, a mix of panic and anger in his eyes. You got up with Luke to leave, but the boys had already  caught up and stood over your spot on the bench.

“Luke, didn’t think I’d see you anywhere near here this soon,” The tan one sneered, leaning into his face.

Luke looked down, ignoring their gazes. It was like he was trying to disappear.

“Ooh gonna ignore us huh Luke? Trying to keep that flaming anger down so you don’t pull a knife on us like you did last time? You remember what we said right? Get out of town and we won’t call the police on your lame ass,” The blued haired kid was talking now, and you noticed the hint of fear in his eyes as Luke clenched his fists.

Instively you reached over and touched his arm. For some reason he relaxed under his touch and finally decided to look up.

“Whatever, I was just trying to have a conversation with Y/n, but I’ll just leave,” and with that Luke got up and starting running away.

You panicked and tried to get up to go after him, but the three other boys held you back.

“Look, Y/n or whoever you are, you need to let him go. He’s bad news,” The blond one held you back, but you didn’t care for what he had to say.

You tried to push past him, but this time he held you firmer, not letting you god. You tried to get out of his grasp, but the tan boy grabbed you too, his nails accidentally scraping against your arm. You cried out in pain, which made Luke’s head turn. He saw you struggling against them, and the blood on your arm and he snapped.

“CALUM MICHAEL GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER,” He yelled, sprinting back to where we were standing.

“We warned you,” the boy called Calum said, before quickly sprinting away from Luke with the rest of the boys.

Luke ran up to you, his chest puffed out and his eyes glaring.

“Are you okay?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah, the Calum guy just scratched me,” You held up your arm and saw that there was a shallow cut on your arm that was bleeding. You winced slightly at the sight of blood. “I’m also sort of scared of blood but I mean it’ll be fine.”

You smiled timidly as Luke grabbed your arm inspecting it.

“Yeah you should be fine, do you want me to walk you home though just in case they come back?” He asked.

You nodded before adding, “I mean you’re going to have to tell me the story of about you a pulled a knife on them though.”

Luke’s face hardened in seriousness but he nodded. You started walking towards your house, Luke next to you.

“So I guess before it happened we were friends,” Luke started, staring ahead as he talked. “We had this little band, where I sang, the guy with blue hair, Michael, he played guitar, Calum played bass, and the other boy, Ashton, he played drums. We had been doing it for a while actually, before the incident. Well I sort of have this thing where.. I..Um.. get really angry I guess? I freak out and lash out at people when I don’t mean to. It was just a normal band practice, when the boys just wouldn’t stop commenting on my stupid lanky legs. It was always something like, Oh Luke you look like a breadstick, or oh Luke you’ll never get laid if your legs are skinnier than all the girls on the planet. It really pissed me off, and they just wouldn’t stop. I guess I just carried away, and I pulled my pocket knife out on them.”

“Define pocket knife,” You said, gesturing for him to take it out of his pocket.

Luke didn’t move at first, but then he slowly opened his jacket pocket, and grabbed a medium sized butcher knife. You gulped silently, realizing the potential danger of the situation. You were with a guy with anger issues and a big ass knife. You swallowed your fears though and kept walking.

“Well, at least I know we aren’t going to get mugged on this walk to my house,” You smiled a Luke, who smiled for the first time since you met him.

For the rest of the walk home you made small talk about anything and everything. You decided against asking him about the bridge again, since you had already pried into his personal life. You reached your house and Luke walked your to your door, stopping at your doorstep.

“Why don’t you come in for a while,” You said, grabbing his arm.

Luke didn’t stop you when you pulled him inside your house, with the intentions of spending the afternoon teaching him how to bake. After this Luke visited you frequently, and sometimes you guys did other things than baking. Eventually you guys started dating, and you learned more than you thought about him. You learned that he had a soft spot for penguins, and that he was incredibly insecure despite being unbelievably attractive. You also noticed that after a while of you guys being together, he was progressively becoming more happy. He smiled often, and laughed like everything was the funniest joke. You had stitched his broken pieces back together, until you thought he resembled a completely different Luke you had never seen before.

“When you started talking in your sleep, Saying things you’d do to me, I didn’t care, I wasn’t scared”

Luke had been living with you for about half a year, when things starting taking a turn for the worst. Luke still carried the knife with him at all times, but you had gotten used to it. But one time you had gotten in bed with him after work to see that he was holding the knife in his hand, the blade hidden under the seats. You slept on the couch that night.

The next night the knife was gone, and you pretended it didn’t happen. You fell asleep with Luke’s arms around you, his warmth surrounding you. It wasn’t until 3am when you woke up to him whispering, when you realized tonight was also going to not go as well.

You stayed still listening as Luke whispered.

“I’ll get you Y/n. I’ll push my knife into your chest until it comes out the other end. I’ll tear you apart limb by limb, until you’re just a bloody corpse on this bed. I’ll, i’ll kill you.”

Luke squeezed you tightly and you yelped in surprise, wriggly to get out of his grasp.

“Babe what’s wrong?” Luke asked, waking up.

“You, you…” You were shaking, and stood up off the bed, away from where Luke was still lying.

“What, is everything okay?’ He asked concern written all over his face.

“You said you were going to kill me in your sleep!” You exclaimed, shaking.

Luke’s face clouded over for a second, before he just frowned.

“I was asleep though,” He said, sitting up.

“You said it in your sleep then. And I saw you sleeping with a knife last night! Is everything okay?” You were more concerned for Luke than you were for yourself. You were just scared his anger issues were getting out of hand.

Luke’s face hardened, “Of course I’m fine.”

He dropped the conversation and turned over. You stood frozen next to the bed, and watched as Luke fell back asleep.

That night you slept on the couch.

“Teddy bear, you were my teddy bear, you were comforting and quiet, how did love become so violent?”

Since those two nights, this became rocky between you and Luke. Most nights you ended up on the couch, Luke sulking in the bed you two used to share. Small disagreements became big fights that involved throwing plates and glasses at each other. You felt like everyday was a stretch to stay together, and everyday was a struggle. You barely got through everyday, and everyday you fell asleep on the lumpy couch wondering if this is what love really was. A couple months ago Luke was your best friend, your cuddle buddy, your teddy bear. But now you weren’t even sure if you could call him your boyfriend without having doubts. When had things turned so bad? What had changed. You found yourself lying awake thinking about this on a particularly rough night. You could hear Luke cussing and punching the wall in the bedroom.

You wanted to be able to go to him, to tell him it was okay. But you couldn’t calm him down anymore. His anger was uncontrollable, like a tornado of hurtful words and heavy objects.

“God, how did love become so violent?” You said into the dark room.

You heard the sound of a crash, but you only closed your eyes trying to block out the sounds.

“I threw you out, I didn’t outgrow you, I just didn’t know you”

You woke up to find that Luke had already left for work. He had found a small record company, and he was working on becoming a solo artist. You sighed and stretched looking around the room. Your eyes widened as you realized everything was completely trashed. The furniture besides the couch was thrown about everywhere, and there were dents in the walls. All the pictures of you and Luke were smashed onto the ground, glass littering the floor.

You cautiously walked around the rest of the house, which was equally as destroyed. You sighed angrily, realizing you had enough. You were done with Luke lashing out at you for stupid things. You were sick of him calling you things like “worthless” and “stupid”. You were just done.

You walked into the bedroom Luke and slept in and pulled out a suitcase. Mindlessly you threw his clothes into it emptying out all the drawers he used. You packed up the rest of the stuff, until all that was left was a small box he kept on the dresser. Your hand wavered over the box, and you debated whether you should open it or just pack it.

You were inches away from opening the box when you heard a confused voice from behind you.

“Y/n, what are you doing?”

You whipped around to see Luke standing there, a confused and hurt expression on his face.

“I,I” You started but Luke cut you off.

“Are you kicking me out?” He asked, anger suddenly appearing in his eyes.

“Look. We obviously aren’t working out Luke. How many god damn glass plates do you have to break before you realize that?”

Luke sighed and ran his hand through his messy blond hair.

“Luke please don’t make this harder than it has to be,” You said sympathetically.

“Whatever Y/n, if your done I’m done. Just let me get my stuff and I’ll get out of your life,” Luke caved, the anger deflating from him.

He kept his head down as he packed the box and checked for anything else.

“Wow you sure are good at packing,” Luke chuckled dryly as he was met with his empty drawers.

You smiled timidly, watching as Luke grabbed his stuff. Luke walked over to you, as if he was going to kiss you like he used to do before he went to work. Luke stopped adruptly remembering the situation and stuck his hand out awkwardly. You shook is slowly, before Luke started walking away.

“Goodbye Y/n, we are officially broken up. Have a nice life!”

And with those last words Luke marched right out of your house and into his new car. You watched from the window as the black car drove away, becoming only a spot in the distance.

You sighed as a feeling of pain settled in your chest. It was your fault, you thought to yourself. You didn’t know the Luke that had just left. You know who he used to be. But you couldn’t shake the weird feeling that something was still wrong.

“But now you’re back, and it’s so terrifying how you paralyze me. Now you’re showing up inside my home, breathing deep into the phone. I’m so unprepared, I’m fucking scared”

It had been a month since you and Luke had broken up. Your life had become what it was before you guys met. Going to work and coming home. It was just another weekday night, when your phone started ringing. The caller ID was an unknown number, but you picked up anyway.

“Hello?” You said into the receiver.

“Hello Y/n” A familiar voice spoke into the receiver.

Your face paled as you realized who it was.


“I believe that’s my name,” He said, the hint of a smirk in his voice.

“What do you want?” You asked, annoyed that he had called.

“Oh Y/n, what do I want? Well a month ago, I wanted your love. I wanted a chance. I wanted to feel accepted,” Luke ranted on, his voice edgier and more haunting than you remembered. “But you see, I didn’t get what I wanted did I?”

“No?” You spoke slowly, confused at the conversation you were having.

“Exactly, so now Y/n…my sweet babycakes, I’ve come back. I came back to claim what was mine.”

“Luke I gave you all your stuff,” You stated, even more confused than before.

“No Y/n, I’ve come back to claim you.”

Then the line went dead, and almost a few seconds later a window smashed from the bedroom. You jumped and ran towards your front door and down the steps. You were at your car, when you realized something.

You had left your keys in the house.

“Teddy bear, you were my teddy bear, everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me”

The front door opened to reveal Luke with his medium knife in his hands. The knife was already stained with blood, and it dripped down the knife. You immediately starting sprinting down the street, your small legs flying across the pavement. Luke took off after you, his knife held out in front of him. Tears welled in your eyes as Luke caught up to you, his long legs moving much faster than your smaller ones.

You felt large hands wrap around you waist and you were yanked back, the cold metal of the knife behind placed to your neck. You froze in place as Luke hovered over you, his loud heavy breathing hitting your exposed neck.

“Oh baby girl,” Luke chuckled, his grip tight.

“Looks like you’ve been claimed.”

But all I want is to just sit in a room with Ashton while he plays drums and just observe how much passion he puts in to playing