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25|| Ok, so mike ya your boyfriend but Ashton’s your older brother and he doesn’t know about you and mikey?? And he walks into your house and you have to hide mikey and his clothes in your closet?? And he keeps texting you tryna get rid of Ashton?? 😊😊😊 ( @imcalledweasley )


Ashton Irwin - Are you ready now? Pt 1.

Word count: 2,585


I think you’re gonna wanna read this one :D 

“You’ve never done it before?” I said in blissful shock.

“You say it like you’re surprised, Y/N.” He took another sip of his tea.

I sat above him on the stairs in complete silence. My best friend has never had sex in his whole life. How come I’m only just hearing about this? He looks like the type of guy who would have any girl melt at his fingertip.

“I dunno, I guess I wasn’t ready for something serious like that.” His long fingers combed through his curls.

I couldn’t help but look away when he did this. It made my heart skip a beat. I shouldn’t be looking at my best friend that way. Ashton looked up to me for a response. My fingers played with the red lip stain on the white tea cup, poking at it and occasionally smearing it.

“Your first was with that arse, Calum, wasn’t it?” I could see fire in his eyes.

I didn’t want to talk about him.

“I can’t believe you actually loved that prick.” He rolled his eyes.

“I had my reasons, Ashton.”

He made a sound of disgust, “What was he good in bed?”

I’d had enough. I stood from my seated position leaving my tea and Ashton behind on the stairs and marched to my bedroom, slamming the door behind me. How dare he. He wouldn’t know how it feels to be in love, obviously. He’s never been with anyone like I have. I felt tears streaming down my face and wished Ashton had never came over today. I found comfort in my bed sheets.

Where had I even gone wrong with Calum? It was like one minute he was there and the next he was telling me goodbye and leaving for the states, taking everything but me with him. Ashton was there for me but he didn’t get it. He hated Calum ever since we started dating. They used to be friends until we got together. Ash said he knew Calum would always break my heart, it was just who he was.


I knew I wanted to give myself to Calum the night he brought me back to his flat from the pub. I’d gotten into a pretty bad brawl with another girl for getting too close to Cal for my comfort. When he told her to back off for the third time I pulled her off the bar stool onto the floor and started hitting her. Calum later said it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done, sticking up for him like that.

“You look hot in my shorts.” Calum growled, jumping into the bed, his hair still wet after the shower.

I giggled as he grabbed his game controller and began to furiously play a game of FIFA. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth and fiddled with the string on the over sized shorts adorning my smaller waist.

“Hey, Cal?” He hummed over still concentrating on the screen.

I crawled over, pressing pause on the controller. My legs straddled either side of his waist and he grabbed hold of my arse, the game controller falling to the carpet.

“I wanna try something.”

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes grew wide when he knew what I meant, his lips forming an ‘o’.

“Are you sure, baby?” He whispered.

I nodded, “I want you.”

-End of flashback-

A knock on the door brought me out of my deep thoughts of Ashton and Calum. I didn’t turn to see Ash walk in the room. My bed tilted but I refused to meet the gaze I knew was focused upon me. He touched my hand.

“I’m sorry.” I looked at him, his head down now.

“You don’t know what that feels like, Ash.” I felt a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

I needed to feel loved again. I needed that connection. Ashton was my best friend but sometimes it felt like I wanted him to be more. I didn’t know if he felt a mere portion of what I did.

“Are you ready now?” The words fell from my mouth before I could think about what I was asking of him.

He just stared at me his mouth slightly agape. Ashton was an open book, but right now I couldn’t read him. His pupils were dilating. My heart was pounding against my chest as I waited for an answer. I squeezed his hand.


Ashton forced his mouth onto my own, his hand flying up to catch my face. My hands found themselves tangled with his mop of curls. He smelled like rich peppermint and my favorite cologne. It was then it dawned upon me: I was going to be his first.

I broke the kiss and moved my lips to the spot just below his ear, sucking the skin. His hiss was all the conformation I need that he liked it here. I sat up and threw my legs over his own to straddle his lap. Ashtons hands settling on my abdomen and arse. I bit down harder this time intending to mark him. Rolling my hips forward into his we both moaned at the increased friction. His bulge was becoming more and more prominent through his jeans.

“Fuck, Y/N.” Ashton hissed rolling his head back.

I used his disarrayed state against him, licking a bold line up his atoms apple and gently sucking it. Ashton rose up off the mattress begging for more contact.

“You like that, daddy?” I felt Ashton twitch when I called him that.

My crotch rubbed against his clothed erection and I couldn’t help but throw my head back in pleasure. Ashton was getting restless, rocking his hips up to meet mine.

“Please.” He puffed out in my ear.

I slid off of his lap but not before needingly pecking his lips one last time. He ridded himself of his shirt and I stood before him in awe. I’ve seen Ashton shirtless before plenty of times but this was different. He was at my mercy and I was at his. I came to sit on my knees, undoing the buttons on his pants. Ashton raised up for me to pull them down his legs. He kicked them off of his feet and were left in just his briefs. I took my bottom lip between my teeth as I freed his erection from the grey material and tossing them out of the way. His length slapped against his stomach. I could feel his eyes burning down on me.

Holding the length in my hand I pumped it a few times. My thumb rubbed over the pink head and Ashtons hips rose off the bed, hissing. I kitten licked over the tip before taking it in my mouth. Ashtons moans filled the room. I hollowed my cheeks to increase the pleasure and started twisting my hands back and forth over his length. He confused me when he pushed at my shoulders, causing me to release him from my mouth making a popping sound.

His hands came down to the hem of my t shirt and tugged it over my head. He already looked tired, his eyes drooping low and sweat decorating his forehead. I wasn’t nearly done yet. We haven’t even gotten to the main course.

Ashtons eyes grew wide when my head dipped back down. My tongue followed the patterns of his veins before I took him whole again, pumping harder this time. He held back my long hair. I massaged his balls with my free hand and it was enough to send him over the edge. A thick white liquid burst into my mouth.

“S-shit.” Ashton jerked up, hitting the back of my throat.

I finished sucking him clean of the sticky mess. When I looked up he was breathing hard and heavy, little hairs stuck to his forehead and his eyes were sealed shut. I smiled pushing them out of the way so I could see his hazel eyes. My lips came up to his in a lazy kiss.

I brought his hand down to the button of my skinny jeans, a weak smile on his face. He unhooked them, struggling to pull them down to my feet.

“How’d you get these on?” He joked.

I stepped out of them and waited for Ashton. He didn’t come back up. I giggled watching him stare at my red laced knickers nearly drooling over them. I let him guide me back to the bed and sit me down. Was he in control now?

Ashton licked his lips, running his long fingers up my thighs and over my crotch. I couldn’t help but whimper at his touch. He left kisses on the inner side of my thighs sucking the sensitive skin. He was marking me. I threw my head back on the mattress. His hot breath fanned over where I needed him most. I tangled my fingers in his hair.

“Ashton, please.” I begged.

He hooked my panties to the side and collected some of my excitement onto his finger and sucking it off. He hummed in satisfaction. I imagined his lips against me while he hummed like that, adding to the pleasure. I moaned at the thought.

“Cha’ thinking about, baby?”

“Your lips…”

He kissed my folds, licking up them. My breath hitched. I needed him. His bottom teeth grazed up the nub of my clitoris. Fucking hell.

“Ashton.” I moaned.

Without warning Ashtons tongue was inside me sucking all of my juices. I reached down for his hand that rested on my thigh, entwining our fingers.

“How the fuck are you so good at this?” I breathed.

He chuckled against me, sending vibrations through my core. Shit. My legs closed round his head before he pushed them back apart. It was too much. Ashton came up for air with a smile on his face showing off his prominent dimples. He was obviously proud of himself. He licked my excitement off his lips. With one swift movement my knickers were on the floor and my lower half was at his mercy.

He brought his lips up to my ear, teasing my entrance with his finger. I arched my back only for him to use his free hand to hold me down.

“How do you like it, baby?”

I thought back to all the mind blowing times Calum and I had done this. It would always be different. Slow and sweet. Loving. Rough. Fast. It didn’t matter to me, however they felt like pushing me over the edge worked.

“Surprise me, daddy.”

His eyes grew darker. The playful side of him wasn’t there anymore. This was going to be fun. He bit down on the skin of my neck hard and he growled. Rough. His finger slipped past my folds and into my heat. I whimpered as he pumped it in and out at a fast pace. I had to bite onto Ashtons shoulder to keep from screaming out. I didn’t want any fucking noise complaints from the old woman next door.

My walls were clinching round his finger. He added two more and pumped even faster. I couldn’t breathe. My nails clawed at his sides begging for a release. His thumb began rubbing circles into my clit. My breaths were coming out in pants in his ear.

“Come for me, Y/N. I’ve got you.”

My toes curled and my back arched up off of the mattress, Ashtons three fingers and his thumb riding out my orgasm. I felt bare when he extracted his fingers from my dripping crotch. He brought them up to his lips licking them clean.

“You have no idea how good you taste.”

Ashton went over to his jeans pulling a silver packet out of the pocket. He ridded the condom of the piece of tin and threw it in the bin. He slid the condom down his length.

“What’s with guys carrying round condoms in their pockets?” I joked.

He smiled, dimples popping into either side of his cheeks. They drove me crazy. Ashton took his length in his hand before I stopped him.

“No. I want to.”

I wanted to make his first time his best. He knew what I was asking, flipping us over so I bestrode his lap. I positioned him at my entrance and slid down it. He was so big inside me. Ashton grabbed hold of my abdomen, his thumbs pressing down hard. I don’t think he was meaning to hurt me. He didn’t notice how strong he really was compared to my smaller figure. When I winced in pain he eased up a bit, apologizing. Once I adjusted to his size I began rocking my hips forward into his. Ashtons moaning and groaning was all the conformation I needed to keep going. He used his hands to help me move more swiftly.

My back arched and it was then I noticed my bra was still on. I grabbed one of Ashtons hands and moved it to the clasp on my bra strap. In an instant he had it unattached and thrown across the room. Hungrily his head came up to my breast and bit down at the tender skin. Ashtons long fingers fell to my crotch rubbing back and forth on the small nub.

“Hmm, shit.”

“Ah, f-fuck Ash, there.” I threw my head back.

I wasn’t going to last long. My grinding became harder against his hips and our moans filled the quiet room. His member twitched inside of me and from experience I knew he wouldn’t last from here. I licked up the base of his neck biting roughly on the smooth skin. His breathing became erratic, chest rising and falling below mine. Within seconds I felt his length release inside the condom. I rode out his orgasm hitting mine only moments later shouting his name out. Screw the neighbors.

We sat in each others arms for what felt like hours. I couldn’t believe we had actually done that. Ashton was my best friend. I’d just had sex with my best friend. I’d just stolen his virginity.

“That was incredible.”

I giggled looking up at him through my eyelashes. He looked exhausted. Love bites were trickled from his ear down his neck and abdomen. I couldn’t imagine I looked any better. Ashton dipped his head and placed a lazy kiss on my mouth.

I sighed upon hearing a knock at the front door. It was probably my flatmate, Jessica. She was always at UNI so she would occasionally forget her keys here and having to get another copy. I slipped away from Ashtons warm hold and quickly dressed myself in pajama shorts and a tank top.

My hair covered majority of the bruises on my body. I made my way down stairs and towards the door, Ashton right on my heels. He didn’t bother putting on a shirt, just his jeans, the hem of his briefs sticking over them. I giggled as he grabbed at my bum, my hand patting his away. I sped walked to the door, opening it. My smile drifted away and my heart immediately sunk. It wasn’t Jessica.


His hair was cut shorter now in a military buzz cut, just leaving a little on the top, enough to style in a quiff. Tattoos decorated his tanned skin. He wasn’t scrawny anymore, muscles showing through his grey t shirt. I could see his jaw clench at the sight in front of him. Why was he here?

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Terri Garber is one of my favorite actresses, but she isn’t very well known. She played bad Southern Belle Ashton Main in the miniseries North and South (1985).

I absolutely adore her and hope to talk more about how fabulous I think she is.

When it comes to being an absolute BAMF, Terri Garber is a master.

do you ever just get really sad about the fate of Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing, Keith Haring, hell even Mark Ashton. Like, these men did so much & i literally have to put my neck out on the line to remind people they’re not only great men but they were also gay. why can’t we link queer and awesome together in mainstream society. why do we have to fight so much. why do i have to remind people that Mark Ashton literally the main character of Pride(2014) was died of HIV/AIDS and was a pillar of activism. Keith Haring drew inspiration from being gay & his HIV/AIDS diagnosis & the terrible tragedy that was the epidemic. Oscar Wilde wrote so wonderfully to create Dorian Grey & I adore his writing beyond most others. Alan Turing effectively stopped a war & created computer science at the same time. They were all successful and they were all queer. why is it always ‘despite being gay’, ‘in spite of their homosexuality’, ‘although he was gay’ like no. they were queer and they were brilliant. let the 2 coexist. they did amazing things and they were queer. they also did amazing things because they were queer. they did not succeed ‘’’’despite’’’’ their queerness. being queer is not something to overcome. they were queer and they were awesome. 

Taxi - A Michael Clifford Imagine

The light of the sky was that backlit kind of halo, the lighting you see just as the sun is throwing out the last of its golden rays. The patio you stand on overlooks the city; the city of hope, the city of lost dreams, the city of angels or whatever people know it as.

“Can we get out of here?” You plead. Turning to face the tall blonde haired boy standing just behind you. He could feel it too, the suffocating air of this troubled home. It wasn’t his but he knew your story and he knew that nothing good had happened here in a long time. Maybe it was the circumstances; maybe it was the people who had crossed the threshold only to leave out the back door all too quickly. Either way, perhaps the Los Angeles heat could be put off for just one night.

He turns his head to the side observing the twinkling lights of the buildings down below, inhaling as deeply as that smog filled air would allow. “Where do you want to go?” Michael finally asks.

“Somewhere dark and loud, I don’t want to hear my own thoughts anymore.” He simply reaches out his hand and leads you out of the door, out of your thoughts, and out of the pain that seems to be ever present in your heart lately.

Somehow he did it, you danced and jumped, some of it together and some it spent apart. It was hard to decide whether it was the alcohol or the presence of him that eased life’s troubles. Either way, it felt good to not be alone. Enough hours and drinks later have left you loud and bubbly, stumbling and tripping over your own feet as well as everyone else in the crowd.

“Maybe we should get you an Uber?” Michael suggests, firmly planting his hands around your waist to keep you steady. It wasn’t the worst feeling in the world. You collapse in to his chest and lift your head to look up at his rough beard and blue green eyes.

“No, no Uber’s. Let’s take a cab. Just like they do in the City.” You plead; ignoring any boundaries you and Mike had set before everything had turned to shit in the last couple of weeks. Squeezing his shoulders and smiling so large your cheeks might just be ready to split.

“This IS the city, what are you talking about?” He shakes his head and swipes the hair that’s come across your face while shuffling about.

“No no NO.” You nearly shout, placing your hands on his cheeks, forcing him to look directly at you in that puffer fish sort of appearance. You burst out laughing before you can remember to collect your thoughts. “New York! I’ve never been! Let’s pretend we’re there. Oh please please please please please!”

“If you want me to call a cab you’ve got to release me.” He laughs, trying to step out of your grasp. He grabs your hand and pulls you outside of the club entrance. While not completely sober himself he spends at least ten minutes half-whistling, half shouting at any cabs that may be passing. That bubbly feeling lasted just long enough to get you in that cab and half hanging out the window. The warm wind was whipping your hair around your face, making it impossible to see. It was surprisingly empty on the highways tonight. “WOOOOOOOOOOOO” you hear Michael shout from the other side, catching his blinding smile from just over the top of the cab before the cab pulls over to the shoulder.

“Sit inside or I’m dropping you here.” The driver states as complete boredom oozes from every syllable. Michael smirks before the two of you slip quietly back in to the back seat of the taxi, more-so sharing the middle than clinging on to either side.

“I wish we could always feel like that” you say.

“Like how?” He asks, dipping his head to look at you more clearly. You don’t meet his eyes, instead you watch the neon lights and highway signs pass outside your half tinted windows.

“Just like two punch drunk souls all tangled in the wind. Distracted but free from worry. Mike, does the sadness stick around forever?”

He doesn’t answer right away, he runs his braceleted hand through his hair but pulls you closer with his left. “Oh love, I think it is.” A small sigh escapes your lips. “That’s not all there ever will be. I can’t promise that I’ll take away all your worries or even all your pain. But I promise that you’ll never have to feel alone again, especially when all the doubt reaches to the further corners of yourself. When all that loneliness creeps in all you’ll have to remember to do is put out your hand and I’ll grasp it in mine. I can’t make you feel complete but I can show you we’re in this together.”

I was bored so I made a band lock-screen🔒


Call the Midwife - 2015 Christmas Special Trailer

A new customer. - AI

“I despise you more than any other human I have ever met, sometimes. You’re loud and wild and act like you have the mental capacity of a five year old.” A sigh passes your lips. Great. This is just what you needed.

“Are you flirting with me?” He says as his face cracks into a smile and a chuckle leaves his lips. Ashton Irwin drove you crazy. He was the reason behind your current misfortune and was the reason your blood was at boiling point. But you couldn’t help but love him anyway.

“So, are you going to clean this mess up or just keep on staring at me? Not that I’m complaining but the hot coffee over my lap is quite distracting.” Silence. That’s all you could give him, as much as you pleaded with your head to talk there was no words.

“I’m just- erm, yeah. I’ll clean your table now.” The heat on your face was unbearable and you were certain that your cheeks had gone so red that the whole shop knew you had turned into a blundering mess. Ashton was sat back in his chair with his arms overlapped on his chest, a smug look on his face and he was practically basking in the pleasure of watching you.

It wasn’t that you hated Ashton Irwin, you didn’t at all but ever since the first day he walked into your coffee shop, all he had brought with him was trouble. He had come in one Monday morning, laptop in hand and nothing had been the same since. By Tuesday you were friends and had learnt all about his passion for music, how sometimes he had to get away from the studio and his band members in order to finish a song he had been working on. Wednesday brought on a whole new adventure in itself as he placed the earphones over your head, your stomach doing somersaults as he pressed play on a song he had just finished. It was unlike anything you had ever heard and you couldn’t help but close your eyes and get lost, the song ended and when you glanced at him he was staring at you, you could see the universe in his eyes and you caught yourself wishing he saw some in yours too. Thursday brought a sense of ease, Ashton had been asking you questions all day as you wandered around the shop and playfully answered him. His eyes never left you, he watched you intently and hung on to every word you said. And by Friday… well by Friday he meant everything to you. By Friday you knew you were in trouble.

You had never been so intoxicated by someone, the idea of him became a staple in your everyday routine and the days he was away became the longest. You would get up and go to work and keep your eyes fixated on the door waiting for him to enter. It was an unexpected friendship but it was one of your most valued and he quickly became someone you turned to when it felt like the world was against you. He made sure to question your actions and always encouraged you to be the best version of yourself, he made you a better person and you were grateful for that.

“You know, I’ve been coming in here for six months now and that’s the first time I’ve seen you spill something. I must say, I’m impressed.” You resist rolling your eyes and settle for a snarl that makes him shrink back into his seat. He laughs and it makes you pause, it’s your favorite laughter of his, the one that travels all the way to his eyes and makes them crinkle. It’s a sound you wish you could hear every day. You want to change the conversation, you want to tell him how the thought of him leaving today and not returning for a few months is slowly killing you but you know it’s too far. It’s too much for just ‘friends’. Ashton had slowly become the one who changed everything. He was the fire that set you alight and ignited every nerve in your damn body, he made you dare to dream and even made you finally pluck up the courage to write a business proposal to expand your shop.

Irony. It hits you hard in the face and drains you of any hope you have, you don’t get to decide who you fall for, all you know is that they drive you completely crazy insane but it is worth it. He is so wrong for you but so right, you know what you feel for him makes you feel unhinged and no one can explain it and it’s because you are in love. Irony. It makes you feel a hundred miles away from the one you are closest to.

It’s when he kisses you on the cheek you know there is no going back. He is leaving and his touch lingers on you longer than usual. Your hand brushes over his and you swear you feel your insides explode, his eyes search yours for the next move and it feels like time is moving so slow but the moment is over as quickly as it has begun. That is all it takes, a touch so subtle and gentle but it sets your whole body on fire, it leaves you dazed and takes you away for a few seconds. That casual kiss on the cheek should have meant nothing, but it made your heart burst and your hands shake. You were in love with him, not the casual love you feel when a stranger passes you by and stops you with their looks, it was nothing like that. It was the love that captures you and makes you grateful for every little thing that has ever happened. It was the love that had the power to reduce you to a fragile mess.

It had been weeks since you had heard from him, the sinking feeling in your stomach had grown every day and you are sure he has forgotten about you. The shop feels empty, the words of customers had become a background noise and you find yourself holding back tears on multiple occasions. Maybe it was you, maybe you felt something he didn’t and you had created an imaginary connection in your head. He was everywhere, his songs played on the radio and his usual seat in the shop is left untouched most days, acting as a constant reminder of his absence.

The bell on the shop door chimes and when you look up, you almost lose your balance.


He walks towards you and you swear you haven’t taken a breath since he entered, you don’t have to chance to register anything until his arms are curling around your body and pressing you tight towards his chest. Everything is tense until you feel him relax, your hands claw at the material of his shirt to convince yourself this is real. Words are muttered but you can’t decipher them, the world is spinning and you want to cry. He pulls back and his hands encompass the sides of your face, lips brushing against one another and suddenly it makes sense. You know why they call it falling in love, you fall with no destination and it drives you crazy, it sends you into a mess and lets your ears fill with your heartbeat whilst the world continues to spin.

His lips find yours again and you know it was worth the wait, you couldn’t care less that everyone is staring. It’s quiet but you hear it, his voice so low that aren’t sure if he is even speaking at all.

“I missed you. I missed you so much.”