ashton lorin
Lorin Ashton (Bassnectar): Start a three night camping festival with a two and a half hour long set each night with no sound restrictions
Due to noise restrictions, sound bleed, and venue constraints, we the people kindly plead (require) a three day camping festival ran by the Bassnectar team. The Bassnectar team would choose artists that represent the values of Bassnectar and the community, and a percentage of profits would be donated to charities of the community's choosing. No longer would Bassnectar and the community have to be on the same lineup/crowd as homophobic, immoral, racist, and/or misogynistic artists. Bassnectar would play a two and a half hour set each night, with no sound limits or restrictions, creating an experience that would be truly immersive.

To all of my Bassnectar fans! Check out this petition for Lorin Ashton aka Bassnectar to start his own music festival. This would be one of the best, most immersive music festivals to date. Lets make this shit happen!