ashton irwin sim

this one time I made 5sos on sims and somehow in a weird twist of events and feelings I got cake to date and this one time I sent Luke on a date with some random chick and Calum showed up and slapped him and Luke moved on to marry this bitch and have kids with her but somewhere along the line I felt bad about hurting Calum so I killed Luke’s entire family so he could be with Calum and they got married and that’s the story of how cake became a real thing


Here they all are - click for better quality! In their lovely formal wear. And they are honestly the best thing! I hope you guys like them. I tried to make them as close as I could facial wise. The ccs that  I used belonged completely to the owners from skin to make up to clothes and shoes. (I can’t remember all of them but I promise to do a long list of all of them later!) So, yeah. If you want to see more please reblog this or message me to let me know! Thanks!