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  • "Scientists said that if you're not a fan of a celebrity then you have a 30% chance of meeting them, and you have a 10% chance of meeting them if you're a fan."
  • Me: Yes, hello... who tf is 4 minutes of winter?
Baby girl

CEO!Ash - This is pure fucking filth alright

Words: 6.1k

“Miss y/n, what’s your input on this?”

You heard your colleague’s voice in the background. But you didn’t react to it. You were focused on something else. Rather someone else. Your boss, that was sitting on the other end of the table, twisting and twirling a pen between his long, slender fingers. He was completely staring at you, head cocked to one side in a rather smug attitude. He was young, not much older than you. Only by a year or two. It always amazed you how successful he was for his age, but with that charm - although he most of the time radiated arrogance… and that smile, his success did not surprise you.

You’d lie if you said you weren’t attracted to him. Hell, that man could have his way with you without you even questioning it, you wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, you wanted it. You wanted him to fuck you, and by judging the look he was giving you, you understood he knew that, too. What made your chest rise and your heartbeat increase, was the fact that he tugged on the collar of his shirt. Then, he gazed up at you again, and the look he was shooting you this time made you weak. He wanted it, too.

“Miss?” your colleague repeated.

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5sos or abercrombie models?
I think they are TOO good

Demon! Michael

Words: 2.4k

Warning: Smut

Summary: You manage to die in a car crash and instead of going to the grim reaper you’re sent straight to hell to one of the devils finest Demons, Michael. Who in order to be given a chance to go to heaven you have to impress. 


“Fuck” I cursed looking at the car crash in front of me. The big red lorry had plummeted into the side of my little blue car and somehow I had made it out, or so I thought. I stumbled over to the wreck and inspected the vehicle, surprisingly I felt fine. But my car was completely ruined, the paint work scratched across the side of the lorry. The bumper completely hanging off and the front window smashed. I heard the screech of sirens ring through my ear as I turned around. ‘Oh good’ I thought walking over to the ambulance, which had rummaged against the side of the road. They went round the back of the ambulance and started putting equipment together.

“Thank god you’re here, this asshole drove into the front of my car” I slightly shouted, waving my hands up and facing them. They were talking to each other really fast, telling each other to grab different equipment and loading up the big green bag. “Hello” I said sarcastically, waving my hand in front of there faces. They kept ignoring me and ran over to my car with the stretcher, the wheels making a horrible squeaking sound. I sighed dramatically following them over to my car. They seemed to drag out a body from my car, removing it tactically. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, I don’t remember anyone else in my car? I went over to the stretcher and looked on it. Holy shit.

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Drunk Ashton is one of my favorite Ashton’s. 


merry christmas from 5sos :)

they are so cute and i hate them for this.

Calum Hood Dirty Imagine

you guys frickle frackle.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. I hope it wasn’t to dirty for you, my writing is pretty graphic. Very graphic , much intensity . Hope this shook some of you guys, gosh it killed me writing it.


Words: 6K

Warning: smut

Summary: Y/N and her mum move into a new home, which Y/N is dreading. Whilst painting her room she meet’s Calum who died a year ago and is obviously a ghost. You help him reconnect with his old best friends in which he thanks you in the best way a ghost could.


Your mum drove up the long stony pathway, hearing the rocks crackle beneath the tyres. I let out another exaggerated sigh, looking dramatically out the window as a sad song played through my headphones. Me and my mum were once again moving away from our problems. In the past five year’s we’ve moved at least 12 times, from small flats to large houses. It all started when my dad cheated on my mum, I was only 10 and didn’t understand why we were moving from our happy family home to a cramped apartment that was the size of a shoe box. Now at the age of 19 I had gotten used to moving around and not unpacking my things. I had never had a stable job or education either, I tried but it was so hard moving around the place. 

“Cheer up Y/N” Mum said in her silky voice. I rolled my eye’s and focused on the tree leaves, the different colours of orange. I loved autumn it’s always been my favourite as it’s not to hot but it’s not to cold. It’s just right. We had been travelling through this forest for a couple of minutes. Up the long drive, it had gotten a lot darker and the colours of the leaves were a dark brown. I looked in front and there stood a large black castle/house. I furrowed my eye brows as my mum got out the car with her clanging key’s. There was a large gate with a chain holding it together, my mum placed the key in the lock and the chains fell from the gate. She pushed them back and placed a stop underneath them. The house itself was massive, probably bigger then anything we’ve ever had. It was dark and gloomy and could do with a paint job, or some colour. My mum came back into the car and put the key’s down into the cup holder. 

“So what do you think?” she said excitedly. 

“I like it, how long this time? A week? A month? or will we be moving tomorrow?” I mumbled sarcastically. 

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