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Please take a minute and read this picture. Can you imagine being so grateful for your fans and where they’ve gotten you, and being so excited to meet them, but when you do they just force you to take a quick pic and hand you a sliver of paper with a username on it? How does that make us look? How tiring can that be? You put all of yourself into your art and people just want a lousy follow and nothing more. Show your appreciation, guys. If you meet them, do more than just take a pic and give them a username. Try to have a conversation. Give them a letter. Thank them. They are human too. 


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making plans to rule the world, you were more than I deserved

ashton would be the guy to bring his child on the first date bc they’re a package deal and if the person he’s dating won’t accept that right off, he couldn’t date them. so you’ve known his son since the beginning and you’re always teasing ashton about how you only date him so you can see his son but really you love them both so much. and so one day you’re heading to ashton’s for lunch and his son opens the door bc ashton was expecting you so he didn’t mind and his son would call out “mommy’s here!!” and ashton would rush to the door expecting to see his ex-wife who abandoned the two and he’s panicking bc she can’t be here. so many bad things can come out of meeting her again, but he only sees you standing in the doorway with your mouth hanging open and your cheeks flushed and his son has already run off again to play with his toys. “i’m sorry about that,” ashton would say scratching the back of his neck nervously. “i don’t want you to be uncomfortable; i’ll talk to him about it.” and he’s just not sure how to handle it other than by apologizing but you’re really just shocked and you start to smile and reassure ashton “it’s okay, ash. i’d love to be his mommy.” and ashton would smile too bc you’re just everything he wants for him and his son.

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