ashton irwin dirty imagine

when you get a good grade

When you get free pizza

when your crush likes you back 

when 5sos post a keek

when you see shirtless pics of 5sos

I’m sad to be an American
Where iTunes restricts me
I can’t buy 5sos songs
I wanna be an Aussie
So, now I’ll stand up
And smack your face
Bc I thought we were supposed to be free
I’m sad I live in such a place
God help the U.S.A.

5SOS Album

1- She Looks So Perfect

2- Don’t Stop

3- Good Girls

4- Kiss Me Kiss Me

5- 18

6- Everything I Didn’t Say

7- Beside You

8- End Up Here

9- Long Way Home

10- Heartbreak Girl

11- Lost Boy

12- English Love Affair

13- Amnesia

14- Social Casualty

15- Never Be

16- Voodoo Doll

17- Green Light

No one will ever know how much this made me laugh. I actually thought it was him at first because this is photo shopped so well 

Help? - Fivesome Smut PART ONE

all the majorly requested stuff down there, thigh-riding and squirting. have fun you lot ;) x

PART TWO - masterlist

“Cal could I ask you something?” You tore your eyes away from the TV screen and glanced at your best friend.

“Sure.” He shrugged, twisting his body to face you.

“You’ve… you know… had sex before, right?” You stuttered, not daring to meet Calum’s eyes.

“I’m in a band of course I have, where is this going?” He questioned, as you sat fiddling with your fingers.

“I just… never mind.” You chickened out, turning back to the screen.

“No, no, no, no,” Calum whined, clicking the remote so the TV faded to black, “What is it?” He scooted closer and nudged your arm in encouragement.

You took a deep breath and blurted, “I’ve only been with a few guys, and every time I had to fake my orgasm,” You paused and then looked into Calum’s eyes, “Help?”

“You want me to give you an orgasm, is that it?”

You nodded slowly, slightly surprised at how calm your best friend was remaining at this proposition.

“You sure you want me to?” Calum’s dark eyes looked into your slightly nervous ones, as you nodded once again, speechless, “Come here.” He grabbed your waist and pushed his slightly parted lips on yours.

You reacted immediately, any doubts or nerves flying out the window. You moved your lips in sync with Calum’s, your arms wrapping around his neck instinctively as he tightened his grip on your waist.

You drew apart, giddy and slightly out of breath.

“Do you still want to do this?” Calum tentatively asked.

“Yes. Do you?”

“Yes.” And with that, Calum reconnected his mouth to yours and pulled you onto his thigh, his hands sliding down to grab your ass.

Your senses were overwhelmed with Calum, his taste, his smell, him. You didn’t notice the three boys walk in, seeing you two and jaws hitting the floor. Michael acted first.

“What is going on here?” He raised his eyebrow at you, looking your figures up and down.

“ ‘Just best friends’ my ass.” Ashton added.

Luke just stood gawking, hands covering his crotch, obviously hiding a semi.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Calum said, however his hands were still secure around your ass.

“Yeah, he’s… he’s only helping me.” You protested.

“Helping you what? Get yourself off?” Michael chuckled as if it was oblivious to the fact that he had hit the nail on the head, but after your face turned an impressive shade of crimson, he craned his neck forward in shock, “What’s your deal? Have you never had an orgasm before?” He asked.

You widened your eyes, mortified at how quickly Michael had sussed you out.

“How come you chose Calum?” Ashton said moodily, you were unsure at what he meant.

“What?” You stuttered.

“Yeah, what makes you think Calum will take care of you properly?” Luke piped up, his face a strange mixture of anger and confidence.

“I don’t know…” You trailed off, looking between Calum and the three boys.

“How about I show you?” Calum glared at the other boys before using his hands to rub your crotch across his thigh you were still straddling.

You threw your head back and let a moan escape your lips at the friction from Calum’s jeans rubbing you. Your skirt had ridden up, so that your underwear and Calum’s jeans were the only layers between your bare heat and his thigh, you bucked your hips, grabbing Cal’s shoulder for support, intensifying the pleasure sparking through your body. Your noises spurred Calum on, and you began to hear sounds from the other three boys, groans of jealously from Michael and whimpers from Ashton and Luke.

“I can’t…” Michael refused to restrain himself any longer and dropped to his knees behind you, kneading your breasts in his large palms and lending his shoulder for you to lie your head on.

“Oh god.” Luke let out a strangled gasp as Ashton joined Michael behind you. Ashton began nipping at your neck, smothering you in pleasure.

You were panting heavily, and your hips were rocking harder, not needing the force of Calum’s hands, even though they were still locked on you. You opened your eyes and looked to the awkward blonde boy palming himself in the corner of the room.

“You going to stand there the whole night or come and kiss me?” You breathed.

He took you up on your suggestion, kneeling beside Michael and bringing your head up to connect his mouth to yours. You moaned, Luke’s cold lip ring effecting you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

“Fuck.” You panted, your lips slipping away from Luke’s and your head lolling back on Michael’s shoulder.

The knot in your stomach was growing and Ashton was sucking harder on your neck, determined to leave his mark on you. You were whimpering loudly, along with Michael and Luke, who were palming themselves desperately, your thighs quaking. Their noises pushed you over the edge, the knot in your stomach exploding. Your back arched off Michael’s chest, your body shuddering and limp as the feeling from your orgasm faded.

“Holy fuck.” Calum gasped.

You sat up and followed his gaze to between your thighs, you saw your juices covering his thigh, and running down your legs.

“Shit, sorry.” You stuttered, not sure what to say.

“You squirted.” Michael said in awe, his lips twisting into a smirk.

“That was hot as fuck.” Luke said, the bulge in his pants began to look painful as his erection strained against his tight jeans.

Ashton’s hands danced up your thighs, “We are making you do that again.”

When in doubt, peace and pout. 

ashton literally looks like hes ready to fuck you hard cause you’ve been a bad girl and needs to be taught by daddy LMaO bYE SATAN NOT TODAY BUDDY

Mr Irwin - Teacher!5SOS Series

Clifford - Hemmings - Hood


“Am I interrupting something?” You snapped out of your blissful daydream and found your teacher, Mr Irwin, and half your class looking at you.

“No, Sir. Uh, sorry.” You hastily apologized, straightening up in your wooden chair and trying to compose yourself after an extremely vivid fantasy of Mr Irwin slamming into you over a school desk. You bit your lip to suppress a moan as you briefly slipped into your dreamland again.

“Earth to Y/N? That’s it, see me after class to discuss your punishment.” Your young teacher turned his back on you and began to continue his lesson, as you tried not to focus on how much his words turned you on.

You stared at the clock mounted above the door, willing it to go faster. Eventually, the bell rang and pupils ran out the room as Mr Irwin beckoned you to the front of the class.

You perched yourself on the edge of a table facing your teacher, trying desperately not to look him in his gorgeous eyes.

“What’s happened Y/N, all of your other teachers have said such nice things about you, but in my class you’re always miles away?” Your teacher started, he took his glasses off and placed them on the desk he was sitting at, he clasped his hands together and looked at you, expecting an answer.

“Sorry Sir. I can’t concentrate in lessons, that’s all. Have you been asking other professors about me?” Your eyes glinted hopefully, daring to meet his.

“I may have taken a special interest in you, yes. But what’s been on your mind,” He stood up and walked around his desk, he was much closer to you now, “You can tell me.”

“You, Sir.” You muttered quietly, hanging your head in embarrassment.

“Me?” You nodded, “What about me.”

“I don’t know,” You mumbled, your emotions got the better of you and your mouth took over, “It’s things like how you twirl your pen in those gorgeous hands of yours, how you lick your lips every so often, your trousers which are always just a little bit too tight. Fuck.” You went bright red as you finished your confession.

“Thank god, don’t tell the head about this.” You hardly processed what your teacher had said before his lips crashed onto yours, startling you into a moan.

His hands caressed your waist as your own wrapped around his lower back, pulling him between your legs as you were now fully seated on the sturdy table.

You felt your wetness pooling between your legs and knew you wouldn’t have much longer to yourselves before a student or a staff member burst in.

“Fuck, Irwin you better put those fingers to good use.” You moaned into his ear as his mouth left purple marks on your neck and collarbone, under your half undone blouse.

He grunted in response to your demand and stopped his assault on your neck, he looked in your eyes instead.

“I don’t like being given orders, babe. But you look hot as fuck in that skirt so I’m going to give you what you want anyway.” You could barely believe what you were witnessing as his fingers trailed up your skirt and into your underwear, you threw your head back in anticipation.

You gasped as he sunk a finger into you, beginning to move slowly, hearing your whimpers before speedily adding another one and moving his hand faster.

You opened your eyes slightly, expecting to see his face but was greeted with empty space, you looked down and saw him on his knees between your legs. That sight alone could have made you cum. He saw you looking and smirked at you, raising an eyebrow and slowly moving his lips to your core. You felt his warm tongue glide over your folds, skilfully flicking your clit as he continued to pound his long fingers into you.

Your whimpers quickly became desperate, Irwin was curling his fingers inside you every so often, as well as flattening out his tongue against your bundle of nerves.

“Shit, I’m gonna –“ You panted.

Irwin removed his tongue from you and slowed the pace of his hand right down, “No you aren’t.”

You huffed angrily. The knot in your stomach hadn’t vanished completely, but still left you shuddering and tense, he was teasing you.

“What are you doing, Sir?” You tried to sound innocent but your teeth were gritted fiercely. He began to pick up the pace of his fingers once more.

“Call me Sir again and I’ll make you come within a minute.” He growled at you, but a playful tone lingered in his voice.

“Fuck, Sir, fucking do something.” You cried out, his torturing subsided and was replaced with the full force of his tongue swirling around your folds, his right hand slamming into you and his left rubbing rough circles on your clit.

“Oh fuck…” You whined, your stomach tensed as his actions became more aggressive, only working to pleasure you.

“Come on baby, I know you’re close.” He moaned into you, the vibrations finally sent you over the edge, your thighs shaking around his face.

You came down from your high and sat up to see your teacher at the door, his hand resting on the doorknob. You sat up confused, buttoning up your top as he bashfully looked at his shoes.

“See me after school for detention, this kind of behaviour can’t be accepted.” He stood tall, his tone of voice strange, mechanic. You looked at him, puzzled, before trying to walk over to him on wobbly legs. His face softened, rushing over to you to lend an arm.

“Detention, Sir?” You questioned.

“You haven’t had your punishment yet.” He winked at you before sending you out the classroom, your mind reeling at the fantasies you could live at last.

Ashton in bed

I’m pretty sure Ashton is a kinky ass motherfucker in bed. Like, you would have to be heavily willing to try out new things for the sexual side of the relationship to work. I mean, can’t you just imagine him messaging you every day and telling you about some scenario that he’s heard of and how he wants to test it out? Some days he would be into the teacher/student thing, or other days it would be the whole masseuse/client. And then other times, it would just be something simple, like, he’d get handcuffs or…

Like, I think he would so obsessed with your sex lives that he would actually invest in it. And whenever you got home from work, Ashton would be no where to be seen, and then lying on your bed would be a new sexy outfit that he’d purchased during the day. And one time it would be a little maid outfit and then you’d hear this growl behind you in the doorway saying, ‘get dressed, sweet heart, and I’ll meet you in the kitchen.’ And when you turned around you could already see his cock straining ridiculously hard against his shorts.

And he would just have no shame at all. There would never be a hint of un-confidence whenever you played out his little scenes. Ashton would just be loud and dominating, but also incredibly smart. Like, during the maid thing, he would actually force you to make him food while he sat on the bar stool at the other side of the counter and watched. But he would request you to get the ingredients from either the furthest bottom shelf or the tallest shelf. So when you bent down, your ass would stick up into the air, and he would have a perfect view of underneath your little skirt. And when you had to grab a step ladder to climb up to the highest shelf, he would have absolutely no embarrassment in getting up from his seat, walking to stand directly beside you, and then titling his head to have a gape underneath the skirt.

And then it was always Ashton dominating on top, or Ashton dominating from the bottom. You would never have the control. And you would never even attempt to get the control, because you would love him telling you what to do. And the more and more you had sex, the more you would realise that patronising rhetorical questions were his thing. Like, whenever he was running the tip of his cock up and down your dripping wet heat, it would always be, 'you want my cock baby girl? hey? do you want me to fuck you honey?’ and, like, NO SHIT. But he’d keep going, and even when he was slamming his dick into you and grasping onto your breasts, he would continue asking, 'do you like that? yeah? my cock fits so good in your tight little pussy, doesn’t it?' 

Despite his controlling attitude, however, you would be able to see his little downfalls. Like, if he’d ordered you to give him a little strip tease, and he was just sitting down on a chair watching you dance, he wouldn’t be able to control his arousal. He would have to unbutton his pants and dive his hand in to get himself off to the sight of you. And then you’d see his eyes roll back and his head fall and you would know that you’re having a good effect on him.

And that wouldn’t be the only time you could see the little glimmer of weakness. Whenever he came, or was close to coming, all of his walls would crash down, and he would start rambling his emotions. Like, 'oh, shit, baby, you’re so- fuck-fucking perfect,’ 'yes, oh God, y-you’re gonna make me come, babe,’ 'I’m so lucky, sh-shit, I love you Y/N, I l-love you so so much.’ And then even after he’d shot his load into you and fallen beside you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders to pull your head to rest on his chest, he would continue to garble on saying, 'I am the most fortunate man in the world to have such an amazing girl like you in my life, baby, you’re so beautiful and intelligent and loving and funny and absolutely adorable baby.’

And Ashton’s biggest turn on would be having you completely vulnerable to him. So if you were horny, he was instantly hornier. And sometimes, if he had been teasing you for so long, you would be so aroused that you would need to rub against whatever you were on. Like, if you were sitting on the bed, you’d have to grind your centre into the mattress, or if you were on Ashton’s lap, you’d need to subtly ride his thigh. But it would never go unnoticed by him, and Ashton would never stop you. Instead, he’d use it to make him seem more in authority, saying, 'aw, look at my poor girl, so desperate for any friction. You little whore, aren’t you a cutie.’ And then eventually he just wouldn’t be able to contain himself, and he’d need to grab you and force you into kissing him.

And oh my, he’d be addicted to your moaning. So much so if you were hanging out with mates, and you accidentally stubbed your toe on something and whimpered, he wouldn’t be able to help himself but to think of it sexually. And not long later, he’d have to grab your waist and quietly heave you away from the group, taking you into another room. And he would push you up against the door and hiss into your ear, 'naughty girl, whimpering like a porn star in front of all my friends,’ and he would just slip his hand up your dress and delve into your panties to finger you. Whenever he was the one pleasuring you, he would always keep strong eye contact because, again, he would love to watch the effect he had on you.

But then he’d have this ability to make you feel so much better with sex. Like, say you’d been having a really awful day and you were feeling gross and ugly, Ashton would immediately be able to tell. And he would seek it as his own job to be able to make you feel better. So, he would just seize you up into his arms and take you away to the bedroom, and he’d make sure things were a bit more sensual for you. And then he would just worship your body and hold you as close to himself as he possible could, whispering things like, 'I’ll always think you’re the most wonderful girl in the world, honey,’ and, 'Never will I ever find someone more beautiful than you.’


Luke / Michael / Calum


This was stuck in my head for a while. . .

This gif of Michael reminded me of someone…

At first I didn’t know who until I saw this…


Michael is Senior Senior Junior from Kim Possible

*Credit goes to the creator of the gifs*

☾ Sext - Luke Hemmings Smut ☽

[Very short fic because a lot of anons requested Luke on the phone xx]

(1) Luke:
I know, but I still miss you

I miss you too :( :( Not long now until you’re home though!

(1) Luke:
I can’t wait that long baby

Yes you can! We’ve managed two months, it’s only one more to go :)

(1) Luke:
But babe I want you now

I know you do luke, it’ll be okay

(2) Luke:

:’( xxxx

(1) Luke:


(1) Luke:


(1) Luke:
baby tbh I’m really horny

Omg Luke.

(2) Luke:
babe send me a pic


(1) Luke:
pleaseee my dick’s really really hard for you

Lucas it’s also really really late

(3) Luke:
cmon baby I know you’re probably soaking while thinking about my cock
don’t deny it babe

Incoming Call: Luke

“Hey, gorgeous,” his deep words rumbled through the phone, “Almost didn’t think you’d pick up.”

“Luke, it’s seriously v-“

“Shhh,” he shushed you, “Babe, I just want you to do what I say, okay?”

You let out a sigh, a mixture of admitted defeat and relaxation from his voice, “Okay.”

“Good,” he breathed before asking, “Are you in your bedroom?”

“Mmhmm,” you nodded, although he couldn’t see.

“Alright, go lay down on your bed for me, darling,” he cooed, “Rest your head on some pillows and get comfortable, okay?”

Luke was pleased to hear rustling as you stretched out on your bed, lying so your stomach faced the roof. He began speaking again as soon as he heard that the movement had stopped, “Now tell me what you’re wearing at the moment, babe.”

Looking down at your sleep-ready attire, you laughed at your childishness, “my cookie monster pyjama top.”

Instantly, he snorted back, “cutie.”

A moment of silence built tension in the conversation and soon enough, he returned, taking a more serious tone, “how about you take that top off for me then.”

“Okay, one sec,” you replied quickly before sitting upward and taking off the shirt. Grabbing the phone again and pressing it to your ear to let Luke know you’d completed the request, “done.”

Before his replies, he left small pauses. You didn’t know if it was because he had to deliberate what he was about to say next, or if he was actually intending on drawing out this scene and increasing irritation.

“Good girl,” he purred, slowly but roughly, “are you wearing any pants, babe?”


You could hear him breathe heavily as a crackled noise pushed through the phone.

“Kinky,” he whispered, “underwear?”

Being honest and still managing to rev him up came as a two-in-one when you replied naively, “just my panties.”

He hummed lowly through the speakers before persisting with his pursuit, “would you like to describe them for me, sweet heart?”

“Ummm, they’re red,” you started, talking in an innocently high tone to contrast from his growling comments, “and they’re lace. And there’s a bow on the front.”

A wet lapping sound could be recognised while he licked his lips. His voice only became more and more grave, “is that so, love? They sound very, very pretty. How about you put your hand down there and feel the material for me.”

You did as he said, daintily running your fingers over the underwear.

“Are your legs nice and wide?” he posed, making your thighs automatically spread a part so you were taking up the entire bed.  There was a brief five second gap as you continued to float the pads of your fingers over the lace. “I need you to speak up, honey, have you got your legs open?”

“Yes, Luke,” you quickly hissed, making him smile at how quickly you were becoming vulnerable.

“That’s what I like to hear.”

It didn’t surprise you that, like always, Luke had taken authority of the situation. Although he came across as the needy one while you were texting, you always found that hearing his voice made you succumb to his needs. Always, always, always, it came down to him giving you the commands. He was in control, and had complete power over you. Not that you really minded.

“Okay, babe, I want you to shut your eyes for me,” he asked, his words beginning with a growl but becoming softer as he tried to sound melodic for your sake, “Are you nice and relaxed, [y/n]?”

“Yeah,” you sighed, and you were, but your heart was beating a hundred miles a minute.

“Nice,” his voice slurred, “how about you slip those fingers down into your panties, baby, let them brush over your clit, and pretend it’s my hand.”

Following orders, you sunk your fingers underneath the material, gasping loudly as soon as they came into contact with your most sensitive area.

Luke hastily mumbled, “okay, baby, that’s it now, take your hand away for me.”

Whining like a puppy, you stubbornly kept your finger where it was, digging it slightly between your folds before Luke spoke sternly over the top of you, “no, [y/n], be a good girl for me. Take. Your. Hand. Away.”

Gritting your teeth, you forcibly moved the hand away from between your legs, pressing it in to the mattress on your side. With the moaning stopped, Luke knew that you had done as he asked.

“You can get a little bit naughty, can’t you, baby? Unable to control yourself…” his voice trailed off before he quickly regained focus, “play with your tits now, babe. I want you to grab and squeeze them nice and hard, like I would.”

Reaching up, you clasped one of your breasts in your hand, letting your fingers clutch into the fat. Listening intently to the noises on the phone, you could hear scratches as Luke re-positioned himself slightly. Clearing his throat, he strained his voice whilst still scuffling around, “Are your nipples hard?”

“Yep,” you squeaked back.

After he’d settled down, he continued to speak, his breathing quite heavier than before, “use two of your fingers to squeeze your nipples, babe, make yourself feel good.”

Immediately, you did so, and a small, almost in-audible whimper fell from your mouth. Luke picked up on the tiny sound instantly and groaned, “fuck.”

Your centre had speedily become hot and damp. Just your panties covering your folds wasn’t enough friction, and you were already impatient.

“Luke,” you droned quietly, “I’m getting really wet.”

“I know you are, babe,” he chuckled hoarsely, “just bear with me.”

Letting out a huff, you waited for his next step. After a while of letting you remain unattended to, he carried on.

“Now, let’s take that hand of yours for a wander, shall we? Nice and slow for me, [y/n], nice and slow. Take it down your stomach, love, not too fast. That’s a girl. Keep it steady. Now I want you to send it over to your left side, okay? Just on your hip bone. Good. You can keep going now. Down onto the top of your thigh.”

Hearing you gulp, he was efficient in warning, “Don’t even think about going to your pussy yet, darling. Not now. Very very soon. But not yet.”

An aggressive groan gnarled through your locked jaws.

Tutting his tongue to the roof of his mouth, he patronised, “and to think that I was the one horny enough to start this.”

“Lukeeee,” you groused, whimpering, again, as you complained, “please, I think I’m dripping.”

“God, I love hearing you so helpless, babe,” he almost yelled, his words husky, “If I was with you right now, I would give you such a good fucking like you deserve.”

A shaky and staggered breath was solicited as you listened to him, your hips raising as you imagined that he was hovering over your heat whilst speaking.

“Take your panties off,” he grumbled, and waited as you did so without hesitation, “does it feel nice to get some air on your wet little heat, babe?”

“Yes,” you shrilled. By now it was clear that Luke was getting himself off. Every time he spoke, you could hear the little beats and breaths that were emitted with each pump. The thought of him masturbating was sending you into a fury. You imagined him lying on his bed, the same as you, but his neck thrown completely back, head pushing into the pillow, and sweat running from his hairline. If he wasn’t allowing of you to properly pleasure yourself next, then you would have to break his rules and do it anyway. Thankfully, his words were what you wanted.

“Go down and slip two fingers between your folds now, baby, I want you to collect up all your wetness and spread it all over your pussy for me. I need you to be glistening under the light, my horny little girl. ”

Sudden relief rushed through your veins as you made contact with the developing pool in your crotch. As much as you tried to not sound even weaker than you were, nothing could avoid the whining from spilling off your tongue.

“Luke, oh, it, it-feels, s-so, so, go-od, yes.”

Luke howled in reaction to your defenceless whimpers, “Fuck, you sound like heaven, baby, I just want to pound my cock inside of you so badly right now. Can you finger yourself now babe? Don’t warm yourself up. Just slam three fingers in, honey, you can take it. I know you can.”

As you forced your fingers as deep as they could go in one swift push, you let out a high pitched squeal.

“Yes, [y/n], fuck yourself now, babe, go,” he grunted, the pace of his own hand on his throbbing dick increasing, “imagine that I’m inside of you, yeah? Think about my big thick cock going deeper and deeper through your tightness. You’d be so wet and warm around me, and you’d look all sexy with your tits bouncing around. Damn, you’re so fucking hot.”

All you could do was release any type of sound from your mouth while you took in his dirty talk, and gradually rose in levels of euphoria until you were very close to running into the peak. When Luke’s voice cracked, however, you came faster that you thought was ever possible.

“Shit, darling, oh, oh, I’m-“ his throaty words switched to a high pitched yelp, “I’m coming.”