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Baby girl

CEO!Ash - This is pure fucking filth alright

Words: 6.1k

“Miss y/n, what’s your input on this?”

You heard your colleague’s voice in the background. But you didn’t react to it. You were focused on something else. Rather someone else. Your boss, that was sitting on the other end of the table, twisting and twirling a pen between his long, slender fingers. He was completely staring at you, head cocked to one side in a rather smug attitude. He was young, not much older than you. Only by a year or two. It always amazed you how successful he was for his age, but with that charm - although he most of the time radiated arrogance… and that smile, his success did not surprise you.

You’d lie if you said you weren’t attracted to him. Hell, that man could have his way with you without you even questioning it, you wouldn’t mind at all. In fact, you wanted it. You wanted him to fuck you, and by judging the look he was giving you, you understood he knew that, too. What made your chest rise and your heartbeat increase, was the fact that he tugged on the collar of his shirt. Then, he gazed up at you again, and the look he was shooting you this time made you weak. He wanted it, too.

“Miss?” your colleague repeated.

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Help? - Fivesome Smut PART ONE

all the majorly requested stuff down there, thigh-riding and squirting. have fun you lot ;) x

PART TWO - masterlist

“Cal could I ask you something?” You tore your eyes away from the TV screen and glanced at your best friend.

“Sure.” He shrugged, twisting his body to face you.

“You’ve… you know… had sex before, right?” You stuttered, not daring to meet Calum’s eyes.

“I’m in a band of course I have, where is this going?” He questioned, as you sat fiddling with your fingers.

“I just… never mind.” You chickened out, turning back to the screen.

“No, no, no, no,” Calum whined, clicking the remote so the TV faded to black, “What is it?” He scooted closer and nudged your arm in encouragement.

You took a deep breath and blurted, “I’ve only been with a few guys, and every time I had to fake my orgasm,” You paused and then looked into Calum’s eyes, “Help?”

“You want me to give you an orgasm, is that it?”

You nodded slowly, slightly surprised at how calm your best friend was remaining at this proposition.

“You sure you want me to?” Calum’s dark eyes looked into your slightly nervous ones, as you nodded once again, speechless, “Come here.” He grabbed your waist and pushed his slightly parted lips on yours.

You reacted immediately, any doubts or nerves flying out the window. You moved your lips in sync with Calum’s, your arms wrapping around his neck instinctively as he tightened his grip on your waist.

You drew apart, giddy and slightly out of breath.

“Do you still want to do this?” Calum tentatively asked.

“Yes. Do you?”

“Yes.” And with that, Calum reconnected his mouth to yours and pulled you onto his thigh, his hands sliding down to grab your ass.

Your senses were overwhelmed with Calum, his taste, his smell, him. You didn’t notice the three boys walk in, seeing you two and jaws hitting the floor. Michael acted first.

“What is going on here?” He raised his eyebrow at you, looking your figures up and down.

“ ‘Just best friends’ my ass.” Ashton added.

Luke just stood gawking, hands covering his crotch, obviously hiding a semi.

“It’s not what it looks like.” Calum said, however his hands were still secure around your ass.

“Yeah, he’s… he’s only helping me.” You protested.

“Helping you what? Get yourself off?” Michael chuckled as if it was oblivious to the fact that he had hit the nail on the head, but after your face turned an impressive shade of crimson, he craned his neck forward in shock, “What’s your deal? Have you never had an orgasm before?” He asked.

You widened your eyes, mortified at how quickly Michael had sussed you out.

“How come you chose Calum?” Ashton said moodily, you were unsure at what he meant.

“What?” You stuttered.

“Yeah, what makes you think Calum will take care of you properly?” Luke piped up, his face a strange mixture of anger and confidence.

“I don’t know…” You trailed off, looking between Calum and the three boys.

“How about I show you?” Calum glared at the other boys before using his hands to rub your crotch across his thigh you were still straddling.

You threw your head back and let a moan escape your lips at the friction from Calum’s jeans rubbing you. Your skirt had ridden up, so that your underwear and Calum’s jeans were the only layers between your bare heat and his thigh, you bucked your hips, grabbing Cal’s shoulder for support, intensifying the pleasure sparking through your body. Your noises spurred Calum on, and you began to hear sounds from the other three boys, groans of jealously from Michael and whimpers from Ashton and Luke.

“I can’t…” Michael refused to restrain himself any longer and dropped to his knees behind you, kneading your breasts in his large palms and lending his shoulder for you to lie your head on.

“Oh god.” Luke let out a strangled gasp as Ashton joined Michael behind you. Ashton began nipping at your neck, smothering you in pleasure.

You were panting heavily, and your hips were rocking harder, not needing the force of Calum’s hands, even though they were still locked on you. You opened your eyes and looked to the awkward blonde boy palming himself in the corner of the room.

“You going to stand there the whole night or come and kiss me?” You breathed.

He took you up on your suggestion, kneeling beside Michael and bringing your head up to connect his mouth to yours. You moaned, Luke’s cold lip ring effecting you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

“Fuck.” You panted, your lips slipping away from Luke’s and your head lolling back on Michael’s shoulder.

The knot in your stomach was growing and Ashton was sucking harder on your neck, determined to leave his mark on you. You were whimpering loudly, along with Michael and Luke, who were palming themselves desperately, your thighs quaking. Their noises pushed you over the edge, the knot in your stomach exploding. Your back arched off Michael’s chest, your body shuddering and limp as the feeling from your orgasm faded.

“Holy fuck.” Calum gasped.

You sat up and followed his gaze to between your thighs, you saw your juices covering his thigh, and running down your legs.

“Shit, sorry.” You stuttered, not sure what to say.

“You squirted.” Michael said in awe, his lips twisting into a smirk.

“That was hot as fuck.” Luke said, the bulge in his pants began to look painful as his erection strained against his tight jeans.

Ashton’s hands danced up your thighs, “We are making you do that again.”

masturbate + mgc

(gif made by the lovely @punksos​ x)

> synopsis ~ best friend michael walks in on u masturbating, and well… u get what happens next
> word count ~ 3280
> requested? ~ no
requests are sent in here // masterlist

You kicked the duvet off yourself and pushed your hair away from your forehead, catching the mirror of the moon on the line of your wrist. It began with a little thought at 11PM – just a salacious bedtime story for you to fall asleep. You expected it to remain as such, until the thought swelled into something a lot more, swelled directly into the pit of your stomach, and between your thighs. It would’ve been an easy job done, any other day. It would’ve only taken you to shuffle off your pyjama bottoms and spread yourself across the mattress, but there was a problem. There was Michael.

Michael slept in the room beside you, probably fast asleep as the night shied into 3AM. You were caught up watching a film, and before you knew, it was too late for him to head home. The walls were paper thin, which meant he would probably hear every sound you make if you were to try and relieve yourself. Your stomach tightened its knot once you let the whisper of his image into your mind. He would be shirtless, as he slept – entwined in your bed sheets, bed sheets that you have slept in before. You hoped he knew – you hoped your scent was still on the pillow, and touched his naked chest and kissed his sleeping face. You knew yourself he wouldn’t think so profoundly about every little thing about you as you did him. He was the goddamn reason you couldn’t sleep – the secret you kept to yourself as you dreamed of him pressing his lips down in places he’d never seen of yours.

Staring up at the ceiling, you bite your lip, playing with the waistband of your pyjamas and snapping it against your hipbone. It was one swift movement, when you pulled them off your ankles and opened your legs up, leaving your cheeks flushed, your thighs smeared with your own wetness, and the air from the window cracked ajar erupting hairs across your lower half. You told yourself you wouldn’t. You knew you shouldn’t – it was too risky, having him less than five large strides away from your room. It was funny how you persisted to tell yourself not to, while your fingers teased down past your navel and between your thighs.

When your middle finger met your clit, your teeth met your bottom lip. It was already wet, from dragging up from your slit, and you sighed, reaching your arm beneath your pillow as you stretched into your own touch. Michael swept into your mind behind your closed eyes, how the softness of his voice could be lulling you into a state of daze. You released the tension you held over your clit and flicked the pad of your finger over the small bud, your riposte a buck of the hips and a strung out whine. Pushing your face into the pillow, you slid your finger across your slit, biting your lip and shutting your eyes as you curled a digit into yourself. Holding your breath, you thrust your finger in and out slowly, then picked up pace once you were wet enough to let you put another in if you wanted. A deep pump choked a thick moan out of you, and having moved your head from the pillow, it fell into you room – open, lewd, and shameless.

You didn’t bother to hide yourself, and the dream of Michael consumed you hard enough for you to nearly pull the sheets off your bed in your delight. Moving your finger out from inside you, a dull sense of pleasure blossomed into your stomach, and your eyes half-lidded opened to meet your bedroom door – now swung open completely in contrast to the small crack you left before – with Michael, standing with a thumb hanging out of the pocket in his sweatpants and an expression you couldn’t quite read in the darkness. Your cheeks felt hot, and you froze, brain not working quick enough to pull the duvet over your naked legs.

“Michael, what the fuck?” you finally said after a while, and he shook his head, reaching over and turning on the light. It sent your eyes out of focus, but you ripped the duvet of yourself and held it there. An eyebrow raised, an amused grin spread his lips. You couldn’t look him in the eye. That couldn’t have just happened. Oh, my God. “Don’t you knock? The door was closed!”

“I heard you saying my name.” He offered a one armed shrug, leaning against your doorway and gracing his gaze on you, unmoving. You kept your head turned, mostly so he couldn’t see the sweat shining over your warm face. He stepped into your room, and closed the door. “Now, you’ve woken me up.”

You closed your eyes, inhaled, and placed your hand on the crown of your forehead, trying to calm your breathing as much as you could. His voice was so soft. It was sleepy and gentle, words slurring over each other and clashing, although his gaze was wide and awake. He ambled over, and sat on the bed, right beside your legs, which were luckily hidden beneath the quilt. You tried making yourself feel better of the situation at hand. Everyone masturbates. It’s normal. Michael probably got walked in on by someone, too. Just, unfortunately, not you.

“Go to bed, Michael.” You leaned over to pick up your pyjama bottoms from the side of the bed, right beside where the bed dipped in favour of Michael. He touched your waist, and you were close enough to him to hear him release a deep breath once his fingers met your spine. Your hand trembled when it fell on top of your missing clothes, and you turned your face; his breath met your cheek. “Michael…”

“Y/N.” He moved closer, managing to wrap his arm around you, now. His nose bumped your cheek, and you closed your eyes, smelling the sleep and shower gel clinging to his skin. Your hand faltered by your pyjama bottoms, and you rested it somewhere nearby – which happened to be Michael’s thigh. You nearly moved it away, but he kept it there with his own hand. “Come on. I heard you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes, you do. You had your finger all pressed up in your–”

“Michael,” you stopped him, but didn’t shift from his grip. “You can’t – don’t tease me like this.”

An airy laugh left his mouth. “You’re getting wet again, aren’t you?” The hand he had atop yours released, and he found your bare leg beneath the covers. It travelled to spread your knees, and you shivered under his cold hands. “I want to touch you, Y/N. I wanna make you feel better than you thought I could.”

You pursed your lips as his hand slid up your calf and touched the soft skin on your thigh. “Please. If you aren’t going to finish me off, don’t make me want you to.”

He laughed gently, the sound rumbling from his throat into a quiet breath. “Who said I wasn’t going to?”

When you turned your head, you kissed. It was impulsive. It was hot. Your hand moved up his neck and into his hair, like you knew your way around him perfectly without a second thought. His thumbs pushed your face up so he wouldn’t spend a single second not kissing you, and your mind was consumed with him. You remembered earlier in the evening, when it begun to rain, and the windows were covered in teary drops, how you sat so close to him, with your fingers barely touching, and neither of you daring to look away from the screen and at each other. It was an immature game you played, where you couldn’t admit to something as simple as a little crush, and now you were in your bed, spread across the mattress with the same boy holding you. Pushing the duvet away from the two of you, he shifted between your legs, parting from your mouth to peer down at your bare hips on his clothed.

“Jesus,” he whispered, and lifted up the hem of your shirt so he could run his fingers over the soft flesh of your stomach. Shivering, you inhaled, the scent of yourselves mixed together flooding you. His fingers, as usual, were cold, and pressed carefully and unfamiliarly across your body. His eyes flicked up to meet yours – green and dancing, rejoicing at the sight of you. “Do you know how long I’ve waited to be this close to you? Hmm?”

He slid both hands to the back of your thighs, and gripped you close to him, his mouth finding the column of your throat and embellishing it with wet kisses that made your head twirl. You sighed, whether out of delight or pure relief of having Michael here, you weren’t sure, and said, “too long.”

His lips met the flesh between your jaw and your throat, and you took in a sharp breath, your hand travelling up the muscles across his back and playing with the shirt covering them. Cupping your hips, you felt him smile against your skin, and you couldn’t help yourself from smiling, too. This is Michael, you reminded yourself, stretching your arms out across the mattress and closing your eyes, feeling him move away from your neck before capturing your mouth for a kiss once again. This is all you’ve wanted, and more. You didn’t need to tell yourself – you knew. He knew. It wasn’t much of a secret to either of you.

Carefully, he sat up, and you followed suit, your legs split between his hips. You both went to reach for the hem of his shirt at the same time, and when your gazes met, you let out a soft laugh, kneeling to tug it off his head. The backs of your fingers swept against his chest, and he bit his lip, pulling you in enough for your hands to grip his shoulders to keep balance. You watched each other, and everything was registering in your brain slowly, savouring every glance, every moment, every brush of skin between you. Your palms moved over his milky white chest, and you leaned back a little, enough to see the shy blush rising in his cheeks.

“Your hands feel nice,” he said gently, setting his own over yours. You stopped, but he pushed them down, letting you familiarise yourself with him, letting you map over the cities in his skin, the countries on his collarbones, and the stars in his eyes. You could hear the wind spreading the curtains apart, and your reached around his waist, nearing yourself to him. His fingers found your hair. “You’re so pretty, you know? The prettiest. You’re the prettiest.”

Smiling, you pulled back, tracing your finger along the waistband of his sweatpants. “You’re such a charmer.”

“Only for you.”

Rolling your eyes, you couldn’t hide the heat spreading beneath your face. Lifting your shirt up, you threw it off the side of the bed, where it met Michael’s. Your breasts were bare, and met the cool air in your room between your chest and his. He kissed you one more time, laying you down with his fingers resting at the bottom of your back. Your legs wrapped around him, and he pecked across your collarbones, his lips hovering over your breast. His breath hardened your nipples, and you pushed his dark hair away from his forehead, regarding his eyes as you nodded at him, and he kissed over your chest gently. He made sure to be tentative, gouging your reaction with every move so he knew you were enjoying it. His lips were petal soft, and covered your nipples perfectly, slowly running down your stomach and onto your thighs. You pressed them together, not to block him, but to ease the tension between them. His palm slid beneath your hips, the other parting your legs between him. It was then you realised you were even wetter than ever.

He raised a smug eyebrow at you, and you flushed. “So wet already?” he said.

Biting your lip, you didn’t break his gaze. “I was touching myself before, remember?”

“And whom were you thinking about?”

Your eyes shifted along his face, and you smiled coyly, your fingers meeting his on your hipbone. He still had his right hand resting on your inner thigh, now lying on his stomach with his mouth achingly close to your centre. His tongue travelled along your centre, and you bit harder down on your lip, taking a fistful of the bed sheets in your hand. He took your clit in your mouth, playing with it and pulling back once again. You exhaled, tangling your hand in his hair to pull him closer to you, but he resisted, adamant at going at his own pace, to tease and fulfil every fibre in you aching for him. His tongue swirled over your sex, and you felt his spit run down between your thighs and he tasted you.

Every moment of pressure he placed on your clit, your legs tried relaxing and pressing together, but he kept them open, his thumbs drawing circles on your skin. A knot blossomed into your stomach and you moaned, gritting your teeth and lifting your hips off the bed, attempting to grind onto his mouth. It was a futile effort, and you both knew that. He had full control over you, and you absolutely loved it. Tugging back, he licked your clit gently, and when you glanced down, his eyes were locked on yours, daring you to do something. Daring you to cum before he lets you do so. You hold your breath, keeping yourself back until he tells you you’re allowed to cum. It was an unspoken rule, but his stance and approach already let you know he wanted your orgasm to belong to him.

“Fuck, oh, Michael–” You failed saying his name coherently, and your mouth stuttered. “Mikey.”

He groaned against you, and your stomach tightened, along with your grip on the duvet. “That’s it, baby. You like it when I do this, don’t you?” He leaned in again, striping a long lick before sucking hard on your clit. Your heart picked up, and you reached your arms up, pressing your palms onto your forehead. He gazed up at you, moving away from your core with a content sigh and the lick of lips. “Fucking hell, princess. You taste so good. And you’re shaking.” He cradled your thigh in one hand. “Yeah? You liked it that much?”

You nodded, lacing the sheets between your fingers. Frustration welled up between your legs at being unable to cum, but when Michael started to slip off his sweatpants, you perked up. Despite your weak legs, you sat up, draping yourself over his crotch and looking up at him. His eyes were half lidded, his cock hard against his wrist. Taking your hand, he ran it over his shaft, and his breath hitched. You shared one more adoring look before you took it on yourself, touching his member and running your finger over the tip. He was warm, and rather obviously grew harder just in your grip, as you pumped your hand up and down. His hips bucked up, and a rumble of a moan spilled out of his mouth. You smiled, leaning down and running your tongue across his member, your lips landing on the bottom of his shaft as you sucked it. He gasped, and his hand went to the back of your head.

“Y/N, oh,” he mumbled underneath his breath. “Oh, my fucking God.”

You continued what you did, then trailed your lips to his tip once again, taking him in whole until his cock hit the back of your throat. He hummed pleasantly, pushing your hair from your face so he could watch you. It was never a secret he found you beautiful, but it was also something he would never care to admit. Nothing to throw off the balance of your friendship, although it was blatant everything was fuelled by tamed lust and longing looks. You bobbed your head up and popped your lips off him, and he hissed, his nails leaving crescents in your shoulders. When he tensed up, all the way from his stomach to his cock, you pulled away, licking your lips and propping yourself up on your arms. He throbbed, red at the tip, and a vein protruding over the side.

Something passed between you, and he rubbed his thumb across your cheekbone. “You want to do this?”

Your hand found his over your face, and you barely had to think twice. “Of course.”

It was a gentle exchange, and he lifted you up so you lay with your back pressed against your mattress, which was still warm from where Michael was before. Despite you being so unfamiliar with his body, and his with yours, when the space between your thighs filled up with him, it felt right. It felt like you knew what you were doing, and there was nothing new with what was happening. You both sighed once he entered you, and he kissed your neck ever so softly, adding to the swell in your heart. He began to thrust, and reached down to circle your clit with his middle finger. Back arching off the bed, you lost your hand in his hair, an overwhelming feeling of delight overtaking you.

“Mikey,” you whimpered in his ear, and he let out a long held groan, gripping your hips, and picking up his speed. A harsh burst of pleasure occurred in your lower stomach, and a sound rose out from your throat as his fingers linked with yours and pushed your hand beside your head. Your legs wrapped around his hips, willing him in deeper. “Y-you’re so thick, oh fuck.”

“Does it feel good?” he asked, not straying with his mouth too far from your skin. His kisses were light along your shoulder, then finally, on your mouth. “Because it feels so good for me.”

“Yes.” A surprising jolt shook your voice, and Michael slammed harder into you, his fingers tracing your ribcage. “Yes, yes, yes.”

He lifted your legs, grunting and pumping himself harder. You felt him hit your G-Spot and inclined off the bed, swearing until he stopped you with another thrust. You were a mess between the mattress and the duvet, half of the bed sheets drooping onto the floor beside your clothes, and nothing else flooding the room other than your shared moans. You held onto his shoulders, which flexed every time he moved deeper inside you.

“So deep,” you whispered. “I think I’m close.”

“Me too, baby.” He rubbed your clit faster. “With me, okay? Come on, sweetheart. You’ve got me so hard.”

He fucked you harder into the mattress, until a lurch of inexplicable euphoria threw you off, and you were meeting his chest with yours and whining for him to cum with you. He did, after a moment, and pulled out, lying beside you and moving his sweaty fringe from his forehead. You kept your eyes closed, unsure whether you would be able to meet his gaze without blushing. He turned around to face you, propping himself onto his elbow and coasted his lips across your cheek. He shifted so he could kiss your mouth, and without much more persuasion, you leaned in, and wrapped your arms around him.

“Stay here for the night,” you murmured.

Chuckling, he reciprocated. “I wasn’t planning on leaving, anyway.”

Morning Surprises (Ashton Smut)

Requested- “smut with either ash/luke where you’re the little spoon and you’re moaning in your sleep so he wakes you up by eating you out and then you come and think its over but he carries on and totally over-stimulates you”


It was Ashton’s first night back from tour. Although you tried staying up with him to spend as much time together as possible, he wasn’t used to the different timezone, resulting in him laying wide awake all night, holding you in his arms while you slept soundly.

It was around 5 am when you started twitching. First it was your leg, moving against his every once in a while, then it was your hips, grinding into the mattress as soft moans escaped your mouth. Ashton looked over at you, smirking when he realised you were having a dirty dream.

An idea popped into his head and he slid his arm out from underneath your head, crawling to the end of the bed. He lifted the duvet, moving it to his side of the bed. Your legs curled up, an instant reaction to the cold air. He gently spread your knees apart, careful not to wake you up. He placed a kiss on to the material of your underwear before inching it down your legs and placing it next to him.

Ashton glanced at your glimmering heat in excitement, his tongue swiping out and licking your clit slowly. He sucked the nub into his mouth, his teeth pulling on it gently before letting it go, watching it retract to its original position. He continued eating you out, his tongue delving inside your pussy and swiping around your walls as he moaned at your taste. Grabbing your hips, he burrowed his face further between your thighs, his nose nudging your clit as he pokes his tongue in and out of your hole.

He looked up upon hearing a light groan, seeing your eyes slowly flutter open. You gave him a sleepy smile and ran your hand through his hair, stroking the soft curls. With a grin, he returned to pleasuring you. You moaned loudly, your hips grinding into his face, eager to have his tongue deeper inside you. You felt yourself reaching your high. Your back arched off the bed as you gasped for breath, trying to regain composure after your orgasm.

You expected Ashton to stop and come cuddle, but to your surprise, he continued licking up your juices.

“Ash, what are you doing?” you moaned, grabbing onto the sheets on either side of you as he sucked on your clit.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” he lifted his head, his face wet with your arousal. “I’m gonna make you squirt.”

“Ashton, no, I’m too sensitive.” you whine, wiggling in discomfort.

“I know.” And with that, his tongue delved back into your pulsing core.

You clenched your thighs around his head, scrunching your toes and squeezing your eyes shut in pleasure. You didn’t know how much longer you could last without cumming. Just as you felt your high wash over you, Ashton detached his lips from your pussy and entered two fingers, thrusting in and out rapidly. Guttural grunts escaped his lips as he watched your body convulse in pleasure.

He curled his fingers upwards as he thrusted, the pads hitting your g-spot immediately. He added another finger, moving them in and out of you with less ease as he felt you tighten around his hand.

“You gonna cum, baby? You gonna cum for me, Y/N?” he asked, taking out his fingers and rubbing your clit quickly, watching your pussy throb for a couple seconds before squirting juice like a fountain. You screamed at the intense pleasure, Ashton breathing heavily as he looked at your naked body underneath him, a goddess tangled up in sheets. He flopped down next to you, wrapping his arm around you as you cuddled into his side.

“Morning.” he laughed, kissing your forehead.

“Well that was a pleasant surprise.”

“You’re telling me.”

  • "Scientists said that if you're not a fan of a celebrity then you have a 30% chance of meeting them, and you have a 10% chance of meeting them if you're a fan."
  • Me: Yes, hello... who tf is 4 minutes of winter?

5sos or abercrombie models?
I think they are TOO good



Lashton Threesome




4/4 Catching their daughter masturbating

4/4 Friends - Ed Sheeran





George Shelley:

Keaton Stromberg:



Jawbreaker - Hockey!Ash SMUT

inspired by this post

i have had permission from the girl who sent the anon - radiantavenues - to write this. enjoy x

also just a warning - americans think of ice hockey when i say hockey!ash but im english so imagine something like lacrosse?



“I’m not interested, please leave me alone!” You said sternly, despite feeling utterly terrified inside.

You were walking away from Derek Reilly, the captain of your school’s rival hockey team. You had been hanging around the edge of the field before Derek approached you, almost like clockwork, every 15 minutes, first engaging in small conversation but then becoming more aggressive as you declined his proposals for a date.

“Come on babe! Just one date won’t hurt!” He continued relentlessly, following your tracks as you trotted faster to the boys locker rooms, knowing Ashton would be there - or someone else to make Derek back off.

“I have a boyfriend! I don’t want to go out with you, Derek!” You glanced your eyes sidewards and saw he barely had to stroll to keep up with your fast pace, his long legs carrying him further in one step than yours could in three.

His menacing grin made you grimace, but a shaky breath of release escaped your lips as you saw the fluorescent glow of the locker room light the path in front of you, safety. Unfortunately, Derek saw too, and began shouting threats towards you, reaching out and grabbing your arm, attempting to drag you the other way. You began thrashing about in his grasp, screaming and kicking for help. A second later, Derek’s body flew sideways, your arm jerking out of his grip. You were thrust into comforting arms, immediately recognizing them to be Calum’s, Ashton’s friend and teammate. You heard vicious screams and turned around to see Ashton holding Derek by his collar, feet barely touching the ground, subsequently making the once arrogant boy’s expression turn terrified as your boyfriend’s grip was causing his pale skin to turn an alarming shade of purple.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing to my girlfriend you fucking psycho?” You heard Ashton roar in the vulnerable boy’s face.

"Nothing, leave me alone.” Derek managed to squeak out.

“Yeah? Why didn’t you leave Y/N alone when she wanted you to huh? Fuck you.” Ashton dropped the squirming figure, Derek’s body crumpling on the floor in a heap.

Ashton turned away from him in disgust, and quickly came to engulf you in his warm body. You rested your head against his chest and heard his heart beating incredibly fast. You felt his hand on your hair, smoothing it over calmly, and gently kissing your head before whispering that you were safe now. You pulled away from him and looked into his hazel eyes, flickering in worry for you, but quickly began burning, the way they would if he was absolutely furious, as he heard Derek’s cronies mocking laughs from behind you two.

The umpire of the hockey game about to be played was walking towards the crowd of people that had gathered at the noise Ashton and Derek had been making. Derek had wrongly assumed that he was safe from Ashton now.

Ash turned on his heels, shrugging off your hands that attempted to hold him back. He stalked over to Derek and punched him square in the jaw, causing the boy to double over in pain. Ashton’s teammates spurred him on, causing the umpire to rush over, but not quick enough to stop Ashton from elbowing Derek in the back, the boy now flat on his face in a heap on the floor.

“Fuck.” Ashton headed back over to you, after being disqualified from this game and the next four that would commence after this one. The crowd had dispersed as soon as Derek had hit the ground, the game was about to start.

You began to spurt apologies but was halted by Ashton’s lips connecting roughly with yours, one hand sliding into your hair and tugging harshly as the other brought your hips closer to his.

“Ash, what are you doing.” You blushed breathlessly, his hands still locked in their positions.

“I don’t have a game to play now, do I?” He grunted angrily in the direction that Derek had limped off in.

“Oh Ash, I’m sorry.” You sympathized, but was instantly distracted by his mouth sucking fiercely on your neck.

“You’re mine, I’ll show that bastard. I’ll show everyone.” His voice was filled with angst, moans ripping from both your throats as hickeys began to blossom on your neck and collarbones.

“Ash, not here!” You self-consciously said, opening your eyes a slither to check if anyone was around, luckily no one was from what you could see.

“Fine.” He uttered, hauling you into the school’s locker room and shutting the door with a slam.

He flung you in front of him, you teetered on your feet before gaining your balance again. Ashton had dropped his head, and was rubbing his eyes with one hand. He suddenly looked up at you, a fire burning in his eyes like you had never seen before.

“Ashton?” You squeaked tentatively.

He licked his bottom lip before striding towards you, wrapping his arms fully around your back and holding you close to him, mouths now pressing together animalistically.

He didn’t ask for permission to slip his tongue into your mouth, but proceeded to do so anyway, you were melting in his arms, instantly wet and desperate for him, you grasped at the hairs on the nape of his neck.

“Jump.” He mumbled roughly against your lips, hands slipping down to grab your ass as you felt his stubble graze your cheeks.

You obeyed immediately and locked your legs around Ashton’s waist, arms firmly around his neck as his grip tightened on you. He slammed your back against the wall of lockers, letting it bare most of your weight, your mouths opening and closing in sync as his long fingers slipped under your skirt which had ridden up around your hips.

His fingers were designed to tease you, and you knew he would for hours if you let him, but today you were too impatient.

“Just do it,” You battered his hands away sloppily, slightly drunk on Ashton’s intoxicating taste, “Please Ash, I need you.”

He was hardly one to argue with you when you were like this. He hurriedly shoved down his black and white blue uniform shorts with one hand. Swiftly reaching next you into what you knew to be his opened locker, he pulled out a condom, ripping the packet open in his teeth. His fiery eyes seared into yours as he rolled it on hastily, now hard and just as frantic as you were.

You were still wearing your underwear, too caught up in emotions to have remembered to discard them earlier. Ashton wasted no time, however.

“Fuck it.” He whispered under his breath, grabbing the cotton waistband and tearing the fabric off you.

You kissed his lips intensely, now more aroused than you thought you could ever be. He plunged deep into you, knowing you could take it as this was definitely not the first time you two had had sex.

The initial discomfort of his size faded quickly as his pace picked up, drawing all the way out and back into you, his pace reflecting his aggressive and passionate emotions currently dominating his mind. Your bodies were heaving and glistening with sweat, writhing together, overcome with lust. Moans and whimpers began to uncontrollably slip from your mouth, Ashton could barely cope with the sounds you made and rested his forehead on your shoulder, thrusting his hips at a rapid pace as your head leaned back against the cold metal string of lockers.

“Ashton…Ash!” You let out a high pitched scream as Ashton hit your sweet spot, but instantly bit your bottom lip to mute the volume.

“No, babe. Let it out. I want the whole damn school to know that only I can make you feel like this.” Ashton muttered against your skin.

The consequences and chances of being caught ringing in your brain led you to your orgasm quicker than you expected. Ashton’s fingers found your clit and rubbed tight little circles, anticipating your release. You refused to hold back moans any longer and whimpers slipped from your lips in time with Ashton’s speedy thrusts.

“Ash!” You whimpered, warning him you were about to cum, unable to form full sentences.

He groaned your name in your ear and bit down on your shoulder, both of you hitting your highs in sync, Ashton still thrusting to prolong both your orgasms.

You stayed in his arms for a few moments, before he pulled out and set you down gently, holding out an arm for you to rest on as he knew your legs would be like jelly.

“You don’t actually like Derek do you?” Ashton suddenly piped up insecurely.

You stared at him, baffled for a moment before bursting out laughing and shaking your head.

“Of course not, you idiot,” You said affectionately, leaning into Ashton as his arms settled around your body, both of you basking in an afterglow, “I like you.” You continued, poking his bicep.

"Good,” He sighed in relief, smiling wide now, “I like you too.”

I know, you sacrificed five hockey games for me.” You said lightheartedly, not wanting to upset him, but only joke.

“To be fair, I didn’t know I would get disqualified.” Ashton came right back at you, separating your bodies so you could both readjust your ruffled appearances.

He straightened up after pulling up his shorts and discarding the used condom, holding a swatch of torn material in one hand, sniggering softly as your mouth fell open at the sight if your tattered underwear.

“Christ they’re ruined. You can keep them,” You fell about laughing as Ashton’s eyes lit up in glee, “Guess I’m going commando.”