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Imagine #5: Warped tour with Calum

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Requested: Yes

Request: Hey would you be able to write an imagine where you’re dating calum and you’re a famous singer performing at warped tour and he comes and visits out, an like we hangout ftd?? It’ be great if you could I your writing sm dude!!

Word Count: 860

Warnings: None

A/N: I am so sorry these are taking so long. I just got a job, and school is almost over, my goddaughter will be here any day now! And I was reunited with a guy that I have liked since Sophomore year. But the other ones, will be out soon.

I’m lost in my thoughts,
I don’t know where my love life has gone,
Smoke and champagne on my mind

You belted out the final lyrics to Smoke and Champagne to the roaring crowd that was also singing along with you. Thousands of people, knowing who you were and what song you were singing was probably the most wonderful rush, you could ever get in life. With a final good-bye, and a wave from yourself and bandmates, rushing off stage to the back rooms that were set up for the artists that were singing at warped tour.

“That.. was insane!” You heard an all too familiar voice holler down the hall, turning around your mouth opening a little from the shock, that Calum was here. “Calum?” You mumbled from shock, his face brightening up in a large smile, sprinting off into a run, Calum doing the same but he was doing it in slow motion. Reaching him, both of you falling to the ground in a heap of limbs.  

Giggles were heard from the both of you, “I can’t believe you are here!” You hollered, sitting up and sitting in his lap.  “I told you, I wasn’t going to miss this,” He spoke as he ran a hand down the side of your face. “Nice, we see how it is. You don’t want to see us,” Ashton interrupted, his arms folded in front of his chest and an evident pout on his face.  

“Oh, my Ashton! How much I have missed that horri.. I mean gorgeous face,” You mocked, folding your hands together and resting them on the side of your face. Calum was snickering, “Oh be quiet..  You know you want all of dis,” Ashton retorted though he couldn’t hold back the giggle from rolling his lower body while shaking his upper.

“I am going to go and find some food,  give you both a little privacy,” He said walking away from the two of you,  “Want to get off the floor and I can give you a tour?” You questioned, helping him up from the ground. Nodding his head, grasping your small hand in his.  

“This is where I change along with the others,  this is where we perform for hundreds of people.. That for some weird reason, want to see our…unique selfs,” You talked on and on,  dragging him around behind stage, to the other dressing rooms that the other performs were at. He even met up with Tyler and Josh.

You both stayed around for a little while, talking with them and about maybe even collaborating on the next album together. “Yeah man, that would be killer,” Tyler said bouncing from one leg to another, he was starting to get hyped about being the next one on stage. “I don’t know, I would love to see who would win in a drum battle between Josh and Ashton.. May not want them to be in the same room,” You advised them both, before waving good-bye to them when someone from the set came and told them they were next up.
“I can write that off my list, Twenty One Pilots wants to collaborate with 5 seconds of summer,” Calum said in awe, striking his hand threw the air, like he was really cross it off his bucket list. Rolling your eyes at his weirdness, “Yes you can know. Where to now?” You piped up, intertwining your hands together throwing them back and forth.

“I kind of want to see Twenty One Pilots perform.” That is what you both did, with Ashton dancing and singing behind you till the both of you parted ways with Ashton to go backstage to the dressing room.
“When are you going on again?” Calum wondered out loud,his arm draped over the couch and you lying in his side.

“I go back on tomorrow!” You beamed up at him, he was staring at the door like he was waiting for something to happen. And something did happen, a knock was heard, followed by two people walking in the room.

“Mom? Dad?!” You hollered, trying to wrapping around the fact that they were here. “Hey honey, Calum flew us out here,” Your Dad told you as he wrapped you in his arms, tears were pooling in your eyes, “You did?”
“Yeah, you were telling me the other day about how you wish they could see you on stage more. And I got the bright idea, along with Ashton help,” Calum stood behind you, closing his eyes in pure bliss by the overly-excited expression on your face. “Thank you, you’re the best. Seriously, the best,” You blurted out, he couldn’t help but feel a little cocky about the fact that you just said he was the best.

“What can I say, I am the”

“No.. I take it back, Ashton is the best.”

“Ah! I am, why am I the best?” Ashton spoke out, walking in the room with two baskets of food and a hat that was feeding him whatever liquid was in it. Shaking your head at them both, “Never mind, neither of you are ‘the best’ or awesome.”  

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