Dating Youtuber!Michael:

- You are his camera man ALL THE TIME
- “Babe I don’t like this angle.”
- Vlogs all the time
- Him ending up video taping you for hours
- “Isn’t my baby just beautiful you guys?”
- His fans love you
- “Today we’re gonna play this game with Y/N and I’m gonna kick —”
- “So Y/N kicked my ass.”
- Couple tags
- “Just so you guys know Y/N is naked behind the camera.”
- “No, I’m not.”
- “Wish you were.”
- Youtuber friends
- “Babe I love you and all but if you break my camera I’m gonna have to kill you in your sleep.”
- “Hey whatsupp guys today I’m— Y/N what are you doing”
- “Sorry my foot was itchy, I’m filming go ahead.”
- Eye rolls
- Him trying to take to every country he goes
- The “it” youtube couple
- “I’m proud of you Mikey.”
- “It’s all with your help sweetheart.”

Calum is unreal like he’s so ethereal it’s unbelievable plus he’s real nice, he literally has the biggest heart, he’s actually flawless if we’re being honest

Says Who? {C.H} - Part 2

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,606
Rating: R
Summary: Basically just more smut about being roommates/housemates with Calum LOL | Part 1

With Mali, Jess, Jack, and Tom out of the house for work nearly daily, it left you and him to take care of things around the house for almost the entire day. Having just finished lunch, Calum helps out by washing the dishes, considering you had made the food. You get comfy on the couch and wrap yourself in one of Jess’ blankets and flip through the Netflix selections. Having put the last dish away, Calum slides next to you on the couch, immediately wrestling the remote from your grip. He connects his phone to the portable speaker and invites himself within the confines of your blanket, making you press against the back of the couch.

“Much better,” he laughed, wrapping his arms around you. He presses a kiss on the back of your neck, peppering kisses from there and up to your shoulder blades. You squirm slightly as the faint of his lips slightly tickled, sending goosebumps shooting up on your skin. “I’ve been thinking,” he hums, something mischievous in his tone. You turn your head a little in his direction, as much as the position would permit. This time, he speaks with more clarity, conviction, and teasing in his tone. “I was thinking about how impossibly good you would look getting fucked on all surfaces of the house.”

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