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Friends With Benefits (Frat!Calum smut) DAY 26!

Summary: You make Calum jealous during a party, prompting him to take you upstairs and show you who’s boss…

Warnings: Friends with benefits situation, smut!

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: This is the final Calum smut of Smutty September and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it being so close to the end :( I hope you like it!

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From across the dance floor you feel the intense gaze of Calum Hood, his eyes trailing after you as you glide to the beat, barely taking any notice of the body grinding into your ass. The heavy pound of the music mixes together with the buzz of alcohol and you quickly spin around to rest your palms on the waist of the nameless boy pressed against you.

You close your eyes and feel him glide closer to you, an obvious bulge digging into the front of your tight dress. His lips dip down to press against yours and you give it your all, pushing back enthusiastically in an attempt to capture Calum’s attention. 

You feel the boy’s hands dip further down your back until they’re resting just above your ass, palms kneading against you and eliciting a moan from your parted lips. From the corner of your eye you can see Calum excusing himself from a group of girls and barging through the hoards of people congregated on the dance floor, his eyes burning.

When you feel Calum’s toughened hands lining around your wrists and tugging you off the boy you’ve been dancing with you let out a loud giggle. Calum glares at the boy before dragging you away, his hands tracing up to rest against your shoulders. 

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but imagine walking out of the bathroom with the stick in your hand to face your fiancé, ashton, who is sitting on the stairs with his big ass hands clasped together, + his eyes trained on the test, hoping that it came out positive after a million tries. you wipe a tear away from your eye and his expression saddens and pulls you into a hug, “it’s alright, we’ll try again,” you pull away grinning before telling him it was quite the contrary - it came out positive. the biggest grin spreads on his face + he begins to jump ecstatically + laugh before getting on his knees to face your tummy + kissing it when his gaze lands back up at you, looking into your eyes + says, “i’m going to be the best father ever. the father i never had. the husband my mother never had. i promise you,” he then looks back at your stomach, “i promise you too.”