Last December, Ashton Irwin wanted to run away. 5 Seconds Of Summer had just completed two full years of touring, stretching back to January 2014, with only a couple of two-week breaks to help retain their sanity, and, says Michael today, ‘After the tour, we were having conversations about Ashton literally running away.’
'I was gonna get on a train and get the fuck outta there,’ confirms the drummer. 'I was done. Why? Because I hate being in rooms like this.’ He gestures to the window-less room. A fridge hums in the backgroung. 'It’s depressing. The best part of your day is playing to the fans, but then you’re back in the dressing room under these shitty lights all the time…’
It’s a conversation he says was 'pretty serious’. 'At some stage, you gotta be like, 'I feel like shit, I just don’t wanna do it,“ he continues. 'I felt depressed. You’re not connected with nature. It’s probably how you guys feel when it rains for four months straight in England. It makes you feel shit and you just wanna get on a plane and go to Spain, or somewhere like that. I just wanted to get ouside.
'You kinda have to learn how to tour,’ adds Calum. 'The last few, we got burnt out, so this year we said, 'Let’s play mostly outside venues in America, and let’s also preoccupy ourselves. Ashton meditates, I like to read, Michael’s producing, and Luke’s… doing fuck all.’
—  5sos Kerrang article [x]

Every time I watch 5sos snapchat stories:

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we screamed for over four minutes before he stepped to the mic. he had ripped out his ear pieces during the three minute mark, if this doesn’t make you emotional idk what will.
he doesn’t even know how much i want to thank him every day for just being himself. i wouldn’t be here, still alive, if it wasn’t for him. i love this boy.

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