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Castle on the Hill : Ashton One Shot

Inspired by Ed’s new song xx

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Spring season in your hometown, where the fresh air smells like the ingredients of your childhood and the reborn grass doesn’t get much greener. You’ve missed the old place, having spent too long in your new life to revisit as often as you once swore you would. Seeing the sights again, you wish you would’ve prioritized your annual returns, noticing now how much has changed in the short three years you’ve been gone.

Your parents had let you know that they’d be moving from the house in which you grew up to one half of a more modern duplex, but the fact that you’d never get the chance to stay in your old bedroom again didn’t quite register until you drove past the street you all used to live on. While that stung your nostalgic heart, it hurt a little more to find that some of the quaint, rustic buildings that filled the inner city with close-community charm had been demolished to create a blank canvas for chain restaurants and other corporate projects. The small town that raised you is steadily losing what makes it so small, growing like you have while you’ve been away.

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Lose Yourself - SLFL Auburn Hills (7/27/16)

Don’t be too fat…or too thin, or too dark or too light. Don’t be too sexual or too chaste, or too smart or too dumb. Be yourself, but make sure you fit in.
—  One Tree Hill

• Calum was wearing bright red shoes and black nail polish.
• Michael told us that love was the most important thing in the world and we all needed to try to spread as much love as possible.
• He then told us that the message of the show was to “be more like Calum.”
• Luke said that we we’re a “perfect crowd.”
• Luke then had us vote on if the show should be called SLFL Detroit or SLFL Auburn Hills. We chose Detroit.
• We legit screamed for 5 minutes straight before Jet Black Heart.
• While we were cheering Michael kept wiggling his eyebrows :)
• Ashton said the Detroit show is always a “damn good one” and that we all “fucking rule”
• There was a poster that said “Show Me Your Ass-ton”
• During Girls Talk Boys their high notes were amazing and Luke played piano.
• Michael had us cheer for Luke’s hair and then cheer for Ashton Irwin.
• Ashton returned the favor and had us cheer for Michael.
• According to Ashton, Eminem is one of the “greatest artists ever” but playing that song is “torture”
• Micheal asked “How many more songs do you want us to play?” and everyone in the arena held up two hands to which Calum responded “That’s at least 10.”