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“That’s what new year’s all about , getting another chance, a chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more, and to stop worrying about what if… and start embracing what will be.”

Things Learned During Today’s Periscope
  1. Zack would let Harry Styles spit in his mouth 
  2. Beebo gets excited when he sees someone he knows walking around when he is in a car
  3. Neither Brendon nor Zack exercise their right to vote 
  4. Brendon wrote a song with Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer



made this because 2 weeks till sounds good feels good !! 

Neighbors - Michael 5SOS Imagine/Preference

You were settling in for a night alone at home. Usually this would consist of just running a hot shower, maybe make a salad, and watch Netflix, but tonight you wanted to have fun. Heck, you lived alone, nobody could tell you what to do. You raced over to the phone and ordered a pizza and then started working on your home alone playlist. You knew your new neighbors downstairs weren’t moving in for another three days, so this was your chance to stomp around and get crazy. You dressed up in a lion onesie and started prancing around your apartment like a badass. You stomped around and sang into your hairbrush, “LONG LIVE THE RECKLESS AND THE BRAVE I DON’T THINK I WANNA BE SAAAAAAAAVED.”

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ok so imagine nerdy!ashton roaming the school halls with a sweater vest, his hair straightened and slicked back, khaki pants and a bowtie (just for sophistication) smiling and greeting everyone as they pass by him, with his eyes glinting behind those thick-rimmed glasses. you never really understood how he could be so positive after all of the things people in your school had done to him (nonetheless, the consequences consisted of expulsion, okay moving on) it inspired you in a way that you wanted to find out more about him. 

your chance finally came around when your history teacher assigned ashton as your tutor. ashton was really nervous however, when he found out that he’d be tutoring the pretty girl that sat in front of him. you thanked your teacher and set out for ashton’s locker (which your teacher kindly gave you) and fortunately, you found him stuffing the rest of his books into his knapsack.  

he had a tight grip on his bag, but it nearly slipped when he saw you in front of him and he muttered a simple “hi” making you giggle at his shyness. five minutes passed and ashton was walking through the front entrance of the school, squealing despite himself because he just made plans with you for tomorrow and walked away with a beautiful girl’s number. 

the day of your tutoring session arrived and you almost couldn’t recognize him. his hair was free of gel, leaving it in its unruly curly mess, with a black blink 182 t-shirt contrasting to his grey sweatpants. the only thing that stayed the same were the thick glasses and cute smile and you already knew that it would be a good day, with ashton’s company. as you walked into his bedroom, you realized that he was nothing he seemed to be at school. posters of green day and sum 41 littered his blue bedroom walls, (and is that a pokemon one in the corner?) and wow, that just made you want to talk to him even more. 

flipping through the pages of your 18th century textbook, the two of you got bored and started some small talk and soon it was six o'clock and you got hungry (you could hear ashton’s stomach growl, making you laugh at his reddened cheeks). you decided that it was your cue to leave, but stopped yourself when ashton said, “um, i could take you out to dinner.“ 

and you found out that his cheeks matched the colour of the sauce for your spaghetti and meatballs that night after you placed a soft peck on his lips.

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Happy 4/20 From Some Characters (Film & TV) Who Have Been Known To Dabble With Weed.


I’m a few days late, but here are my pics from meeting Rena at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and then the whole band at their acoustic hangout the next day. It was a great week!

Don't You Have A Date To Plan? (Hogwarts!Ashton)

Hogwarts AU primarily for my viewing pleasure -Laney

“James! Hey James! Hold up a minute!” James Potter came to a stop in the hallway, his group of friends pulling to a stop beside him. James glanced back over his shoulder and smiled brightly when he saw his fellow sixth year Gryffindor, Ashton, coming running down the hall.

Ashton let out a huff of breath when he finally came up to the group of boys. “Hey guys,” he inhaled heavily, trying to catch his breath, “I was wondering if I could ask you for a favor, mate.” He directed his proposition at James.

Potter raised an eyebrow and turned back completely now, facing Ashton. “Yeah, of course. What is it?”

“I finally got (Y/n) to agree to go out with me.” Ashton was practically beaming at the fact, and the rest of the Marauders surrounding James wooped in delight, Sirius giving him a firm smack on the back in congratulations. “Thanks,” He nodded to the dark haired boy.

(Y/n) was a fellow sixth year over in Ravenclaw and easily one of the prettiest girls in school. The only person who stood a chance at rivaling her looks was Lily Evans, her best friend. Every guy in school seemed to have a crush on one or the other at any point in time. More often than not that crush was on (Y/n). She was very smart, but she was never overly bookish and intimidating in the way Lily was. And where Lily was very straight forward about her dislike for the various boys who asked her out, especially James, (Y/n) was very passive aggresive and flirty in a way that gave boys hope even after multiple rejections.

Ashton had been actively pursuing since third year when they both joined their respective house quidditch teams, Ashton as a beater and her as a chaser. Ashton had seen her around school before then, but he’d never talked to her. The first time he actually got to have a full conversation  with (Y/n) was after the first Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor match that they had both been on the team. Ashton had hit (Y/n) with a particularly hard bludger early in the game that had broke her arm, and later that game (Y/n)’s older brother, the Ravenclaw captain, had seen his revenge by knocking Ashton from his broom twenty feet in the air. (Y/n) had held a grudge against him for quite some time after the incident, but that didn’t stop Ashton from slowly falling in love with the girl.

“Congratulations, mate, but how can I help you with that?” James asked his friend, thoroughly confused.

“Well,” Ashton chewed on his bottom lip, worried about his next question. “I was hoping, since you’re the captain and we’re good friends and you know how long I’ve been waiting for this… You wouldn’t mind letting me off quidditch practice Saturday.”

“What?!” James’s mouth fell open. “You know I can’t do that! We have a match coming up against Hufflepuff in three weeks. We need all the training we can get!”

“Yeah, I know,” Ashton sighed out in aggravation, “but (Y/n) has a match against Slytherin on Friday, and they have practice every night leading up to it. Saturday’s the only day she has free!” Ashton was literally crossing his fingers behind his back. He knew how important the match against Hufflepuff was, but this date had been years in the making.

James sighed and looked to Sirius, the only other Marauder on the quidditch team. “Oh go on James,” Sirius waved it off. “Ashton’s never complained about practice before. Let him have one night. Besides, if he has to go back and tell (Y/n) he can’t because of practice then you know she’ll complain to Lily.”

“Actually, I think this was all about a bet with Lily anyway,” Ashton told them, very grudgingly. “When I asked her she looked like she was going to say no, but Lily said she’d give you,” he motioned to James, “a shot if she gave me one. Apparently they’d been arguing about it in Charms this morning.”

“Wait,” James stopped him. “You mean Lily’s gonna go out with me?”

“Yeah, I think so, if my date with (Y/n) goes well.” Ashton nodded along with his question.

Sirius barked out a laugh, barking really was the only word for it. “I think you can probably have the month off, Ash. We’ll see you at practice Sunday then. Want to join us at breakfast?”

The smile on Ashton’s face looked like it would split him in two. “I can’t. I promised (Y/n) I’d meet her in the library. Ashton waved goodbye to the Marauders and took off towards the library where he knew (Y/n) would be waiting.

When Ashton found (Y/n) she was huddled up in the back corner of the library pouring over her Potions book for an essay Slughorn had assigned earlier that day. ”(Y/n),“ he nearly squealed as he tried to contain his excitement, rushing over to her.

(Y/n) looked up and tried to smile, but it really came out as a nervous grin. "Keep it down Ash. There’s people studying in here.” She reminded him.

“Sorry,” Ashton pulled up a chair next to her and plopped down. “James let me out of practice Saturday for our date.”

“That’s good news,” She smiled up at him and glanced back down at her book out of habit. “There was no way I was going to get out of practice this week with the Slytherin match coming up. We don’t stand a chance of winning the cup, but we could certainly take Slytherin out of the running.”

“Yeah, if you win against Slytherin we only have to beat Hufflepuff and the cup is ours,” Ashton beamed down at her.

With the quidditch talk pretty much covered they fell into a fairly awkward silence of (Y/n) scribbling notes and Ashton hanging around watching her.

“Thanks,” Ashton finally broke the silence.

“What?” (Y/n) looked up at him in confusion. “What for?”

Ashton shrugged, suddenly finding his hands very interesting. “You know, for giving me a shot. I didn’t think I was ever going to stand a chance with you. I figured, you know, since you’d rejected me so many times that there must’ve been someone else, Amos maybe or Sirius. Everyone loves Sirius.”

It was a brief moment before (Y/n) processed what Ashton had just said before she let out the most genuine laugh Ashton had ever heard leave her lips. A ripple of shushing was directed her way from nearby students, but she just ignored them and spoke in a quieter tone to Ashton. “I kept rejecting you because you always hung out with Sirius, and I figured you must be a manwhore like he is.”

“What?” Ashton’s eyes widened and his mouth fell open.

“Yeah,” (Y/n) smirked and let out a quiet chuckle. “Lily’s been tutoring you in Charms, and she’s been telling me for ages that you were different. I just figured she was pulling my leg. She even promised me she’d give James a chance if I gave you one. She was that sure we’d be perfect for each other.”

Ashton smiled, silently thanking Merlin for Lily Evans, “What finally changed your mind?”

(Y/n) smiled back at him and set aside her Potions book. “When all of the Marauders, except Peter, were gone over Christmas, I saw the Carrow siblings and Yaxley picking on him. Before I could do anything you and some of your mates over in Hufflepuff jumped to his defense.”

“Yeah, they couldn’t walk straight for weeks.” Ashton nodded solemnly, a small amount of anger bubbling up in him at even the slightest reminder of it.

“Point is,” (Y/n) reached forward and scooped one of Ashton’s hands up into her own. “No one was there to see it but me. It didn’t help your reputation, and it didn’t make you cool. Peter isn’t as popular as the other Marauders, so it really wasn’t a big deal.  No one would have known if you let it slide, but you didn’t. You helped him with nothing in it for yourself purely because it was the right thing to do.”

Ashton slid his hand from between yours and cupped both of yours easily in one of his, smiling down at them absently. “Well it’s good to know I did something right around you. I always feel like such an idiot when you walk in the room. I never know what to say.”

“You’ve done plenty right. I was just being vengeful.” Ashton looked up at her and saw the smirk on her face. (Y/n) leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, causing him to blush bright red and smile like an idiot. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to finish this essay since I won’t have time to do it Saturday.” She winked at him and pulled her hands from his, turning back to the piles of books and picking up her quill.

She started back to work as if the conversation had never happened, and Ashton sat there for several minutes just staring at her like she was either crazy or perfect and he couldn’t decide which. (Y/n) worked at her essay for a few minutes, letting Ashton mull over her words before she finally looked up at him with a cocky smile. “Well run along, loverboy, don’t you have a date to plan or something?”

Ashton smiled widely at her and got to his feet. “Yes, yes I do.” He leaned over her and pressed a quick, rather unexpected kiss to the top of her head, before turning to leave the library.

“Hey Ash!” There was more shushing in her direction as Ashton quickly glanced back at (Y/n). “Since I’m missing breakfast, what do you say we have lunch together?”

“I’d like that.” He smiled, practically bouncing on his feet as he left her table.