he tries so hard but in the end he just gets beat by autocorrect trying to spell lukes name

  • me:*brings my dog to the 5sos concert so calum will notice me*
Precious Cargo (Michael)

“Babe, you’re driving too slow.” You said, looking at the speedometer. 

“I’m only five below the speed limit.” Michael replied. 

“Try fifteen. You’re gonna get pulled over, Mike. You might wanna drive faster.” 

“I can’t, I have precious cargo on board.” He said, glancing into the rear view mirror to look at your baby boy. 

“Michael, despite the fact that that was the cutest thing ever, you should probably pick up the speed. There’s a police car right there.” You pointed up ahead and he immediately pressed on the gas. You laughed at him as he refused to let his eyes leave the road, afraid the slightest distraction could cause him to crash. 

this is super short but i liked the idea so i just kinda, wrote it? 

That fucking picture Michael posted has ripped me apart, gave my life a whole new meaning, cleared my skin, i cried for an hour, my crops are thriving and it’s going to be a beautiful week. So blessed so moved so in love.