no but can we talk about each of them getting home PLS

Ashton I guarantee you 200% walked into his door and got tackled by his little siblings and even though they’re tall enough now that he doesn’t have to anymore he crouches down because he wishes they were still that little and let’s them tackle him to the floor even though it hurts a bit but he doesn’t care because he missed them so much

Calum probably got home and gave his mom and dad the biggest freaking hugs and was all “mom please tell me you’re cooking something I’m dying” and she’d be cooking his favorite and he’d go lay on his old bed and just be so freakin happy

Luke went straight to liz I guarantee it even though she probably planned for everybody to be there when he got home and his brothers probably put him in a headlock because he’s still little brother dweeb lukey to them and he didn’t even fight it cause he missed them so much

Mikey probably freakin dropped to his knees and was all “FEDERER CMERE BUDDY” and cuddled up to the over excited poodle while his parents just rolled their eyes and waited for him to get up so they could hug him