Drawn to Midnight

A/N: Intially this was supposed to be a short little Negan x reader fic for Ash’s 2k writing challenge under the New Year prompt. But with the New Year fast approaching, I got a little carried away with it! Excuse my lack of editing as time ticks down on 2016 and plans get in the way of being able to conclude it properly (or give a decent title). I wanted to finish it in time for the celebrations so I apologise in advanced for the last couple of thousand words. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy this imagining of our Savior and a very happy new year to all!

Word Count: 10,554

Warnings: Swearing, violence, death, minor smut.

Tags: @negans-network , @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash

That week between Christmas and New Year had always been a timeless space, an empty gap in your life. It seemed sad really, that you never did have the friends to hang out with, the family to celebrate with. Instead you had been alone, wondering whether you really ought to reach out to those long lost. Of course now, none of that mattered… There was no one at the end of an awkward, long distance phone call- you couldn’t even remember the last time you held a damn phone. The world had changed. No longer did you watch the glitter ball drop in Times Square on TV as the seconds counted down to midnight. No longer did you fall asleep, curled up on your couch with a half drunken cup of coffee. No longer did such luxuries matter.

It was New Year’s Eve, Sanctuary looking the same as every other day. No fireworks ready and waiting, no dastardly countdown to new beginnings. It was all bullshit anyway. Resolutions and making promises you’d never keep. You hadn’t done such things since you were a teenager. Now, as a fully fledged grown woman, you realised how pitiful your life had been. Before this, before the world came to a halt and the dead reanimated, you’d been a college graduate, working a shitty 9-5 receptionist number whilst trying to make it as an illustrator. You’d been shot down more times than you cared to remember, made to think you were worthless in a worthy society. Oh how the tables had turned. See, Sanctuary was a worthy society, it was THE community you had always belonged in. And meeting the love of your life? That had just been a damn coincidence.

When you’d first arrived however many months ago, you never thought you’d meet ‘the one’. To be honest, you never believed in that so called soulmate to begin with. It was all a crock of shit fantasy the media had forced the fragile minded to convince them their lives were shit without someone else in it. Yeah, you had pretty strong feelings about love back then. You still did now, except now, you were in love. It was still an unexplainable feeling, a crazy whirlwind of emotion. Love wasn’t just one thought or one action, it was everything you’d ever do or say again. It affected you wholly, consumed your very being. Love had a name though, that it did. Love was named Negan.

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