Halasana or Plow Pose is not only fantastic for your thyroid, shoulders and spine but it also feels amazing on your lower back. Instead of doing the more commonly practiced version with tucked toes, I’m practicing the Ashtanga version of Plow, with untucked, pointed toes, in the photo above. This stretches out the shin muscles versus the calves. We will be getting into our Plow and many other poses today in my 5pm Vinyasa class at Sangha Yoga Shala. Hope to see you there!

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For the love of Yoga !!!!!

I belive yoga gives us the opportunity to close oursleves from the noises of life, in order to be selfcaring and self loving through asana practice.

This might look like a funny pretzel posture, never the less the combination of breath, body and mind, allows us to reach deeper in our hearts, to learn more about our needs, our desires, our fears…

Life brings gifts/gems as small moments of connection, with oursleves and others…and so many times fear takes us away from those moments. Never the less, when we embrace them and live life to its magical wonderful potencial, energy moves through our hearts and we become free!!!!

Parva Bakasana, Side Crane from the Ashtanga Yoga Fourth Series. When I first started practicing Ashtanga Yoga almost every posture was exciting until I saw the Fourth Series. If the posture itself wasn’t hard then the transition made it impossible. It was the first time that I actually didn’t want to try the next asana and voluntarily took a step back. But now this challenging series Ian part of my daily practice. I can’t say it’s easy, but it has taught me more about myself than any other series. A few people have asked me to teach them Fourth Series but I still feel like I have a lot to learn from that series before being qualified to teach it, still feel very much the student. Photo by @theprimerose

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D is for dedication! Continually returning to my mat every day, setting aside energy and time to prioritize my practice! I did thee tended version of ashtanga yogas primary series and ended up doin some handstands! 2 hours passed right there… Hosted by bexmaddy yogarian yogawithkarel healthyhappymotivation sunny-yogi


Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series, Titibhasana A B C in Hyperlapse 💥

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