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“Vinyasa means "breathing system.” Without vinyasa, don’t do asana.
When vinyasa is perfect, the mind is under control. That’s the main thing-controlling the mind. That’s the method Patanjali described. The scriptures say that prana and apana are made equal by keeping the ratio of inhalation and exhalation equal and by following the breath in the nostrils with the mind. If you practice this way, gradually mind comes under control’’. -Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

As in the west there are various systems of magic, so in the east are there various systems of Yoga, each of which purports to lead the aspirant from the realm of Maya to that of truth in Samadhi. The most important of these are:
1) Gnana Yoga- Union by Knowledge
2) Raja Yoga- Union by Will
3) Bhakta Yoga- Union by Love
4) Hatha Yoga- Union by Courage
5) Mantra Yoga- Union through Speech
6) Karma Yoga- Union through Work

-excerpt from an antique book on Yoga I own.

The picture is the symbol for a Bodhisattva.


For everyone who worked on #ardhamatsyendrasana in class tonight. Excellent job! #practiceandalliscoming #ashtanga #vinyasa #yoga #detroityoga #royaloakyoga #michiganyoga #tostillthemindisyoga #bestillandknow (at Detroit Yoga)

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Yoga is inherently spiritual, but not religious. Yoga as a philosophy is theistic in nature, meaning, it takes the belief in some type of universal force that is bigger than the individual ego to be the underlying truth of existence. But yoga does not say that that force has to be a particular deity or religion. In fact, I think the reason yoga is so transformational is because we directly experience the limitless nature of our inner selves. This higher Self is not limited by any religion, but it is essentially spiritual. Just like the way the sunrise illuminates the sky at dawn in a way that speaks to the essence of beauty and freedom and belongs to no one, yoga illuminates the human spirit in a way the embodies the essence of our greatness and limitlessness in a way that cannot be defined or owned by any dogma.
—  Kino MacGregor
Accidental Breatharian?

So, lately, Ive only been eating about one meal per day.

But, its been all by accident, and I didnt realize it until the day before yesterday when I was thinking about what Id eaten throughout the day, and I realized it was one meal. Yet, I feel energized, my body feels strong, my mind is focused.

So, of course I began thinking bout what Ive been doing lately that would allow for this shift to occur, and this is what Ive come up with:

  1. daily pranayama (even on moon days) for at least 30 minutes
  2. being present with every meal I eat, making sure to breathe and chew thoroughly

thas it. 

Then I remembered that there are people who dont eat, like at all. They just be breathing. -blink- But not by accident…on purpose -blink, blink-

I mean, I support the cause of breatharians, bless their hearts, but that was never my intention, to not eat, but I guess all the breath control is sustaining the internal prana and its doing for me what lots of food has never done. 

I doubt Ill ever give up food for good, because I love sensory pleasures, especially to the taste, but I just think its so cool how awesome the body is, being able to survive–no, thrive–on so little. So much is possible within this body, imagine the rest of the universe? Super cool stuff, man. Super cool.