“Today’s-what? It’s Samhuinn today?”

The gods and the dead are closest to the earth this day-they can hear every nasty comment you make!”

Just imagine if when this day comes Sam Cortland and Nehemia both show up, along with Lyria and Aelins family. Just imagine if the court of Terressan had another secret, a place where the people could speak to the dead on that day and Aelin and her court go there. Just try to imagine the first Samhuinn day for Aelin after her family was killed, the first Samhuinn day for Aedion.

Celaena/ Aelin

(”Throne of Glass” by Sarah J.Maas  @ )

When my brain refuses to work properly I resort to drawing flowing hair
(MUCH flowing hair!!) …and fancy outfits…and sort of ornaments…


Aelin Galathynius and Rowan WhitethornThrone of Glass OTPs: Rowaelin 

She flung herself on the male, crashing into him hard enough that anyone else might have gone rocking back into the stone wall. 

But the male grabbed her to him, his massive arms wrapping around her tightly and lifting her up. Nesryn made to approach, but Aedion stopped her with a hand on her arm.

Aelin was laughing as she cried, and the male was just holding her, his hooded head buried in her neck. As if he were breathing her in.

“Who is that?” Nesryn asked. 

Aedion smiled. “Rowan.”