As a child, she had run rampant through the field before the gates of Orynth, the thousand bonfires burning like the lights of the invading army that would too soon be encamped around the white city. It was her night, her mother had said—a night when a fire-bearing girl had nothing to fear, no powers to hide. Aelin Fireheart, people had whispered as she bounded past, embers streaming from her like ribbons, Aedion and a few of her more lethal court members trailing as indulgent guards. Aelin of the Wildfire.

Celaena peered in the mirror-and stoped dead. The somewhat shorter hair was the least of the changes.She was now flushed with color, her eyes bright and clear, and though she’d regained the weight she’d lost that winter, her face was leaner. A woman- a woman was smiling back at her, beautiful for every scar and imperfection and mark of survival, beautiful for the fact that the smile was real, and she felt it kindle the long-slumbering joy in her heart. She danced that night. The morning after, she knew it was time.


“Do you want to be king?”
Aedion was aware that he could be king—with his legion and ties to the Ashrvyers, he’d be an advantageous match. A warrior-king would make any foes think twice. Even before their kingdom shattered, he’d heard the rumors…

“My only wish,” Aedion said, growling in Ren’s face, “is to see her again. Just once, if that’s all the gods will allow me. If they grant me more time than that, then I’ll thank them every damn day of my life. But for now, all I’m working for is to see her, to know for certain that she’s real—that she survived.”

rowan and aelin like to share a bed. fleetfoot used to sleep in aelin’s bed before she left. now imagine rowan and fleetfoot battling for space in the same bed while aelin grins smugly and steals all the blankets

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GENDER SWAP: Throne of Glass

astrid berges frisbey as dorian havilliard, crystal reed as chaol westfall, emilia clarke as rowan whitethorn and jemima west as aedion ashryver