This is Sabrine, I commissioned a adopt from *pastelletta (And added a few things) she is such a cutie~ So fun to draw goo girls again. nsfw ? idk putting it there because she is half naked just incase for tumblr savior.

Name: Sabrine
Age: ??
Personality: Naive and Sweet
-Ill do more later but i have to go shopping so will update late tonight or tomorrow morning-

Monster High fan character, She was made for the 30 day challenge but i’m a few days ahead, i figured why not xD I’m going to do one of those MH Bio Templates for the challenge but for now imma write her bio here.

Name: Puurillia
Child of Werecats
Age: 16

Killer Style- Mix n’ “Match”
Freaky Flaw- When I feel inspired I cant stop myself from expressing my feelings with clothes, sometimes not even my own… trying to show others what I thinks looks fangtastic on them.
Favorite Color- Red
Favorite Food- Fish Stir Fry
Biggest Pet Peeve- Monsters who try to stop others from being themselves. 
Favorite Activity- Sketching!
Favorite School Subject- Home Ick
Least Favorite Subject- Math

Sooo much Info, anyway off to take a nap~ xD