anonymous asked:

Who's the most influential piercer to you?

Far and away luisgpiercing. While he wasn’t my mentor, I can tell you right now that I wouldn’t be the piercer I am today without him. Even when I was a young hack piercer, he was always nice and respectful to me. He’s one of, if not THE best piercer in the world in my opinion, he’s super knowledgeable, he loves to share his knowledge and is a great instructor. He’s one of the most respected piercers in the world and I’d be lucky to ever become half as respected in this industry as he is.

Honorable mentions to a lot of other great piercers too though: ryanpba, Jef Saunders, Cody Vaughn, Sarah Wooten, Alicia Cardenas, Rob Hill, Johnny Velez, Derek/Courtney/Nate at saintsabrinas, Lexci at Dragon FX, brianskellie, ashmisako, chrisjennell, Christina Shull, Bryan Thomas, Christina Blossey, noahbabcock, dammit just so many amazing piercers out there and I know I’m forgetting plenty of them that inspire me to be better!