Ashley Purdy; Christmas



“Babe, why do I have to wear this? It’s so itchy,” Ashley says walking into your room wearing a green sweater. He starts to scratch at his arms.


“CC wants an ugly sweater contest. I’m sorry its itchy.” I lean over to kiss you.


“God I hate these ugly sweater parties. This one always wins,” He says kissing back.


“You are so full of yourself.” I say pulling on a plan festive sweeter that’s not itchy. Smiling I walk out to the kitchen and jump on the counter. “What time do we have to leave for CC’s house?” I smile.


“What do you mean?” He says leaning down to kiss me.


“When do we leave to go to CC’s party.” I say pulling him between my legs.


“Oh in a few minutes,” He says wrapping his arms around my neck. I smile, blushing and looking down. I didn’t really want to face Juliet. We have been fighting ever since last friday night. We went out for a girls night and she tried to tell me that Ashley was sneaking around. That was  his past he told me he had changed and I want to believe him.


“Babe, what’s wrong?” He asks lifting my chin so I was looking into his eyes.


“Nothing… just don’t really want to see Juliet.” I say looking right in his eyes, looking for something.


“Why? She’s nice enough…” He says shrugging his shoulder.


“We got into a fight last friday on girls night.” I say pushing him back a bit. I get off the counter and grab the keys to the car. I look at him, his brown eyes sparkling under his fringe. I know that was his past but a small part of me thought it was true. That he had found some blonde bimbo to mess around with.


“Do you even want to go?” He asks reaching for my arm to sooth me.


“Yes, I do!” I say pulling away and snapping a bit. I didn’t mean to snap but I did and I don’t know why.


“Then what’s with the mood?” He asks, his once soft eyes turned worried.


“Nothing baby,” I turn around and looking at the wall, only thing between the wall and me was the island I was just sitting on and the small table in the room. “Juliet said she saw you sneaking around, that you were out shopping without me. Going to stores I normally don’t go to, and you buying things for a girl.”


“What? She’s lying. I wouldn’t do that and you know it Ella.” I turn back around and look him in the eye. He was telling the truth. That or he got good at lying in the past few days.


“I know Ash.” I lean up and kiss him. “Can we go to CC’s now?” I look up at him pulling away.


“Yes we can,” Ashley starts towards the door and tried scratching his back. “God! When can I take it off. I hate this thing.”


“After the contest is over baby,” Smiling I follow dangling the keys. “Forgetting these?” He laughs and takes the keys from my hands. I grab my purse from the table next to the door and notice a small black box. “Whats this baby?” I start to grab it when he takes it.


“You’ll see later.” He says putting it in his pocket.


“Your so mean to me.” I lean over and kiss him messing around, he kisses back taking my hand and running to the car.


“I know,” He lets go of my hand, I run to the back of the car and grab a black tanktop and throw it at him.


“Here put this under your shirt,” I smile and fixing the gifts so they fit. I look up at Ash and see him smirking as he takes off his shirt and puts the tank on then pulling the sweater back on and getting in the drivers side of the car. I smile back and get in the passenger side. “Better?”


“Yes much better,” He leans over and kisses my cheek. When we arrive at the party, he leaves to find CC. I start making small talk with some people. I hug one of CC’s friends and turn around to go and find Ashley when I see Andy and Juliet, I walk over and hug Andy.


“Hey Andy. Merry Christmas!” I pull away and feel arms snake around my waist. I look up and see Ashley, I smile at him and lean in for a kiss. “Hey.”

“Same to you Ella, Hey Ash.” Andy says as we pull away.

“Hey Andy. So want an early christmas present babe?” He smiles.


“Sure, if you want to give it to me.” I smile, as soon as the words leave my mouth he gets down on one knee and pull out the box. “Ash?”


“Ella, we have been together since eighth grade. I love you with every bit of my heart and soul. Even though we broke up a years ago and got back together this year, I don’t think I’ve had a better year. So will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” He opens the box, and I smile nodding, the tears start to fall and I try to speak.


“Yes, Yes Ashley I will,” He stands up putting the ring on my finger and kissing me.