Sorry this is so long but

Just so people are aware here…I think I’ll give a little update on what’s going on in my life right now since it’s been causing my inactivity. I’ve been posting about this on twitter since it happened but frankly it’s just been getting worse ever since. I apologize if this gets really lengthy. I only have my phone and this dumb mobile app so you’ll have to bare with me. I have no idea when I’ll have access to my own computer or anything for the time being.

Basically right after we returned from Otakon and handed my roommate/landlord or whatever the rent for this month she decided to just kick me and manlychan out of her house. She decided she was fed up with us for whatever reasons that are really irrational and seem exaggerated…but mostly because the last straw for her was when my cat left a complete mess everywhere while we were away that weekend! And apparently it’s her fault because she went on a “cleaning spree” and got chemicals or whatever in my cat’s food and water while we were away. :))) Luckily for her Esmeralda recovered just fine. We took her away with us to another hotel that night we received the news. We got a room at a Days Inn since we didn’t feel very comfortable being at the house with a friend of ours that needed to stay with us for the next two days before she could catch her air flight back to California.

Things didn’t get better after that point. Esmeralda was still having some leftover cases of diarrhea and vomiting accidents that happened while I was away at work. She’d constantly text me taking pics of her accidents saying I needed to clean up her mess. I’d either wake up to some angry pissed off text message or see it during my breaks at work. It was really working my nerves because yes clearly!!! I can just leave work and come clean up this small accident the cat had left. She was getting better but every now and then she would have the smallest of accidents. Which are better compared to what she took pics of what had happened while we were away for Otakon.

I was actually very upset and concerned when she sent me the first couple of accidents? One of those pics looked like a pool of blood at first glance. I texted her back asking what that consisted of and if the cat was okay. You know what she replied with?

“It’s poop. It’s gross and I cleaned it up right away because I didn’t want it staining my floors.”

I was just so ???? Okay I’m more concerned about the well being of the cat than the floors. Floors can be replaced, A LIVING CREATURE can not.

That weekend she locked my cat in my room without any food or water too, which was the exact reason why there was so much of a mess. Esmeralda can’t stand being locked up and will get stressed beyond relief. It also didn’t help she…locked her away without her litterbox too. So idk what she was thinking. I’m just like wow maybe that’s why the upstairs smells so bad..!!

Either way. Things have never gotten that bad with Esmeralda before this. The only thing she couldn’t stand was her shedding which I tried my best to keep to a minimum. She used her litterbox and barely made a mess and when she did? It was in my stuff. Which I’m used to haha. It’s just a matter of washing my clothes. It was never an issue before.

I’d talk about the other reasons too she wants us out but that will definitely make this longer than needed.

So, other than my cat being sick, she sent me a text to ask us to confirm that we understand that we had until the end of the month to get out of her house. I replied saying I understood…but I decided to calmly point out the fact that she was kind of forgetting the fact that we’re supposed to be allowed 30 days to move out. It’s stated in our lease we all signed and it’s also required by law. By her giving us the notice on August 10th, we should have until September 10th to leave.

She then replied with what felt so threatening to me? I was terrified of replying to her and haven’t ever since actually. She was basically “I can kick you out anytime I want, I can kick out right now actually, but I’m not going to do that.” Luckily I still have those texts saved so I can show them to a cop if need be.

So ever since I got that message I’ve of course been searching for available apartments and houses for rent because luckily there are four of us now wanting to move into a place. We’re definitely working on it and I’m having to do all of this in between work when I have my very few days off. I’ve visited several places and picked up applications…it’s just a matter of finding a place that’s gonna allow us to rent regardless of credit or income based requirements we don’t exactly meet. I found one place that may be willing to work with us, but the issue may be affording the deposit.We’ll be meeting with them this week.

That’s not the worst of it though. The last straw for me was this weekend actually. We were planning to pack up everything and put our stuff in storage because with the way our roommate is being…we didn’t wanna risk something drastic happening. However..!!!! I came home from work on Friday night to find I had been locked out of the house.

The back door was locked, the pin entry for the garage had been changed, and the key to the front door had also been changed. There was absolutely no way for me to get in. Not only that but it was 2 am at that point so no one came to the door when I knocked or rang the doorbell.

So I was pretty much stranded. Mickey was away with his relatives so he wasn’t there to let me in or anything. I could hear Esmeralda crying for me and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it. All our stuff is locked up there too and we have no access to it at this point.

That night I drove around trying to find an open police station with no luck…but thankfully one of my future roommates was still awake and stayed up with me until I just went into work at like 7 am and crashed in the break room.

After work Mickey had finally returned so we both went to a police station to seek advice on what to do about our situation. They pretty much confirmed that what our roommate is doing is 100% illegal and if we still can’t get in the house then we should take legal action and call a cop in our area.

That we haven’t done yet. Like I said I feel incredibly uncomfortable contacting our roommate or even confronting her. We’re looking into getting one our friends to come with us to get our things so we can have a witness if something happens. We may end up getting a cop escort as well. But for now we’re safe at one of our friends’ place since their parents are away for the week.

After we get our stuff I’m not sure what’s next. I’m not one for escalating matters but what our roommate is doing is incredibly illegal. She’s violating our lease and kicking us out without following the legal procedures for doing so. She’s also violating our rights as tenants. She could get into big trouble.

Other than that we still have the issue of trying to find a new place. I’m hoping that we have luck with the place we’re checking out again this week.

So. Until this all clears up idk when I’ll be active again. I can’t get to messages or tend to things that require attention. More than likely in regards to store orders I need to mail out I’ll just refund everyone because that’s all that can be done at this point given the situation I’m in. It’ll knock my paypal in the red but that’s just something I’ll have to deal with when I’m able to. Everything I have on me is definitely going into moving into a new place. Which is barely just even cutting it probably. I just know I won’t have a thing after we hand the needed cash over.

So. Sorry about the lengthy update but this is a thing that’s happening right now. I just thought I’d tell you guys. I’m always around on twitter since it’s connected to my phone if you want to keep up with me there. I can’t answer messages here due to the dumb old tumblr mobile app being a piece of shit as always.

Thank you all so much for your replies on my post, messages and words of advice and support. ;; like I said I can’t answer asks on mobile but I can read them through my email at least. I really appreciate it so much.

There was an anon or two wanting paypal info to donate to help out and I’m about to legit cry about this. I’ll just leave it here for you. My paypal address is