Masterlist Call

Hello again… Yes, we’ve disappeared a bit again.  But, hello, we’re back!  And this is a call for a new masterlist since we have so many new people!  Like this and reblog please if you want to be on the list!  Reblogging will, of course spread the word, so just do that if you don’t want to be on it since we don’t have that big of a following yet.  Also, this is open to fandoms like SSGB and TMITHC as well as country personifications that write during WWII.

As always, some messages for people on or off anon would be appreciated!



SO! I’ve had these pages drawn out for almost a year now. When I showed them to my beta reader, she told me I needed to work on pacing, and looking back, I definitely agree. This was supposed to be the first update of Delude, and I just jumped right into the action. Yeesh.

But anyways, alot has changed since then which unfortunately renders these pages unusable (such as, I’ve changed how this scene is going to play out (pacing, yay!), several characters have different designs, etc.) So I thought, why waste perfectly good pages, might as well post them!

Think of it as a kind of preview for the real thing! Cheers!

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