Hey guys, Here’s a little tutorial for all of you, especially the people that are wondering how i do this magic in Paint Tool SAI. [since i get asked this about 50 times a day on how to do this ahaH /lays in the hellfire]

I’m really bad at explaining how i do things so HOPEFULLY everything makes sense yeye lets GO !

• Go to your “PaintTool SAI folder which should be located in your documents library or wherever you got the folder hidden!

• OK ye, open up the folder; scroll down until you find the file name "misc.” [Miscellaneous] and click it! [It should open up in notepad]

• Once you open the file, Scroll down to “Panel Settings”. Your setting will probably say “PopupPanels = 0 / PopupNavigator = 0” as the default. For the Popup panels to show up in SAI, Set the settings to “1”

• Restart SAI and yAHoo thERE YA GO, you got floaty pop up panels!

►►If you ever want to have the panels back to the way they were, just go back to the “misc.” and change the popup panels back to “0"◄◄

I HOPE THIS HELPED YOU GUYS AND I HOPE EVERYTHING MADE SENSE. If you have any questions send me an Ask and i’ll try to help!