I can finally get all these brush settings out of the way so i can STOP getting asked the same quesTION OVER AND OVER :’^)

SO i put them all in one post-

with dumb doodles of me. hot dog!

“WHAT if i don’t have Sidewalk.bltmp?” - You can always use Noise or Fuzystatic to substitute for the brush i use, and Set the texture to Paper.

“Where can i find Brush / Texture Brushes at?” Can always look on Deviantart, they’ve got some there. An old ex friend of mine gave me SAI so idk where she got them, lmao.

Also here’s where i find them coolio brushes!


hope ya’ll like em, now go away.


$35 Regular / $45 Themed Chibi Flats are OPEN!

Shoot me an email ( ) if any of you are interested. along with this form!

─┼ Name / Paypal Address :
─┼ Regular or Themed :
─┼ References :
─┼ Outfit References :
─┼ Pose / Expression :
─┼ Other Info :

Reblogs are super appreciated ♥