If you want privacy don’t:

- # Instagram pics for promo
- # your family members in Instagram pics
- don’t call paps everyday for a week straight
- get cyber granny and Ashleyyy off SM
- don’t have every family member sell the story to any trash paper that would purchase it
- quit interacting with the fandom and you can’t blame the fandom because this trash family has initiated 90% of it
- most definitely don’t try to auction off a website for profit
- don’t send blogs pics you want leaked
- don’t talk to the DM about how much you don’t want attention


skam’s hottest fuckboy
cc: me / dt: ashleyyy

Made with Vine

skam’s hottest fuckboy
cc: me / dt: ashleyyy

Made with Vine

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There’s this app called FeaturePoints that I’ve been using, if you download it with my referral code, let me know and I’ll check out your blog. I didn’t intend to use it as a distraction activity to cope but it actually really helps.

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