If you want privacy don’t:

- # Instagram pics for promo
- # your family members in Instagram pics
- don’t call paps everyday for a week straight
- get cyber granny and Ashleyyy off SM
- don’t have every family member sell the story to any trash paper that would purchase it
- quit interacting with the fandom and you can’t blame the fandom because this trash family has initiated 90% of it
- most definitely don’t try to auction off a website for profit
- don’t send blogs pics you want leaked
- don’t talk to the DM about how much you don’t want attention

If we spend the night out || Katherine & Kyle

Hands brushed over the fabric of her top, going down towards her skirt, just to smooth them out and make sure that they looked the way she wanted them to look. Katherine had been on so many dates in her life, but she never stopped feeling excited whenever she was about to go on one. Loose curls were falling over her perfectly shaped shoulders as she studied her own figure in the mirror in front of herself. A small breath fell into the room as the tiny brunette allowed her eyes to go over herself one last time, nodding contently with how she looked tonight. It had been a while since Katherine had gone on a date, but it was something that would never get boring to her. She enjoyed going out and having fun, especially if it meant that she got to dress up the way that she was dressing up tonight. “Perfect.” she mumbled quietly before hearing the doorbell ring downstairs. It was no lie that Kyle lived here with her, but if they were gonna go on a date, they were gonna do it properly, right? With him picking her up and everything. Katherine made her way downstairs, reaching for the door knob and opening the front door, revealing the hybrid who was standing there. The corners of her lips tugged up into a playful smile as she watched him, and she couldn’t help but enjoy the fact that she wasn’t the only one who had dressed up. “Right on time, smiley.”