Reflecting on my Boston trip

Wow. It’s been forever since I’ve logged onto Tumblr to write a personal blog. Anyways, now is a good time to write about my experience in Boston for the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships.

I think I made it clear to all my friends that this trip was amazing for so many reasons. First off, there is nothing else like attending a figure skating competition live in person. Especially a large-scale event like the World Figure Skating Championships!

One aspect that makes it all better is the people you get to meet. I was able to meet quite a few friends from the skating Twitterverse in person and even hung out with a few of them more than once! It made all the difference to be able to sit with them during the events, grab dinner and talk skating and just hang out! There were even a few people who came up to me and said they recognized me from my videos (at the competition and around Boston). I was truly flattered.

And then of course there’s the actual skating part. Thanks to a twitter connection I was able to upgrade my seats from the nosebleeds to lodge seats which made a big difference! I was actually a good boy and refrained from constantly tweeting so I can soak in all of the live skating. And man most of these events were not a disappointment. I’m still in awe of being able to see a lot of the best skaters in the world live.

As if seeing the skaters compete live was not enough, my friend Nicole and I discovered the hotel that the skaters were staying in and decided to chill in the lobby one day before the ladies short program. Wow, was that the best decision we made all weekend. We ran into so many skaters boarding and coming off of shuttle buses. The main one that excited me was Kurt Browning… and of course I got a photo with him. Nicole got pictures with a lot of ice dancers that she admires.

During the time in between skating events I took advantage of exploring Boston! I didn’t need to do everything as I was in Boston for the 2014 US National Championships. Gosh the city is so beautiful and walkable! I tried to walk as much as I can. The architecture is stunning and I love how historic the city is. My hotel for the first few nights was in the north end that is also known as Little Italy and may I say it was such a cute neighborhood. I probably had a good 4 meals there (including dinner). Otherwise, Nicole and I had fun navigating the city and dinners near the Garden in between events were fun too!

But if anyone were to ask me the best highlight of the event was I would have to say Ashley Wagner winning the silver medal. That was a moment for all skating fans in the arena that night. I screamed so loud after her last clean jump of the long program that I lost my voice. My friend Kanishka can attest to that as I called him right after the competition was over.

Overall, I had an amazing time. The fact that i was able to meet up with so many people I recognize over twitter made it great for me. Two years ago when I was here for Nationals I didn’t meet up with anyone at all and attended all events by myself (which I was fine with). But making connections with other skating fans made the experience special. I would name names but I think you all know who you are. :)

I also received a lot of positive feedback on my videos. Honestly, I just do them for myself. My goal is not to become well-known or anything. I just use it as an avenue to share my thoughts on skating with other fans but it’s still nice to hear that other people actually enjoy them! I’m definitely going to continue recording skating blogs. Plus now I have a few other people who are willing to join me as guests so that makes it more fun!

Okay signing off now!


Ashley Wagner, Short Program - 2016 World Championships

So hard to choose between Ashley, Mirai & Gracie. Because I love them all.

But Ashley has that slight edge in performing. She’s selling her program and its always so exciting to watch her perform! 

And she skated clean!!!