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I love your music and I'm DYING to know what YOU listen to. What are some of your all time favor tie bands and what are you listening to now?

I love hip hop and rap. My mom introduced me to The Circle Jerks and Dead Kennedys and Sade during my early youth. At this time, I am listening to a lot of Death Grips, Sophie, MIA, Institute, and The Garden. 

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What are the lyrics to cherry jubilee

Picking at a Lock - I’m Staring at the Clock

Do I have some Time - To make the Climb

As the Sand runs thin - I know I must begin

What I’m meant to be - Supplying Ecstasy

Picking at a Lock - I’m Staring at the clock

Do I have some time - To make the Climb

As the sand runs thin - I know I must begin

What I’m meant to be - I’m Cherry Jubilee

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry - Cherry Jubilee

You’re Gonna Spree

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch Cherry - Cherry Jubilee

Just Dance with Me
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HEY GUYS. I finally broke my password that I made four years ago.

follow follow follow following follower following duck duck duck goose following followed following follow the leader follow me follow a bunny fucking flaunt your follow followee find your inner genie unlock the lock unleash the freaky follower 


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Seeking Wu-Wu/Geniefactory advice for starting my own house shows. Some events are coming up and I'd like to mix at them but not sure how to gather for a house show

Definitely try to contact whomever lives there or is booking the show(s). Even instagram can be a nice platform for reaching out:) If you are throwing a house show yourself, then get some other acts together, set a date, and make flyers /do media boosts. Hope that helps!