ashleynicoleseattle asked:

meeting my bf for the first time in 5 days, hes driving to Seattle from Georgia and just last minute asks me if its ok if one of his friends comes with so he doesn't have to drive alone and asks if she can sleep on my couch or something and then she can fly home alone the next day, she totally just ruined every dream ive ever had about my first time meeting him, like now theirs some random girl lingering in the back of all my thoughts of us,i dont wanna be a bitch and say no she cant come too?

You have to understand… Seattle from Georgia drive? That is a very long drive. Especially to do all alone. It would probably be more romantic if it were just him, but I know I wouldn’t want to take a 2 day trip all by myself. 

Try to think about how you’re meeting him!! And even if he’s bringing someone else, YOU still get to hug him, kiss him, hold his hand, and be alone with him every other day. It’s okay sweetheart, take one for the team. He needs company on a 2 day trip.