ashley x thomas


i hope some of what i’ve written makes sense. i wasn’t exactly the most clear headed girl when we met. you didn’t marry me for my logic - that’s what you used to say to me - and i was never much for writing but, now suddenly there isn’t enough time to say all the things i want to say to you and there’s not enough spaces on these pages to write them down. if only we’d known how quickly the last chapter would arrive. i wouldn’t have wasted precious paragraphs with other people, when my story was always about you. i’d have taken more time in life’s hustle and bustle, i’d have taken more time for you. i’d have been kinder to you, the way you’ve always been to the people who came to you for help. you’re home now ashley with your family. with your dad, with arthur and gabby and dotty. and this is where you’ll be

this is where you’ll be.

Laurel regaling about how people shouldn’t waste time with the wrong people, but ...

… they show Jai looking at a picture of Holly and not Robron, and no Robron waking up together the first day after Aaron’s release?

Laurel’s hand was out for Gabby, waiting, knowing ...

There’s not a crying GIF sad enough.

John Middleton will be sorely missed from this show! Bravo to every actor involved in that scene.