ashley williams appreciation

Another thing on the ‘Wrex confrontation’ with regards to Ashley. At the end of Shepard’s dialogue with her and Kaidan, the conversation where Wrex goes off on his own, shooting at things, Shepard says to her 'be ready.’ That’s a non-player controlled line.

From Ashley’s perspective, from the view of this military family career soldier, she was just ordered to defend her superior officer, with lethal force if necessary. 'Be ready’ says 'defend me if I can’t talk down the 800 pound lizard man who is clearly pissed off at the moment and is very much armed.’

And again, I reiterate the common refrain: Ashley killing Wrex is ENTIRELY because you the player didn’t help him recover his family armor and/or did not put enough points into charm. It’s not her fault you entered this without the tools you needed to resolve this peacefully.

Shepard and Ash tend to be rather passionate about various things, including gaming. Sometimes they can be really competitive about it. Sometimes they get carried away and forget about everything else.

Kaidan knows better than get in their way and has to entertain himself while the other two set their score. He also doesn’t talk about how he could easily kick both their asses in any game.