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Appreciation Post: Ashley

@padfootdarling Ash, when I first met you, I had no idea you would mean so much to me. When I think of you or talk about you or to you, I smile. You always remind me of sunshine and happiness and giggles and BUBBLES. You are so amazing and strong. The things that you have gone through, I don’t think I could have made it through myself. You are so beautiful and so fucking talented like omg stop it. You have so much ahead of you, so much that you will do. I don’t why and I don’t how, but I get so emotional and protective over you. You are so good and pure and WONDERFUL. You know, you were the first person I met from the potato fam. I remember thinking how sweet and adorable you were. And now I know that you’re fucking hilarious and creative and weird in the best possible way. I want to cuddle you forever and if I could fix everything that is not okay in your life, I would do it. If I could take the pain and heartache away, I would do it in a heartbeat. i swear you are like my child, but you’re also my best friend. You are an amazing human being and you deserve the best and you deserve to be treated like a mother fucking queen. You got this my love. I love you Ash.

forcearama  asked:

So we met Ashley Eckstein at Celebration, and I am sure it will not surprise you at all but she is an actual doll in person and she was SUPER nice to my son. I thought you'd appreciate knowing this. :)

Ashley is literally the most amazing person ever with a big heart. I hope to meet her one day!
So glad y'all met her and hope you guys had fun at SWCO!

The One with the Giant Poking Device

Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - An awkward moment while sharing a bed leads to an interesting morning.

Word Count - 5864

Warnings - Swearing (duh), injury (very slight),smut, oral sex/face riding (female), fingering, unsafe sex (remember irl to wrap it before you tap it)

A\N - This was written for mine and Jill’s Hubba Bubba Birthday writing challenge. Thank you to @sis-tafics for reading through and encouraging me. And a special thank you to @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog for betaing. You ladies are the absolute best!

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Long, calloused fingers grip you tightly, digging into your soft curves as his hands pull you flush against his body. The heat spreads, radiating from him to sink into your bones, flowing through you to settle heavily in your center. The strength in the arms wrapping around you, the firmness of his chest against your full breasts, the gentleness of his hands as they caress you, all of it makes your breath slow, your heart race. You can’t hold back the low whine in your throat when you feel his hardening length pressing against your lower belly. He dips his head to nuzzle into your neck, his warm breath fanning over you. He nudges your head back further, the scruff on his jaw a delicious burn on your skin. Soft sighs catch in your throat as his lips glide over you and you can feel his cock twitch against you in response.

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Greatly Appreciated
Ashley Eriksson [ LAKE ]
Greatly Appreciated

I heard that you loved me
But only for two weeks
To be hopeless or not to be,
I’m weak with indecision

Could we begin again
On a terrible date?
It would be greatly appreciated by me
I’ll wear my normal shoes this time

Then maybe you’d like me
Better in the sunlight
If I built a raft
Will you stay with me then?

And fall in love all over again…

Ashton Irwin and Halsey blessed me with this picture from Halsey’s Tarantino Nights, her Halloween event, and I decided to make it my laptop wallpaper. I was messing around and I came up with this and thought of sharing it with you guys! 

also if y’all wouldn’t mind, like if you’re using it! :)


Tv wlw appreciation week: Day 2, wlw OTP - Spashley

Video Credit: @evergreen47 (youtube)

I could spend the majority of the week using Clexa for most of these, but I wanna show love to my other wlw ships. Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere, 2005) are my OTP because they actually got their happy ending together. I was in love with this ship because they came at the perfect time, I was 15 and had just got my first serious girlfriend, and Spashley was the first legit wlw relationship I got to see develop on tv from beginning to end <3 #wlweek17

mollymatterrs  asked:

OQ + boss/assistant AU ‘you’re such a loser that the only person you’re close enough with to ask to be your pretend boyfriend for a weekend is me, your boss, and i don’t think we’re fooling anyone even tho i legit have feelings for you’ (and, as a bit of a challenge, with Regina as the assistant, Robin as the boss!)

A/N: So this one got away from me a bit.

(On AO3 and FFnet, because the read more cut doesn’t work in the phone app)

Truth in Advertising

Robin stares, gobsmacked, at the retreating form of one of his Associate Creative Directors. Regina Mills stalked into his office moments ago and announced in her usual clipped tones that the art department finished the mockups for the Neverland Cruise Lines campaign, the meeting with Midas was moved up to two o’clock, and oh, by the way, she needed Robin to pretend to be her significant other at her mother’s soiree tomorrow night. Regina stalked out again before he could formulate a response. How does one respond to a bombshell like that?

He half-rises from his chair to chase after her, but thinks better of it. The last thing he wants is to provide fodder for the company gossipmongers. He knows there are already whispers about the somewhat volatile working relationship between one of the agency’s managing partners and the latest underling—“latest” as in “hired a year ago.” According to Robin’s assistant, Will, the betting pool is between him firing her or bedding her. Of course, Robin will do neither. The former because despite her bluff and bluster, Regina is the most talented associate he has. The latter because despite how attractive she is (breathtaking is a better word for it), Robin, if nothing, is an honorable man. That, and she can hardly seem to stand him on a good day.

Which is why her casual demand is all the more baffling.

He picks up the phone and dials Regina’s extension. “Ashley, Robin here,” he says when her secretary answers. “Does Miss Mills have any lunch appointments today?”

“Um” the girl says, presumably checking her boss’s schedule. “No-oo, Mr. Locksley,” she stammers, clearly surprised that Robin is handling this himself. “It’s open, uh, sir.”

He stifles a sigh. He’s tried explaining to Ashley—tried showing her—that he’s not some tyrannical overlord, but she still acts as though he’ll shout at her over the slightest infraction. More than once he’s wondered about her previous employer. “Please let her know that she will be meeting with me at Tony’s at noon.”

“That’s in forty minutes!” Ashley squeaks.

“If you would inform her straight away, I would appreciate it.” He hangs up after she replies in the affirmative.

He hits the intercom next, tells Will to call ahead for a lunch reservation and to have the car brought around. Knowing Regina, she’ll be early. He’d like to be earlier. It’ll be a proper business lunch; during Robin’s last visit, Tony mentioned that he was considering a rebrand for his restaurant. Robin will give the account to Regina—after they’ve squared away this mess.

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