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empressofempathy  asked:

I must say that your grad pics are amazing! I also love that you put in place annoying most-likely-cis-straight-bros who try to compliment you while tearing down other women/other women in science. I am not in STEM myself (doing the social work/public health thing), and I had to push myself to do epidemiology as a public health concentration because I was scared of my math abilities, due to internalized sexism. So seeing u rock and take names is amazing/inspiring! I hope you have a great day!

I was fortunate enough to attend a university where most of my fellow students (and even, amazingly, a majority of my STEM professors!!) were women. I can’t tell you how important that was–it fostered an extremely positive learning environment and taught us how important it is to reach our full potential despite internalized sexism.

I will never, ever be spoken down to by a man. I’m intelligent, capable, and fiercely confident both academically and in terms of physical aptitude and I will not be treated in a way that suggests I am not worthy of the respect granted to a man in my position.

This is something I occasionally take too far, but I’d rather be unpopular than allow myself to be openly and unapologetically disrespected in academia or the workplace. Or anywhere, really! I understand that not everyone has this privilege, so I do my best to exercise mine in a way that benefits others who are not able. I’m really glad you decided to pursue your chosen path and were able to overcome internalized sexism because that’s huge and it can be so difficult in academia!