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If the Normandy crew had snapchat filters!!/ or just shepard 
I’d like to think that with Liara both she and shep would have fun goofing around and taking silly pictures together every once in a while :)
Ash and shep would probably not take it so seriously…they’d be the ones sending ugly snaps to everyone and flood their snapstories loll
And I think shep tortures Kaidan the most by always catching him off guard/unprepared and its the funniest fukcing thing for her+rest of the crew like a running gag


Hey! So I went to Paleyfest L.A. 2017, and I thought I’d share a few things for you all…
-first of all, Lucy and Troian being the amazing people they are sent in videos that played right before apologizing for not being there
- the mediator made the cast read different scenes from the show that weren’t in their character (Shay v. Ashley switch roles)
- Keegan was genuinely scared of 12 year old Sasha in one of the first scenes they shot with her yelling at him… he was like “I need a minute” after it - the N.A.T club was pretty much pointless (Marlene just said it was a collection of peeping toms in Rosewood)
- Ashley and Tyler apparently have a playlist while they have sex scenes idk??
- where tf was Keegan
- Mona apparently struggles with which side (bad vs good) she wants to be on in the final episodes; she ultimately decides on Hanna
- the last scene they shot seems to be the hardest/ most memorable- it took Sasha more than 12 takes to be able to hear what she said
-it’s common for ian to get bloody noses during sex scenes???
-Sasha has been buried fully once and a total of 6 times (with 10+ showers for the full one)


i have learned i Cannot draw josh At All

anyway based on an au (that probably already exists) in which all the until dawn kids are wendigos besides josh and he takes care of em up in the mountain. shoutout to @immortaldragons for making the post that inspired this ;v

more “details“ under the cut
((theres captions))

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