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Female celebrities during Halloween 2017

1. Sabrina Carpenter - Olive Penderghast (Easy A) 

2. Ellie Goulding - Dolly Parton

3. Ariana Grande - Katinka Ingabogovinanana (Zoolander)

4. Ashley Tisdale -  Maddie Ziegler (Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ video)

5. Paris Hilton - Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

6. Demi Lovato - Selena Quintanilla

7. Gigi Hadid - Felicia Hardy/Black Cat  (The Amazing Spider-Man)

8. Kristen Bell - Elsa (Frozen) 

9 .Sarah Hyland - Dustin (Stranger Things)

10. Halsey - Princess Leia (Star Wars)

11. Elle Fanning - Elle Driver (Kill Bill)

12. Oana Gregory - Marilyn Monroe

13. Lauren Jauregui - Satine (Moulin Rouge)

14. Brec Bassinger - Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians)

15. Landry Bender - Violet Parr (The Incredibles)

16. Nicole Scherzinger (Cleopatra)

17. Joey King - Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

18. Paris Berelc - Batgirl

19. Ava Allan - Georgie Denbrough (IT)

20. Kelli Berglund - The Punisher


“I’ll Eat You Whole” Directed by Ian Eastwood | Choreography by Cat Cogliandro

Music: “Breezeblocks” by Alt-J

ft. dancers: Destynee Witzel, Erica Klein, Kelle Meschede, Brigid Benson, Chiaki Ogawa, Gina Menichino, Vicki Roan, Ashley Welch

Heck with it, I’m just gonna quote the lines that make me snort from here on in.

“You spent five years playing Dungeons and Dragons with these people. You can’t leave them to die.”

“Mocking cats is a bad idea. Save me!”

“That is definitely within range of your goth attitude.”

“You’ve got like a piano wire, except it’s your underwear.”

“My mom warned me about people like you!”

“Laura, you are watching rebel teen Ashley Johnson wave some skinless cats.”

“I feel like we’re in the Upside Down of the WB.” “We’re in the BW.”

“You’re very smart, young man.” “It’s all I got.”

“Wow, Travis is just running.” “I ran everywhere, I was fast as shit.”

“A vast horde of malignant, evil figures stand facing you. Literal devils.” “Casting directors?”

“Matt, how do we kill these things?” “I can’t tell you, my initiative is four.”

“I’m gonna use the dead cat again, and I’m just gonna… take a bite out of it.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing, I was weird as a fifteen-year-old.”

“Is her ribcage free and loose? I’m just gonna put it over my head.”

“She takes a ‘nope!’ action.”

“Sam, what would you like to do?” “I’m partially naked. I’m hugging a demogorgon.”

Enlighten Me - Andy Biersack Imagine

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

anonymous asked: “Can you do a rough imagine with Andy, idk like spanking or something, but then fluff at the end? Thank you!!!!!??

Word Count: 1367 | Warnings: Smut (!), offensive language

“Yo, (Y/N)’s in the house!!” my friend and party host Felix chanted as I entered his house, followed by the other party guests who had already arrived.

“Hey Felix,” I gave him a hug before he welcomed me to whatever’s available. It was one heck of a party, I could see, there were lots of people, some just casually chatting, some watching two burly dudes play beer pong, some making out, and some dancing in front of a stereo. I’ve never been to a house party with so much guests before, well probably this is probably the biggest house I’ve been to that’s being used for a house party, so it fits way more people. I then spotted my friend Sarah sitting on the couch with some other friends. She waved at me and I waved back, walking towards her. With her were some of my other gal pals and the guys from Black Veil Brides, although Andy was nowhere in sight. They all greeted me warmly as I joined their little group. I sat right next to Sarah and became engaged in their group conversation directly.

“I’m back, bitches,” Suddenly a familiar voice rung from behind me. I turned around to see Andy with a cup of punch in his hand. “Hey, (Y/N)’s here! How’ve you been?”

“Hey, Andy. I’ve been great, what about you?” I replied necessarily.

“Never better,” he said as he sat next to me. Andy and I have never been the very closest of friends. Sure we hang out a lot but that’s basically because I hang out with Felix a lot and Felix are good friends with the BVB guys. We talk often but that’s it, nothing more. Not long after Felix joined us, holding back laughter.

“You guys remember Sandy Nichols?” he asked us with a huge grin on his face.

“You mean the shy ginger with seven cats?” Ashley asked for verification.

“Yes her, and you probably will never believe this,” Felix gestured the group to come closer as he was about to whisper something. “She likes it rough. Like, tied up to the ceiling sort of rough.” And then he burst into a fit of laughter.

“No fucking way!” my friend Tiffany commented in disbelief, “That sweet little Sandy likes it rough?”

“If you guys don’t believe me, go ahead and ask Byron,” Felix pointed to a guy by the punch bowl, “He witnessed it himself.” And started laughing again. We started laughing along with him, expressing our disbelief and imagining scenarios and shit. As I was about to make a comment, Andy gestured closer to me.

“Bet you can’t take it rough,” he whispered in my ear.

“Are you kidding? Of course I can!” I shot back, whispering almost loud enough for Sarah to hear.

“You’re almost as sweet as Sandy, I bet you like it soft and slow, do you?” I could hear a slightly naughty tone in his voice.

“That’s cute, but you totally have no idea, Mr. Biersack,” I replied, not at all turning to him. Why the hell is he saying stuff like this to me?

“Why don’t you enlighten me?”

I fell silent and turned to look at him. He had a naughty smirk on his face, and his eyes shot a look I’m still trying to decipher.

“W-What?” I stuttered, confused as hell.

“You know what I mean,” he said casually, the smirk still lingering on his face. “I’ll be by the punch bowl if you’re up for it. Or maybe, if you dare.” And he excused himself to the punch bowl.

I just sat there in silence, thinking of what he just said. Did Andy just asked me to… Is he insane?! Well, to be honest I always found Andy extremely attractive, and he’s a great person, and I’ve known him for a while now, so… I guess it’s okay, right…?

I then excused myself from the group to join Andy by the punch table. Andy’s eyes beamed with delight as he saw me walk towards him. “Well, so you do want to enlighten me, do you (Y/N)?” he said teasingly.

“Just shut up and take me somewhere, Andy,” I glared at him. He chuckled and immediately pulled me upstairs to search for a guest room that’s not occupied. When we found one, he immediately locked the door and slammed his mouth onto mine. He pinned me up against the wall and ran a hand on my thigh, gesturing me to jump. I did as he wanted and wrapped my legs around his waist. He then dropped me onto the bed and crawled over me. He went back to kissing me with one hand trailing up my dress, rubbing circles on my folds through my panties.

“Damn babe, you’re already this wet for me?” Andy teased. He then proceeded in taking my dress off, leaving me in my black lingerie. He examined every inch of my body lustfully before attacking my neck and collarbones, leaving purple love bites here and there.

“Andy…” my suppressed moan came out as he went to kissing the valley of my breasts. He slid his hand onto my back to unclasp my bra and threw it to the floor. He then brought my left nipple to his mouth and fondled with my right breast.

“Oh Andy, f-fuck…” I moaned louder.

He then paused to take of his top. “Well we don’t have much but,” he took off his belt, “We’ll just have to make the most of it. Hands up, princess.”

I did as instructed and raised my hands above my head. He then tied my hands together with his belt and commanded, “Keep them there.”

He then kissed me gently but lustfully on the lips and then down to my neck, my breasts, and then down to my stomach right before my panties. I was writhing in pleasure, but in the same time in agony with not being able to touch him. His eyes locked on mine as he skillfully removed my panties with his teeth. He then kissed my inner thigh before proceeding to lick my clit.

“Oh fuck…” I arched my back in absolute enjoyment, struggling my hardest to keep my hands up. “Andy p-please, just f-fuck me already,” I begged weakly.

“What’s that?” Andy asked, “I can’t hear you.”

“P-Please, fuck me Andy.”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Goddamit just fuck me Andy!” I nearly yelled.

Andy smiled, pleased, “Good girl. Turn around.”

I did as I was told and was on all fours, relying on support from my knees and shoulder. I could hear him undoing his pants and throwing them away and without any warning, he rammed his length into me, making me scream. His thrusts were quick and powerful, driving me crazy.

“Scream my name, baby,” he commanded as he spanked my ass.

“Oh, Andy,” I screamed in between pants.

“Louder!” he spanked me even harder, making me utter a moan.

“Oh Andy! God!” I screamed even louder, dropping my head onto the bed in frustration.

He continued thrusting into me until we both reached our climaxes. Exhausted, he lied on the bed next to me and undid the belt that’s been cuffing my hands together. I then lied down as well, tired. He then pulled me closer and I rested my head on his chest as we both steadied our breaths.

“That was not even close to rough,” I commented teasingly, looking up to meet Andy’s face.

“I agree,” Andy replied, “But damn it was good.”

“Yeah it sure was,” I said. There were several seconds of silence before our lips connected again. This time, it was more tender and not so much lustful. His lips felt so soft and warm I could stay like that forever.

“You know (Y/N), I’ve always thought that you’re an amazing girl. I mean, you’re beautiful, friendly and vibrant, and… every time Felix invites me to hang, I’ve always been looking forward to see you,” Andy admitted almost shyly, “I know it probably should be the other way around, but… do you… Want to go out sometimes, (Y/N)?”

I smiled and pecked his lips gently once more, “Yeah, I’d love to, Andy.”

(Whoa that’s long 0_0 Anyways I hope you enjoyed this and pardon my inexperience *cries internally*)

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I kind of need both and I need many of them,’ Ashley says.

This seems a bit much,’ Filoni says resignedly, accepting his fate as loth-cat seller.

Dave Filoni helps Ashley Eckstein buy Loth-Cats at Star Wars Celebration. All of the Loth-Cats. [x]