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Scott Blogs, Answers Questions, and Proves That He's Amazing

So after 3 weeks of nagging Scott, I finally got him to answer some questions and write up a little post about relationship advice.  I think by reading these questions, y'all will be able to get a good sense of Scott’s personality, sense of humor and just all around awesomeness!  This all perfectly displays why I love Scott so much along with the fact that he has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen

he puts up with me and my crazy family,

and he’s a great kisser!

@ScottWheaton @AshleySpivey Scott-compared to other relationships, what stands out about your current relationship. What’s special?
My past relationships were part of my exploration into finding out exactly what it is I want in woman, and what I don’t want.  I learned about myself, what’s out there, and how relationships in general work, how they can take on a whole spectrum of different dynamics depending on how you treat them.  My relationship with Ashley is different because when I met her I already knew the type of person I was looking for – someone who is intelligent, funny, interesting, has a caring & genuine heart, and most importantly – knows who she is.  I’d met plenty of girls who were seemingly wandering around without any true sense of purpose or excitement.  They let others disrespect them, and weren’t really sure what made them happy.  I was instantly attracted to Ashley, from how she looked and carried herself, to how she knew that in the end, she controls her happiness – leaving no one else with that kind of power.  That, was and is, incredibly attractive.
@ScottWheaton @AshleySpivey Also, have you guys talked about marriage at all, yet? Is Ashley “the one”?

We’ve chatted about it here and there.  I think she’s the one, and I think we’re meant to be together and I’ll never meet another girl who is as incredible as she is.  It will happen. :)

@Scottwheaton why are you so lame?
I’m not lame actually.  I like mixing a little bit of root beer in my diet coke.  I enjoy a variety of music ranging from drake to death cab, my 1920’s voice is unmatched, I can blend into almost (keyword almost) any social situation, and the power of my imagination will crush yours.

@scottwheaton what is something about Ashley we might not know.
For all her sweetness, and believe me, she is a genuinely caring and loving person, she has a dorky, crazy, in-your-face side as well.  She’s very spunky (what’s that old man?) and will give even the feistiest girls a run for their money.  But not feisty in that, “I have to challenge everything & prove myself” kind of way, she’s feisty when the moment calls for it.
@ScottWheaton What do you love the most about your lovely girlfriend Ashley?
Wow, this is just becoming a tribute to Ashley, but okay – it’s her blog, so fair enough.  If I had to pick one thing that I love most it would be how genuinely caring she is, combined with her incredible maturity and resilience.  But that would be worthless to me without her sense of humor.
@AshleySpivey @scottwheaton is it true if a guys says he doesn’t believe in titles?Like bf/gf. Or is that just a way to have cake & eat it too?
I would say that 99.9% of the time this is complete bullshit.  There is a guy out there for every girl (well, maybe not this one), and every girl deserves to and can meet a guy who is so absolutely in love with her that he wants to give it a title.  He’ll want people to know she’s taken, and he’ll be so happy to have her all to himself.  If a guy can’t make that kind of commitment, something is holding him back – and either the two of you aren’t a good fit or he doesn’t deserve you.  That .01% might be a guy who always seems to struggle with titles, where actually labeling the relationship makes him feel as if he needs to “play the part” & fall into some sort of role that eventually restricts him from being himself.  But if a guy can be easily be limited by something so trivial as a title, then he’s probably not the kind of guy you want to bother with.

@AshleySpivey @scottwheaton what was going thru ur mind as u sent a FB friend request to Ashley? Nervous? Xing ur fingers she accepts? etc..
When I sent Ashley that friend request I wasn’t nervous – Facebook had been around for all of 2 months and I figured there wasn’t any protocol for what is and isn’t okay yet.  “Facebook stalking” wasn’t yet a term, so I had no fear of being creepy.  I actually just hoped she would accept and that one day we might be able to meet eachother, without me having to be a creep and send a total stranger a message.   Looks like I got my way.

@AshleySpivey @Scottwheaton are you still a member of the Spivey fan club and how do I join? Oh, and what’s ur plan this wknd? Nyc trip time
Yes, I am still a member of the Spivey fan club – she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, for some reason she likes me, & the icing on the cake is that she’s absolutely beautiful.  You can join, however it involves a rigorous application process.  Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to my home address and I’ll get you the full details.  As for this weekend, well, I’ll be sitting at a bar drinking bloody marys and watching college basketball with you.
@ScottWheaton : what is the most challenging thing about dating someone from the bachelor nation?i think you and @AshleySpivey are awesome
Ah, yes.  I thought someone might ask this.  Well, the most challenging thing at first was dealing with all the guys constantly hitting on her on Twitter, Facebook, and in person.  It bothered me a bit at first, but then I just realized it’s going to happen, and I’m confident enough in myself and her feelings for me that I don’t need to waste time worrying.  What might have also been frustrating for me was the guys who “preyed” on her from other seasons of the show – I found that to be weird and kind of pathetic, but hey, you do what you’ve gotta do.  To me it was just weird that she might interact with guys she had never met, just because they were on the show at some point.  This would be like me talking to girls I had never met because we used to work at the same company or go to the same school.   Lastly, going to bars and having girls (and guys) jump in front of me to talk to her and interrupt us while we’re hanging out with a group of friends was a bit bothersome.  Really?  Can you not see other people here just trying to have fun & drink some beer? All in all, it none of this was ever that big a deal, but it was something completely new that required a bit of getting used to.  Luckily I did!
Oh and thanks.  You’re awesome for calling us awesome.  Actually you might have been awesome before that.  You get it.
@ScottWheaton how does one pee blood? i mean … play dictionary?
I don’t know how one pees blood, but I have wondered this before.  Pictionary is what I believe you’re referring to, rules can be found here.
@ScottWheaton short question- how do guys realllllly feel about lipstick? I mean really.
I’m pretty sure most of us don’t really like it (I don’t).  If it’s understated and not too intense it’s fine, but the bright reds, or anything that is blatantly obvious just looks silly.  It makes girls look like dolls, and most dudes don’t want to hookup with a doll.

@AshleySpivey @Scottwheaton where do we send our questions?
Send them to me on twitter.  Maybe pointless to tell you this now.

The last thing I wanted to say, as this is a relationship blog, is my own advice as a guy.  If I could give one piece of advice it would be to tell girls that they absolutely MUST realize that they don’t need a guy to be happy.
Yes, you get to a point in your life where you realize you might be happier if you had someone to share it with.  But you don’t need a guy.  I think that one of the biggest mistakes girls make is “hunting” for a guy, constantly hoping they’ll meet a good one, a funny one, a hot one, whatever it might be – a guy that will make them happier then they’ve ever been before.
I truly believe there is someone out there for all of us, it’s just a matter of meeting a bunch of people you don’t like, figuring out what really makes you happy (no…diamonds, shopping, or some other Audrey Hepburn type answer won’t cut it), and finally meeting that person that is your complete package.  Don’t fall for a guy because you think you should like him, or because he’s good on paper.  Fall for a guy because you’re sure he’s right for you, and make sure you KNOW IT FEEL IT.  Girls will spend so much time convincing themselves (both consciously and otherwise)
 that a certain guy is right for them.  Just be patient.  Have fun.  Figure out your life (no, I don’t mean your career).  You’ll meet that guy, and he’ll be awesome.  But please, don’t settle, don’t convince yourself, don’t get treated like shit, and don’t accept anything less than exactly what you want in a guy.  Seriously, you deserve better than to sell yourself short.