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★ ·.·´¯`·.·★ [ Ashley Graham] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

✴ Weight: 91 kg or 201 pounds
✴ Height: 5 ft 9 in or 175 cm
✴ Hair Colour: Dark Brown
✴ Eye Colour: Dark Brown
✴ Birth Place: Lincoln, Nebraska, United States
✴ Date Of Birth: October 30, 1987
✴ Occupation: Model

Am I the only one pissed off that it’s 10 EPISODES and we are getting nothing! Dealing with some irrelevant ass little girl, taking up the time they could be using to figure out who the FUCK A.D is ….now we only have 8 left. Marlene is killing me.

korramills  asked:

Top 5 Grog moments, Top 5 Pike moments

Grog “good egg” Strongjaw

  1. every single speech from the Kevdak arc
  4. “my strength comes from my friends”
  5. talking to craven edge in the outhouse
  6. (bonus: when he turned red and died as soon as Ioun mentioned his name)

Pike “Love of my Life” Trickfoot

  1. Hi guys! It’s me, Pike!
  2. the post-proposal talk with scanlan
  3. every single time she’s dropped a sick (but loving) burn on someone
    1. special shout out to “I’m using my trusty guiding bolt on its face because my best friend is in its stomach”/”but pike i’m standing right next to you!”/”I know”
    2. and to “you’re all sorts of fucked up all the time!”
  5. the whole flashcards exchange with tary/doty omfg
Strange love smut

So finally I got my shit together and made the strange love smut!! Possibly one of the most requested smuts so I should of done this a lot sooner but here it is!! I hope you like it (I’m not really sure about the structure but hey). Enjoy!!! - Grace😸😸

Rumours where left rumours, wether it was obvious we were more than just friends or not. Wether it was thought we were on a hundred different substances or not. We didn’t have to fucking tell them anything.
Nor you or Ashley had made your status clear, you loved her, but that strangely wasn’t quite yet relevant.
The neon lit club, the smell of smoke, alcohol and sweat hitting your nostrils as you walked in.
You almost instantly noticed Ashley sitting at the booth surrounded by other people some you recognised, others will complete strangers, you walked over to the booth, eyes locking with Ashley’s when you reached the table she got up excusing herself from the other people around her, engulfed into their own pointless conversations barely noticing the blue haired girl leaving.
She grabbed your hand leading you to the private bathroom.
“Hey” you smirked standing closely to her staring into her bold eyes, she moved closer to you gripping your hips, lifting you up a little so you could sit on the sink counter.
“They were talking about us again, how we are insane” she whispered into your ear, referring to the people she was with at the booth.
“So what if we are?”.
She leaned in and kissed you her hand sliding up the back of your loose top, you kissed her back, relaxing your body giving her access to you. She made you weak.
She pulled your top over your head throwing it to the floor, kissing you again while un-doing your bra and throwing that to the floor.
She kissed down your neck leaving little marks that will sure grow by the morning, trailing her lips to your chest, over your boob massaging it slightly making you weaker and desperate moans escape your lips.
You lay back in the constricted space slumping against the cold bathroom mirror, her fingers looped in your skinny jeans dragging them to your knees.
She looped her fingers in the hem off your panties, kissing your thighs, keeping your eyes locked in each other’s the whole time she slowly and painfully dragged them down her hot breath Making your hairs stand and your hips thrust in frustration, her smirk growing as she saw what she done to you.
She placed a soft kiss on your clit making you moan slightly
She licked a stripe up you then brought her fingers up and slowly slipped one in at a time , pumping them in and out as you thrusted your hips in time trying to get more friction , your breathing got heavier and she sucked harder making your moans fill the room, her tugging at your sensitive spot along with her long slim fingers pumping into you in time made a knot form in your stomach, closed your eyes seeing white dots at the back of your head moans getting louder as you hit. once you catching your breath back you turned to face her smirking “now it’s your turn” shuffling yourself off the sink and swapping places with her.

How to sucessfully harass some highschool girls:
1. Buy a black hoodie.
2. Buy a unlimited text message phone.
3. Grow Up in a mental institution.
4. Buy another black hoodie.
—  🅰
Disappointed with the finale?

You’re in luck! 

I’m starting a rp group for pretty little liars and this time it’s going MY way. Honestly, I love the show as a whole but I had so many theories and now I’m going to put them to use! 

We’re starting all the way from season 1! Things won’t be identical to the show, so you can have different ships and such but I’ll know the whole story. You might be A!
 In the middle of the rp, I’ll let A know they’re A then they can be revealed! Btw there is no twins in this rp (yet ;0) so dont be counting on Courtney/Alex right away. I might change it up some.


 • you have to Atleast be 16. 

 • you must have seen the whole show. 

 • you must know how to rp in third person 

 • no ship hate 

 • you must be cooperative 

 • you have to be on the app rping Atleast once a day.

 Available characters 

 • Aria TAKEN

• Hanna 

 • Spencer 

• Emily 

• Toby 

• Caleb 

• Ezra 

 • Jenna 

• Melissa 

• wren 

 • Paige 

 • Lucas 

- Jason

- Mona

 Interested? Send in an application here now!