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Show #53 Recap

Sunday, May 11, 2015

Malcolm (Wlliam Popp)

Stumbled into Mr. Popp during the first loop and with no one else in tow, I decided to be an opportunist and go for the 1:1. Being “Popp’d” is better the third time around—almost 2 years after the first time (with a second time thrown in there somewhere along the way). And let me tell you, it’s gets better with age. Better than I remembered and well worth it. Glad you’re back with us, Mr. Popp.

Agnes Naismith (Mallory Gracenin)

So excited to finally see Mallory in this role. I honestly had not done a full Agnes loop since Show #20 in August 2013. And despite having the Agnes 1:1 a few other times, I really have not followed the character at all. I struggled to remember the squence of her scenes. This made following Mallory all the better. And as usual, she knocked it out of the park. No offense to any of the dancers who have been in this role—I love you all dearly—but this role really should be played by an “actress.” Mallory gave Agnes her cinematic due. Her whole emotional arc: Her desperation in trying to find Fulton’s cash. Her paranoia setting in as she wanders High Street. Her annoyance with the Porter. Her passionate encounter with Malcolm. Her fear of Hecate. And her despair when she loses all hope. It’s truly wonderful. There were moments where I did feel as if I’d stepped into a movie. Bravo Mallory (and all your scene partners: Fulton (Gino Grenek), Porter (Nick Dillenburg), Hecate (Tara Franklin), Malcolm (William Popp).

By the way, it felt extremely voyeuristic to watch William and Mallory make out. But at the same time, I kinda wanted to be in on that. WOWZA!

Nurse Shaw (Ashley “Robi” Robicheaux)

Here’s another character that I hadn’t followed for a full loop since the beginning when I was going through all the characters. While I’d seen moments and scenes and had 1:1s, I hadn’t full committed to the character since Show #13—almost two years ago. But I’m so glad I finally committed to watching Robi in this role. Have you seen her? I know people have been raving about her and I’m not sure why it took me so long. She is a delight—a revelation!! Her porcelain skin, big blue eyes, curly wisps of hair and diminutive demeanor are mesmerizing. She does feel like she’s from a different era. And that’s nothing compared to her quality of movement. Here was another loop that I was unfamiliar with. The “possessed limb” dance—I kinda knew what that was. Well, now I know for sure. Robi nails it (no pun intended). It’s amazing. And her 1:1 was perfectly eerie as well as endearing. 

Also, were you aware that about two months ago, the powers that be altered the Nurse and Matron’s ending? I highly suggest following them third loop and sticking with them to the end. It was a fascinating decent to the final ballroom. Viriginia Logan’s Matron was captivating to watch in these final scenes. 

McKittrick Follies—hosted by Evelyn Grey (Mallory Gracenin)

It was wonderful to cap off the night in Manderley with caoine and the McKittrick Follies. (Thank goodness caoine got us seats!) It was a fun little romp with Evelyn and Maximillian and other guests.

The whole evening was quite good. And it reminded me that I need to follow different characters from time to time. While I’m always drawn to the big dancing scenes, I need to remember that the smaller moments are just as remarkable.