ashley reads last testament

One day, in the early part of 1928, Costello picked me up and took me to a private house - I think it was in Westchester - and it belonged to a millionaire named John Raskob. He had a lot to do with puttin’ up the Empire State Buildin’, and he was a big backer of Governor Al Smith. I almost fell over when I walked in and saw Smith standin’ there in person, in Raskob’s library… the Governor was a tall guy with a husky voice, somethin’ like Costello’s, and it had the streets in it, just like ours. He shook hands with me and said, ‘Hello, Charlie, it’s a pleasure to meetcha.’…

So we all sat down and Raskob poured some drinks; and I was too dumb to shut my mouth. I said, 'Governor, you’re tryin’ to repeal Prohibition, and that’s gonna throw us all outa business.’ Smith kinda brushed that aside and told me, 'My boy, in a couple of years, there won’t be any Prohibition at all. I intend to get that nomination and I intend to win this election… I’m personally going to see to it that the Volstead Act and the Eighteeth Amendment are thrown in the wastebasket, legally. That’s why I brought you here… There are two things I want you to do: take my advice and make plans to get on the legitimate end of the whiskey business, and second, line up overwhelming support for me from Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, where you fellows control the delegates… I’m prepared to make things good for you.’

“That’s just the way he put it, and it kinda made my head swim, that maybe we’d found ourselves a President. I couldn’t help but think about Hampton Farms and the Brooklyn Truancy School and I wondered whether my old man would believe me if I told him about this… I kept sayin’ to Frank all the way back to the city that I still couldn’t figure how legit whiskey could pay off anythin’ close to bootleggin’. I said, 'You know, Frank, we been in the rackets all our lives. Maybe we ain’t got the imagination for a straight business.’

'Charlie,’ Costello told me. "In our group, we got enough imagination for any kind of business.


Last Testament of Lucky Luciano.

Excuse me while I cry quietly into my history feelings.