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It was the first time I was ever playing Alex, which is the scene where she wakes up Hanna. I remember I’d been playing with her trying to imitate an American accent and whether she’d mess up. Marlene was like, “No don’t mess up.” But it was funny because I’ll never forget — I leaned over and I think the first line is, “Hanna?” And I think I said [does accent] “Hanna?” And Ashley peaked her eyes up at me like, “What did you just say?” I was like, “Umm, nothing.” When I slipped and everybody looked at me, I was like, “Oh this is what it feels like if you f–k up as Alex. Don’t do this again because if you mess up as Alex, that’s what it looks like.”

small brain rick and morty is a funny cartoon with aliens bigger brain rick and morty is a deep show about how the universe is uncaring and nothing matters even bigger brain rick and morty is a show about how nihilistic outlooks are self-destructive and damaging to the people around you who you care about even bigger brain rick and morty tries to be about abusive relationships but never goes far enough in vilifying ricks actions often ending episodes with his awful behavior being the saving grace and paying lip service to the idea that hes bad actually biggest brain rick and morty is an overblown mostly improvised back to the future parody that makes money and wont consistently hold to any morals as long as the shows continuation is profitable cosmic brain rick and morty isnt deep and water t was the shows peak

What happens in the club...

Request:  You should do a smut where you’re Halsey’s younger sister ( but still legal) and you end up fucking Ashton in the back of a club with Ashley and the boys inside of the club!

Warnings: Smut

You walked down the street, towards the club where your older sister Ashley, better known to most as Halsey, was waiting for you. She had just finished her tour and she wanted to spend her first night back celebrating with you and you were always down for a good celebration. 

You passed the line of people waiting to get in and tried to walk through the door, but you were stopped by the burly bouncer. “Where do you think you are going?” He asked with more anger than really necessary.

“Inside,” you replied simply, trying to take another step, but again the bouncer stopped you.

“Well you can wait in line with everyone else,” he said, motioning to the line that wrapped around the block.

“You don’t understand, my sister is Halsey, I’m suppose to be in there,” you fired back, growing more agitated.  

“Like I haven’t heard that one before,” he grumbled, “Do I look that stupid to you?” He crossed his arms over his broad chest, like he was trying to intimidate you, only it really wasn’t work.

“Well since you asked yes,” you stated. He narrowed his dark eyes at you and you immediately realized your sassy mouth just ruined your chances of getting in.

“Back of the line,” he commanded. You rolled your eyes and took a couple steps away pulling out your phone and dialing up Ashley.

“Sissy! Where are you?” she yelled into the phone. You tell by the way she was half giggling she was already pretty drunk. 

“I was trying to get in but this meat head won’t let me,” you replied, hoping he would over hear. If he did, he didn’t show it.

“Don’t worry y/n, I’m on my way,” she replied, hanging up. You tucked your phone away and stared down the bouncer as you waited. You absolutely couldn’t wait to see his face when she came out.

A couple minutes later Ashley peaked her head outside the club’s door. “Excuse me sir, could you please let my sister in,” Ashley said to him, with feigned sincerity. The guy’s eyes bulged out of his head when he realized you were telling the truth. You stuck your tongue out at him as you walked by. 

Ashley met you with a big embrace, which you welcomed warmly. You were so excited to be with her again, as you always missed her so much when she went away. 

“It’s so good to see you sister,” Ashley exclaimed, leading you into the club.

“It’s good to see you too Ashley I missed you so much,” You replied.

“I missed you too y/n,” She said, “I invited the 5sos guys to come party with us, hope you don’t mind.” Your heart skipped a beat knowing that the guys were here. Really, you were just excited about Ashton, who you had a huge crush on.

“No I don’t mind at all,” you replied. You tugged at the edge of your dress suddenly a little more conscious of how you looked. You hadn’t seen Ashton in awhile and you were hoping you would look good to him.

“Maybe tonight you will finally put the move on Ash,” Ashley said into your ear teasingly. 

“Yeah yeah yeah,” you blushed, playfully nudging her away. She giggled and lead you over to the bar, where you found the guys.

“Y/n finally I thought you’d never make it,” Michael greeted, giving you a hug.

“Yeah tell that to the jack ass out front,” you replied. You went around to each of the guys, giving them a hug hello, saving Ashton for last.

“Hey y/n long time no see,” Ashton said as he hugged you.

“I know it’s been too long,” you replied, lingering in his embrace just a few seconds longer than the others.

“Can I get you a drink?” Ashton asked, waving over the bartender.

“I’ll never say no to a free drink,” you smiled. You and Ash chatted and had a couple drinks together. You could see your sister and some of the guys eyeing you two. It was common knowledge to everyone but Ash that you had a thing for him. Still, it made you nervous when everyone talked about it because you couldn’t tell if he felt the same and you didn’t want to embarrass yourself. Michael made a gesture with his hands referencing to sex, making you blush and quickly look away. You were glad Ash was too tipsy to notice the red in your cheeks.

“Wanna dance?” he asked, holding out his hand. You nodded quickly, grabbing his hand. He pulled you to the center of the dance floor, twirling you around once. You both giggled and began to move to the music. At first your dancing was fun and boarder line silly, but soon you too got closer and things got heavier. 

Your favorite song came on, which prompted you to take it to the next level. You spun around and pressed your butt to his crotch. You grinded on him, slowly at first, then picking up the pace. Normally, you would be way to nervous to dance like this on Ashton, but the liquor flowing through your veins let you throw all your cares away.

Ashton’s hands slip around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You loved how it felt to have his body pressed so close to yours and moving to the music. Suddenly, Ashtons lips were pressed to your neck. You tilted back your head, allowing him to have better access. You reached back and ran your fingers through his golden locks as he sucked on your skin.

In that moment you became aware of the bulge growing in jeans. You smirked, feeling more confident than ever. You pressed your hips harder against him, feeling him quiver slightly. You slid one hand down, palming him softly over his jeans.

“That’s it,” He growled in your ear. He took you by he hand again, but this time he was pulling you away from the dance floor. He lead you back to the club, where there were some private rooms. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a bunch of bills and handed them to the attendant, before taking you into one of them.

The room was dimly lit, with speakers playing the same music from the club and a black leather couch in the corner. 

“Do you want me?” Ashton asked, his normally light eyes clouded with lust.

“Yes Ash, so bad,” you replied stepping closer to him.

“Good,” he said before pulling you in. The kiss was desperate and needy, like he’s been waiting for this for a long time. You know you had. Your lips moved quickly and sloppily against each others, but in the best way possible. 

You and Ashton half stumbled half walked over to the couch, your lips never leaving each other’s. Ash unzipped your dress letting it fall to the floor, before lowering you down on the couch. He crawled on top of and pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the floor with your dress. 

 His dragged his lips down from your jaw to your cleavage. You let out a moan as he sucked on your boobs. He reached behind you to unclasp your bra, then took one nipple in his mouth and the other in his fingers. You desperately tangled your hands in his hair as your core grew wetter from his touch. 

 "Ash I need you,“ you said breathlessly. Your words were slurred slightly, a result from the alcohol and the dizzying affect he had on you. You ran your hands down his toned abdomen. You tried to get his pants button undone, but you couldn’t get your fingers to cooperate. 

 "I got it babe,” ash giggled, getting himself out of his jeans. He hand nothing on but his boxers, which were straining from his erection. 

 "Mm,“ you moaned at the sight of it. You ran your hand over his underwear, feeling his length twitch from your touch. You applied more pressure watching as Ash’s lips parted into a small ‘oh’. A small spot of precum began to form on his boxers when Ashton grabbed you hands.

 "I need to fuck you right now,” he groaned, releasing his length. It slapped against his stomach, causing you to get even more anxious for him. 

 He pushed into you right away, giving you little time to adjust. He pulled himself out and thrusted back in. He repeated the action, each time pushing himself deeper inside you. You hips bucked up to meet his rhythm. The angle allowed him to hit your g-spot.

 "Fuck,“ you gasped feeling yourself nearing your orgasm. Ashton took the hint, using his thumb to press hard circles over your sensitive clit. It was enough to send you into a fit of euphoria and your walls tightened around him.

 "Shit y/n,” Ashton grunted, releasing himself into you. His thrusts got sloppy as you both felt your orgasms move through your bodies. “Fuck you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that for,” Ashton said once you two had finished.

 "Believe me, I do,“ you replied. You both started redressing, trying to think of what to say. 

 "Do you want to go on a date y/n?” Ash asked as he pulled on his shirt. You couldn’t help but laugh, but immediately realized that gave him the wrong idea.

 "I’m sorry but usually people date first and fuck later,“ you pointed out, "but yes Ashton i would love to go out with you.” Ash smiled and then helped you zip your dress up. For the third time this night Ashton laced his fingers in yours, but this time it felt difference. You two walked over to the door and jumped back as four figures were standing in the doorway. The color drained from your face as your realized it was Ashley and the boys, who all had smirks on their faces. 

 "How long have you guys been standing their?“ You asked dreading the answer.

 "Long enough to know you two finally fucked,” Michael replied snickering. Everyone but you two joined in on the laughter. 

 "Yeah and it was fucking amazing,“ ash replied, still just a little too drunk to censor himself. 

 "Sounded like it,” calum teased. 

 "I’m so proud of you sis,“ Ashley giggled, definitely too drunk to really grasp what happened. You laughed a thanks having to admit it was pretty humorous. After a couple more jokes you headed back out to the main floor where you and Ash danced the night away. 

 a/n: as always a shitty ending :):) but requests are open so hit a girl up


4x19 “Shadow Play” Sneak Peak #3 - Emily, Hanna and Spencer have a meeting about what to do next.