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“It does feel like I’m starting again in a way… it obviously helped when I was getting signed that I’d done stuff before, but I did get signed off – signed to my record label – off the back of the music I’d written. The record label signed me right after they heard music, they wanted to hear music before they signed anything. So it did help, but I’d like to think it feels like a new artist kind of vibe.” – Niall Horan, etalk 18.6.17

Niall with Capitol Chairman & CEO Steve Barnett, Capitol COO Michelle Jubelirer, Capitol President Ashley Newton, Universal Music Group (UMG) Chairman & CEO Lucian Grainge, and performing at Capitol and UMG industry events.


I thought it would be fun to draw these three and give them face headcanons. I also gave each of these girls face claims/ actresses that I would cast as their counterparts if they ever made a SILVER SCREEN appearance In the DCMU.

Stephanie Brown/Batgirl : She has a more of a round face and a really cute round nose. Her hair personally I think would be dirty blonde. I would think Steph has a body type that’s sort of wide. She has the pear body type look. I think diversity in body types is important and to me it fits Stephanie so well. Her hair is sort of all over the place. She does not brush her hair or fix it. Her hair is naturally kind of all over the place but none the less it’s beautiful and has a very nice unique look to it. She has dark blue eyes and she does not like using lipstick. She’s prefers no makeup.
Actress: Kathryn Love Newton

Cassie Sandsmark/ Wonder Girl: To me this girl is super pretty. Puberty hit her hard and the outcome was good. I gave her fierce eyelashes beautiful light blue eyes and nice lips. When people see her they are swooned immediately, almost always. She has light gold hair. Her hair is very wavy and it’s very eye appealing. It’s always brushed and kept looking natural and shiny. her eyes are light blue. Cassie’s eyebrows are thin and fit her look greatly. Her body type to is she’s thin and curvy. She has a very fit body. She eats healthy and keeps a very amazing figure. Like Victoria’s Secret model figure. I’d imagine Conner gets jealous whenever she gets hit on.
Actress: Ashley Benson

Kara Zor-El/ Supergirl: Supergirl is obviously the precious ball of sunshine. Major baby face. I have not really decided on what hair color she has though. I really like the shade of color Melissa Benoist has for her rendition of Kara but I also like the original hair color for Kara. Platinum blonde is something I think she would have but I gave her a type of dark shade color. But not super dark either it’s light dark. Ugh I can’t decide. Her hair is super soft and usually straight and it almost is always resting above her shoulders. Baby blue eyes and full but small eyebrows. She is thin and has a nice body type. It’s funny because I feel like she would sort of be petit which is why she’s so cute. Imagine petit baby faced Kara holding something huge like a thousand pound boulder or something over her head?
Actress: Melissa Benoist he he.

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My God, Cris! Niall "A&R guy" Ashley Newton just happens to be the PRESIDENT of Capitol Records! Goodness! No wonder he's got the best promo - the top shows on TV (Ellen, Today Show, Corden, Fallon, Graham Norton), the AMAs, the top radio stations in the US, UK and Australia, and he's in the Jingle Ball line up - all with one song. AMAZING stuff.

That is amazing!  Friends in high places and all that :D  GO NIALLER!!!